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Subjects :

Barge, Waggoner & Sumner. Feasibility report for proposed Horseshoe Bend State Park, Smith County, TN. Nashville, n.p., 1967. 56 pp.

Biographical directory, TN General Assembly, 1796-1969 (Smith County, Preliminary # 31). Nashville, TSLA, 1970. 112 pp.

Bowen, John W. Dr. John W. Bowen's history of Smith County, TN. N.p., 1900. unp. (various reprints available)

Bowen, John W. Smith County history: some account of the people of Smith from the first organization of the county. N.p., n.d. 67 pp.

Butler, Marian C. Our heritage. Waco, TX, the author, 1956. 26 pp.

Dickinson, W. Calvin. "Smith County historical homes." TN Anthrop. 17 (1992), pp. 79-89.

Flood insurance study: Smith County, TN, unincorporated areas. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1980. 27 pp.

Gold, William D. The county of Smith. Carthage, Carthage Post, 1903. 48 pp.

Goodspeed's history of TN (Smith County, pp. 821-834, 929-971). Goodspeed, 1887.

Handbook of Smith County. Ed. by E.H. Burk. Supplement to the Carthage Post. Carthage, Carthage Post, 1903. 48 pp.

History of Smith County, TN. Sponsored by Smith County Homecoming '86. Dallas, TX, Curtis Media Corp., 1987. 1 vol.

McNutt, Charles H. & Lisa C. Lumb. Three archaeological sites near Hartsville -- Smith & Trousdale Counties, TN: Dixon Creek (40SM113), Oldham (40SM108), & Celsor (40TR20). Norris, TVA, 1987. 139 pp. (also published as Memphis State U. Anthrop. Res. Center Occasional paper # 14, & TVA Publications in anthropology no. 48)

Maddux, Bob L. "A one man race." In Stories of the Chase. Sand Springs, OK, Hunter's Horn, 1942. 31 pp. (fox hunt in Smith County)

Meinert, Dennis L. Hartsville Nuclear Plant primary water quality monitoring report. Knoxville, TVA Div. of Water Resources, 1980. 267 pp.

Memoirs of Colonel John A. Fite, 7th TN infantry, CSA: Feb. 10, 1832-Aug. 23, 1925. Sarasota, FL, John Fite Robinson, 1935. 144 pp.

Morse, Dan F., et al. "Fluted points from Smith County, TN." TN Arch. 20 (1964), pp. 16-34.

Rogers, E.G. "Switching for water." TN Folklore Soc. Bull. 21 (1955), pp. 108- 111.

Smith County, 1980-1987: an economic analysis. Nashville, TN Dept. Emp. Sec., 1988. 12 pp.

Smith County Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletter. Vol. 1, Winter 1989- . (quarterly)

Smith, Samuel D. "Buttons & bricks: some artifactual information from Smith County, TN." TN Anthrop. 15 (1990), pp. 96-114.

Spoden, Muriel C. The Long Island of the Holston: sacred island of the Cherokee Nation. Nashville, TN American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1977. 32 pp.

TN Dept. Transportation [county maps] issued periodically.

TN Valley Authority. Radiological Health Staff. Environmental radioactivity levels in the Cumberland River at Hartsville Nuclear Project Site: 1975-1982. Muscle Shoals, AL, the authority, 1985.

Thornell, Fran. "'The handkerchief story' & 'The haunted house': two middle TN ghost stories." TN Folklore Soc. Bull. 19 (1978), pp. 71-75.

US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Hillsdale, Pleasant Shade, Willette, Bellwood, Dixon Springs, Carthage, Granville, New Middleton, Gordonsville, Buffalo Valley, Alexandria, Liberty, Center Hill Dam.

Young, S.M. "Major Tilman Dixon." THM (ser. 2) 2 (1931-1932), pp. 207-215.


Flood insurance study: city of Carthage, TN, Smith County. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1980. 15 pp.

A history of the First Baptist Church of Carthage, TN: centennial ed., 1881- 1981. Carthage, the church, 1981. 20 pp.

US Army Corps of Engineers. Nashville Dist. Flood plain information on Cumberland River & Caney Fork River in vicinity of Carthage, TN. Nashville, the district, 1967. 50 pp.



Anderson, Joe K. An analysis of the holding power of Gordonsville School & its feeder schools. TTU thesis, 1965. 79 pp.

Ganster, Maurice W. Analysis & interpretation of a magnetic anomaly at Gordonsville, Smith County, TN. Vanderbilt U. thesis, 1969. 36 pp.

Homecoming 1986, Gordonsville, TN: days to remember. Homecoming '86 committee; Joe K. Anderson, Chairman. Nashville, Marshall & Bruce, 1986. 130 pp.


New Middleton

Frye, Dalton. History of New Middleton. N.p., 1978.


South Carthage

Flood insurance study: town of South Carthage, TN, Smith County. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1980. 15 pp.


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