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Core List of Tennessee Books Suggested for Public Libraries



Abernethy, Thomas P. From frontier to plantation in Tennessee: a study in frontier democracy. Chapel Hill, UNC Press, 1932 (reprinted 1979 by Greenwood).
A chronicle of the Tennessee frontier from Watauga to secession.

Alderman, Pat. Overmountain men: early Tennessee history, 1760-1795... Privately printed, 1958 (reprinted 1970 & 1986 by Overmountain Press).
Illustrated narrative of the Tennessee country 1760-1795.

Alderson, William T. & Robert M. McBride. Landmarks of Tennessee history. Nashville, THS, 1965.
Articles originally appearing in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly.

Alexander, Lamar. The Tennesseans: a people and their land. Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 1981.
A presentation of the varied land and people of Tennessee with photographs by Robin Hood.

Allen, Ronald R. Tennessee imprints, 1791-1875. Knoxville, R.R. Allen, 1987.
A list of known Tennessee books from the 19th century.

Allison, John. Dropped stitches in Tennessee history. Nashville, Marshall & Bruce, 1897 (reprinted 1992 by Overmountain Press).
Chapters on interesting tidbits of Tennessee's earliest history, many dealing with Andrew Jackson.

Bamman, Gale. Research in Tennessee. Arlington, VA, National Genealogical Society, 1993.
NGS Special Publication #72, Research in the States Series, on genealogical sources and methodology for Tennessee.

Beck, Ken. Terrific Tennessee. Nashville, Premium Press America, 1996.
A collection of 509 Tennessee "facts."

Bergeron, Paul H. Paths of the past: Tennessee 1770-1970. Knoxville, UT Press, 1979.
A Tennessee Three Star Book featuring the state from settlement to the days of civil rights.

Bergeron, Paul H., Stephen V. Ash & Jeanette Keith Ash. Tennesseans and their history. Knoxville, UT Press, 1999.
Single volume, illustrated and indexed general history of the state.

Bond, Octavia L. Old tales retold; or, perils and adventures of Tennessee pioneers. Nashville, Smith & Lamar, 1906 (reprinted 1973 by Charles & Randy Elder Booksellers).
Stories of frontier life in early Tennessee.

Breazeale, J. W. Life as it is; or, matters & things in general... Knoxville, James Williams, 1842 (reprinted 1969 by Charles & Randy Elder Booksellers).
A classic rendering of some of the earliest stories of the Tennessee frontier.

Burt, Jesse. Indians of the southeast: then & now. Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1973.
Illustrated history of the Indians of the southeastern US from prehistoric times to the present.

Caldwell, Mary F. Tennessee: the dangerous example, Watauga to 1849. Nashville, Aurora Pub., Inc., 1974.
A history of the Watauga Association, known as "a dangerous example" -- the first independent government of English speaking people in America.

Caldwell, Mary F. Tennessee: the volunteer state. Chicago, Richtext Press, 1968.
An illustrated school history and geography of the state.

Calendar of the Tennessee and Kings Mountain papers of the Draper Collection of manuscripts. Madison, Wisconsin Historical Society, 1929.
An index covering Series XX (Tennessee Papers) and Series DD (Kings Mountain Papers) in the Draper Manuscripts.

Cannon, Deveraux D. Flags of Tennessee. Gretna, LA, Pelican Pub. Co., 1990.
An illustrated history of the flags that have flown over the state of Tennessee-- foreign, Indian, Civil War, county and city.

Carter, Clarence E., ed. Territory South of the River Ohio, 1790-1796. (Territorial papers of the US, v.4). Washington, GPO, 1936.
A history of the Territory, including official documents and letters between Gov. Blount and the national government.

Connelly, Thomas L. Civil War Tennessee: battles & leaders. Knoxville, UT Press, 1979.
A Tennessee Three Star Book covering the Civil War in the state.

Corlew, Robert. Statehood for Tennessee. Nashville, TN American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1796.
A short history of Tennessee's entry into the Federal union.

Corlew, Robert. Tennessee: a short history (2d ed.) Knoxville, UT Press, 1990.
A brief, illustrated history of the state from earliest times to the era of civil rights.

Cornwell, Ilene J. Biographical directory of the Tennessee General Assembly (6 vols.) Nashville, THC.
Biographical sketches detailing the lives of Tennessee legislators since 1796.

Couch, Ernie. Tennessee trivia. Nashville, Rutledge Hill Press, 1985 (reprinted 1991).
The "who, what, when, where and why book" of fun and interesting Tennessee facts.

Crane, Sophie & Paul Crane. Tennessee taproots. Old Hickory, TN, Earle- Shields Pub., 1976.
Illustrated history of each of Tennessee's courthouses.

Crane, Sophie & Paul Crane. Tennessee's troubled roots. Old Hickory, TN, Earle-Shields Pub., 1979.
Illustrated history of each county jail house in Tennessee.

Crawford, Charles W. Dynamic Tennessee, land, history and government. Austin, Steck-Vaughn, 1990.
A concise, illustrated school history of the state.

Crutchfield, James. Tennesseans at war: volunteers and patriots in defense of liberty. Nashville, Rutledge Hill Press, 1987.
A chronicle of Tennessee's participation in military conflicts from earliest times to the late 20th century.

Crutchfield, James. The Tennessee almanac and book of facts. Nashville, Rutledge Hill Press, 1990.
A factbook of Tennessee, covering history, economics, government, famous people, places and events.

Crutchfield, James. Timeless Tennesseans. Tomball, TX, Strode Publishers, 1984.
Short biographical sketches, with illustrations, of famous people of Tennessee.

Davidson, Donald. The Tennessee (v.1, The old river, frontier to secession; v.2, the new river, Civil War to TVA). Knoxville, UT Press, 1946-1948 (reprinted 1991 by J.S. Sanders) .
The classic treatment of the Tennessee River and its valley, by nationally known literary figure Donald Davidson.

Davis, Louise L. Frontier tales of Tennessee. Gretna, LA, Pelican Pub.Co., 1976.
Davis, Louise L. More tales of Tennessee. Gretna, LA, Pelican Pub. Co., 1978.
Stories that have appeared in the Sunday Magazine section of the Nashville Tennessean over the years.

Dickinson, W. Calvin & Eloise R. Hitchcock. A bibliography of Tennessee history, 1973-1996. Knoxville, UT Press, 1999.
Bibliography of books and articles on Tennessee, picking up where Sam Smith’s earlier work ends.

Draper, Lyman C. Kings Mountain and its heroes... Cincinnati, P.G. Thomson, 1881 (reprinted 1983 by Genealogical Pub. Co.).
Subtitle: history of the Battle of Kings Mountain, Oct. 7, 1780, and the events which led to it.

Durham, Walter T. Before Tennessee: the Southwest Territory, 1790-1796. Piney Flats, TN, Rocky Mount Hist. Assoc., 1990.
An illustrated and documented history of the Territory South of the River Ohio, which became the state of Tennessee in 1796.

Dykeman, Wilma. The French Broad. New York, Rinehart, 1955 (reprinted 1985 by UT Press, 1985).
A book about the French Broad River region, including folklore of the area.

Dykeman, Wilma. Tennessee: a history. Newport, TN, Wakestone Books, 1984. (reprinted 1993).
A brief, lyrical history of Tennessee by the state historian, an accomplished historian and novelist.

Dykeman, Wilma. Tennessee woman: an infinite variety. Newport, TN, Wakestone Books, 1993.
An illustrated work featuring outstanding Tennessee women.

Egerton, John. Visions of Utopia: Nashoba, Rugby, Ruskin and the "new communities" in Tennessee's past. Knoxville, UT Press, 1977.
A Tennessee Three Star Book featuring Tennessee's l9th century utopian societies.

Ewing, James. It happened in Tennessee. Nashville, Rutledge Hill Press, 1986.
Ewing, James. A treasury of Tennessee tales. Nashville, Rutledge Hill Press, 1985.
Two volumes of strange tales and legends of Tennessee.

Federal Writers Project. Tennessee: a guide to the state. New York, Viking, 1939 (reprinted 1986 by UT Press).
A tour guide to the state, also featuring Tennessee's contributions to the arts and a narrative history of the state.

First families of Tennessee: a register of early settlers and their present-day descendants. East Tennessee Historical Society, 2000.
Summary of the records gathered for the First Families project, with an introductory essay on pre-statehood Tennessee by Wayne Moore.

Fitch, John. Annals of the Army of the Cumberland... Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1863.
Subtitle: comprising biographies, descriptions of departments, accounts of expeditions, skirmishes and battles; also its police record of spies, smugglers & prominent rebel emissaries; together with anecdotes, incidents, poetry, reminiscences, etc. & official reports of the Battle of Stone River.

Foster, Austin P. Counties of Tennessee. Nashville, TN Dept. of Education, 1903 (reprinted 1990 by Southern Historical Press).
Thumbnail sketches of the history of each of Tennessee's counties.

Frazier, D.R. Tennessee postoffices and postmaster appointments, 1789-1984. Dover, Dr. R. Frazier, 1984.
A Tennessee placename finding guide, with brief information on the communities listed.

Fullerton, Ralph. Place names of Tennessee. Nashville, TN Div. of Geology, 1978 (reprinted 1994).
A county-by-county list of place names found on topographic & geological maps of Tennessee quadrangles.

Goehring, Eleanor. Tennessee folk culture: an annotated bibliography. Knoxville, UT Press, 1982 (reprinted 199? by Books on Demand).
A standard work for locating Tennessee folklore.

Goodspeed's general history of Tennessee. Nashville, Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1887 (reprinted 1972 by Charles & Randy Elder Booksellers).
A detailed study of Tennessee's geology, history, government, and prominent people to 1886.

Greene, Lee S. Government in Tennessee (4th ed.) Knoxville, UT Press, 1982.
A textbook covering all branches of Tennessee government.

Guild, Josephus C. Old times in Tennessee, with historical, personal & political scraps and sketches. Nashville, Tavel, Eastman & Howell, 1878 (reprinted 1971 by Tenase).
Recollections of events that occurred during the author's lifetime to 1878.

Gunn, Richard M. "Pek." Keep on laughin'; it's good for what ails you: nostalgic humor in verse and short story. Nashville, Pek Gunn Productions, Inc., 1975.
Gunn, Richard M. "Pek." Tumblin' Creek tales and other poems. (7th ed.) Nashville, Tumblin Creek Enterprises, 1963.
Two books of poetry and humor by Tennessee's former poet laureate.

Haley, Alex. Roots. New York, Doubleday, 1976 (reprinted 1993 by Buccaneer Books).
A work tracing Haley's African-American family's history back to its roots in Africa.

Haywood, John. Civil and political history of the state of Tennessee. Heiskell & Brown, 1823 (reprinted 1971 by Arno Press).
A history of the settlement of Tennessee in the years before statehood.

Haywood, John. Natural and aboriginal history of Tennessee, up to the first settlement therein by the white people, in the year 1768. Nashville, G. Wilson, 1823 (reprinted 1973 by F. M. Hill Books).
A history of prehistoric times in the area that is now Tennessee.

Horn, Stanley F. The Army of Tennessee: a military history. Indianapolis, Bobbs Merrill, 1941 (reprinted 1993 by University of Oklahoma Press).
A history of the Army of Tennessee, in the eyes of the author a gallant army plagued with poor leadership.

Johnson, Mayme H. A treasury of Tennessee churches. Brentwood, J. M. Productions, 1986.
Illustrated work with foreword by Lamar Alexander and photographs by Doug Brachey.

Jones, Billy M. Heroes of Tennessee. MSU, 1979.
Brief biographical sketches of eleven famous Tennesseans.

Journey to our past: a guide to African-American markers in Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee Historical Commission, 2000.
Illustrated guide to African-American historical markers, with an introductory essay by Linda Wynn.

Keeping Tennessee’s heritage: a self-evaluation guide for keepers of historical documents and public records. Nashville, Tennessee State Library and Archives, 1999.
A manual and guide for use by public records officers.

Killebrew, Joseph B. Introduction to the resources of Tennessee. Tavel, Eastman & Howell, 1874 (reprinted 1974 by the Reprint Co.).
A general study of the natural resources of Tennessee together with a county-by-county study of geography, rivers, timber, crops, roads, railroads and institutions.

Klebenow, Anne. 200 years through 200 stories: a Tennessee bicentennial collection. Knoxville, UT Press, 1996.
Biographies of 200 persons important in Tennessee history, arranged by time period; selected bibliography and suggested readings.

Lamon, Lester C. Blacks in Tennessee, 1791-1970. Knoxville, UT Press, 1981.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating the African-American experience in Tennessee.

Laska, Lewis. Tennessee state constitution: a reference guide. Westport, CT, Greenwood Pub., 1990.
A guide to the history of the constitution, with source notes.

Lewis, Thomas M. Tribes that slumber: Indian tribes in the Tennessee region. Knoxville, UT Press, 1958-1970.
A description of the social and cultural traditions of the Cherokee Indians and their predecessors in Tennessee.

Lindsley, John B. Military annals of Tennessee, Confederate... Nashville, J. M. Lindsley, 1886 (reprinted 1974 by the Reprint Co.).
Subtitle: embracing a review of military operations, with regimental histories & memorial roles, compiled from original & official sources.

Luther, Edward T. Our restless earth; the geologic regions of Tennessee. Knoxville, UT Press, 1977.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating the geology of Tennessee.

McBride, Robert M., ed. More landmarks of Tennessee history. Nashville, THC, 1969.
A continuation of Alderson & McBride's Landmarks of Tennessee History, including more recent articles from the THQ.

McCormack, Edward M. Slavery on the Tennessee frontier. Nashville, TN American Rev. Bicentennial Comm., 1977.
A discussion of slavery in TN from the last quarter of the l7th century to the granting of full citizenship and suffrage to all blacks with the adoption of a new state constitution in 1870.

Mansfield, Stephen. Faithful volunteers: the history of religion in Tennessee.  Nashville, Cumberland House, 1997.
Illustrated history of religion in Tennessee.

Miles, Emma Bell. The spirit of the mountains. New York, J. Pott, 1905 (reprinted 1975 by UT Press).
Stories and lore of the mountain people by a resident of Waldens Ridge.

Miller, Charles S. Official and political manual of Tennessee. Nashville, Marshall & Bruce, 1890 (reprinted 1974 by the Reprint Co.).
The predecessor of the Blue Book, including historical information on Tennessee government and officials up to 1890.

Mooney, James. Myths of the Cherokee. US GPO, 1902 (reprinted 1972 by Charles Elder Booksellers).
A volume of legends and historical accounts of the Cherokees.

Moore, John T. Tennessee Civil War questionnaires (5 vols.). Easley, SC, Southern Hist. Press, 1985.
Questionnaires sent to ex-Confederate (and some Union) soldiers in the years following the Civil War, giving personal information about life in the south after the war.

Moore, Mary D. History of homes and gardens of Tennessee. Nashville, Parthenon Press, 1936 (reprinted 1974).
Short sketches and pictures of historically significant homes across Tennessee.

Morris, Eastin. The Tennessee gazetteer... Nashville, W. H. Hunt, 1834 (reprinted 1971 by Gazetteer Press).
Tennessee's first gazetteer; the reprint includes the 1832 Rhea map of the state.

Murfree, Mary N. In the Tennessee mountains. New York, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1884 (reprinted 1970 by UT Press).
A classic of local color fiction in eight short stories of life in Tennessee.

Myer, William E. Indian trails of the southeast. Nashville, Blue & Gray Press, 1971.
Originally published as part of the 42nd Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1928, the work includes maps of trails.

Norton, Herman A. Religion in Tennessee, 1777-1945. Knoxville, UT Press, 1981.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating religion in the state to the end of the second world war.

Paschall, Douglas. Homewords: a book of Tennessee writers. Knoxville, UT Press, 1986.
An anthology of modern Tennessee writers of fiction and poetry.

Patrick, James. Architecture in Tennessee 1768-1897. Knoxville, UT Press, 1981 (reprinted 1990).
Illustrated treatment of the architectural styles found in Tennessee buildings in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Phillips, Margaret I. Governors of Tennessee. Gretna, LA, Pelican Pub. Co., 1978.
Portraits and brief biographies of the governors of Tennessee through Ray Blanton.

Porter, James D. Tennessee: Confederate military history. Atlanta, Confederate Pub. Co., 1899 (vol. 8 of Confederate military history; reprinted 1976 by Blue & Gray Press).
A narrative of Civil War events on Tennessee soil; Broadfoot Press has reprinted the volumes in expanded edition.

Ramsey, J. G. M. Annals of Tennessee to the end of the l8th century... J. Russell, 1853 (reprinted 1971 by Arno Press).
A classic of Tennessee history from the Watauga Association in 1769 to the early years of statehood.

Ray, Worth S. Tennessee cousins: a history of Tennessee people. Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1950 (reprinted 1989).
An illustrated history of Tennessee and its people from the Watauga settlement up, including families of each county.

Sames, James W. Four steps west: a documentary... Privately printed, 1971. (reprinted 1992 by KY & TN Associations of Professional Surveyors).
subtitle: concerning the first dividing line of America, and its three extensions, between VA & NC, KY & TN.

Satz, Ronald N. Tennessee's Indian peoples: from white contact to removal, 1540-1840. Knoxville, UT Press, 1979.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating the historical Indians of Tennessee until their forced removal from the area.

Schweitzer, George K. Tennessee genealogical research. Knoxville, G.K. Schweitzer, 1986.
A guide to genealogical research with a county-by-county record list and brief bibliographies.

Scott, Evelyn. Background in Tennessee. New York, R. M. McBride & Co., 1937 (reprinted 1980 by UT Press).
Recollections of childhood and youth by a native Clarksvillian.

Siler, Tom. Tennessee towns: from Adams to Yorkville. Knoxville, ETHS, 1985.
An illustrated treatment of the state's towns with historical facts and interesting things about each one.

Simbeck, Rob. Tennessee state symbols. Nashville, Altheus Press, 1995.
An illustrated work on the history of Tennessee's state symbols.

Smith, Sam B. Tennessee history: a bibliography. Knoxville, UT Press, 1974. (reprinted 199? by Books on Demand.)
A detailed bibliography listing books, articles and dissertations about every aspect of Tennessee history.

Smith, Samuel D. A bibliographic history of historical archaeology in Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee Division of Archaeology, 1996.
A scholarly bibliography of articles on Tennessee archaeology, with a subject index.

Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and their legends and folklore. Oklahoma City, Warden, 1921 (reprinted by Kraus Reprint Co., 1991).
A classic source for Cherokee history and legends.

Street, James. Struggle for Tennessee: Tupelo to Stones River. Columbus, OH, Time/Life, Inc., 1985.
Illustrated story of the Civil War battles in Tennessee.

Sulzer, Elmer Griffith. Ghost railroads of Tennessee. Indiana University Press, 1998.
Reprint of a classic history of railroads in Tennessee, originally published in 1975.

Tennesseans in the Civil War: a military history of Confederate & Union RR Regiments with available rosters of personnel. (2 vols.) Nashville, TN Civil War Centennial Comm., 1964 (reprinted 1981 by UT Press).
Part l is unit histories; part 2 is an alphabetical roster of personnel.

Tennessee atlas and gazetteer (2d ed). Freeport, ME, DeLorme Mapping Co., 1992.
A single-volume reproduction of Tennessee topographic maps, reduced format.

Tennessee blue book. Nashville, Tennessee Dept. of State (annual).
An illustrated handbook of Tennessee government, including a short history of the state and information on towns and counties.

Tennessee Civil War Centennial Commission. Guide to the Civil War in Tennessee. TN Civil War Centennial Comm., 1960 (3rd rev. ed., 1977).
A chronological guide to Tennessee Civil War historic sites, indicating troop movements, skirmishes and battles, and major personalities.

Tennessee county maps. Freeport, ME, DeLorme Mapping Co., 1992.
A single-volume collection of Tennessee county maps for quick reference.

The Tennessee encyclopedia of history & culture. Ed. by Carroll Van West. Nashville, Rutledge Hill Press, 1998.
Single-volume encyclopedia of articles contributed by scholars and historians, illustrated and indexed.

Tennessee history: the land, the people, and the culture. Ed. by Carroll Van West. Knoxville, UT Press, 1998.
A single volume history composed of articles previously published in Tennessee Historical Quarterly; endnotes and index.

Tennessee old and new. Sesquicentennial edition, 1796-1946 (2 vols). Nashville, THC & THS, 1946.
Illustrated two-volume compilation of signed articles treating l50 years of Tennessee history.

Tennessee: state of the nation. Ed. by W. Calvin Dickinson & Larry H. Whiteaker. New York, American Heritage Custom Publishing, 1995.
A collection of articles contributed by educators and historians.

Tennessee statistical abstract. Knoxville, UT Press (annual).
A detailed compilation of statistics on Tennessee's population, economics, industry, government services and finances.

Tennessee two hundred: a quotable history of the Volunteer state. Ed. by Randall Bedwell. Nashville, Guild Bindery Press, 1996.
A collection of quotes on Tennessee by famous people.

Three pioneer Tennessee documents: Donelson's Journal; Cumberland Compact; Minutes of Cumberland Court. Nashville, THC, 1964 (reprinted 199? by Books on Demand).
Illustrated volume reproducing three of Tennessee's most important early documents.

Thruston, Gates P. Antiquities of Tennessee and the adjacent states. Cincinnati, The R. Clarke Co., 1890 (reprinted 1973 by AMS Press).
Descriptive work of archaeological investigations of Tennessee's earliest peoples, with illustrations.

Votes for women! : the woman suffrage movement in Tennessee, the South, and the nation. Ed. by Marjorie Spruill Wheeler. Knoxville, UT Press, 1995.
A history of the womens’ suffrage movement and Tennessee’s pivotal role in the passage of the suffrage amendment.

Warren, John W. Tennessee belles- letters: a guide to Tennessee literature. Morristown, TN, Morrison Print. Co., 1977.
Bibliography of Tennessee writers and their writings, with biographical notes.

Weeks, Terry, and Bob Womack. Tennessee: the history of an American state. Montgomery, Alabama, Clairmont Press, 1996.
Illustrated textbook history of the state, including sections on geography and government.

White, Katherine K. The Kings Mountain men: the story of the battle, with sketches of the American soldiers who took part. Dayton, VA, Joseph K. Ruebush, 1924 (reprinted 1985 by Genealogical Pub. Co.).
A classic history of the Revolution and the part of Tennesseans in the battle known as the "turning point" of the war.

White, Robert H., ed. Messages of the governors of Tennessee ( 8 vols.). Nashville, THC, 1952-1972.
Key communications of Tennessee's governors from statehood to 1933.

Whitney, Henry D. The land laws of Tennessee... Chattanooga, J. M. Deardorff, 1891. (reprinted?)
Laws relative to land in Tennessee from the second royal charter to 1890, including those treating state & county boundaries.

Williams, Frank B. Tennessee's presidents. Knoxville, UT Press, 1981.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating the three presidents from Tennessee (Jackson, Polk, Johnson).

Williams, Samuel C. Dawn of the Tennessee Valley & Tennessee history. Johnson City, Watauga Press, 1937 (reprinted 1972 by Blue & Gray Press).
A history of early Native American contact with Europeans, up to the time of the Revolution. Williams, Samuel C. Early travels in the Tennessee country, 1540-1800. Johnson City, Watauga Press, 1928 (reprinted 1972).

A treatise on the earliest explorations of the Tennessee country (1540) to the Moravian expedition to the Cherokees (1799).

Williams, Samuel C. History of the lost state of Franklin. Johnson City, Watauga Press, 1924 (reprinted 1974 by Porcupine Press).
The history of Franklin, established briefly as a separate state (1784-1788).

Williams, Samuel C. Tennessee during the Revolutionary War. Nashville, THC, 1944 (reprinted 1974 by UT Press).
A history of the Tennessee country and its people during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783).

Wolfe, Charles K. Tennessee strings: the story of country music in Tennessee. Knoxville, UT Press, 1977.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating the history of one of Tennessee's most famous businesses.

Womack, Bob. Echo of hoofbeats: the history of the Tennessee walking horse. Shelbyville, Walking Horse Pub., 1973 (2d ed, Dabora, Inc., 1984)
A classic history of the walking horse industry in Tennessee.

Yellin, Carol Lynn, Janann Sherman & Ilene J. Cornwell. The perfect 36: Tennessee delivers woman suffrage. Memphis, Serviceberry Press: Vote 70, Inc., 1998.
A history of the passage of the womens’ suffrage amendment.

Young, Thomas D. Tennessee writers. Knoxville, UT Press, 1981.
A Tennessee Three Star Book treating Tennessee authors of fiction, poetry, drama, history, childrens books, and other types of writing.

Zimmerman, Peter Coats. Tennessee music: its people and places. San Francisco, Miller Freeman Books, 1998.
An illustrated guide to, and history of, Tennessee’s musical traditions – blues, country, soul, gospel, bluegrass, old home, new acoustic, jazz, classical, rock, and rap.



Ball, Randy. Abandoned: forgotten places of East Tennessee. Rogersville, Appalachian Images, Pub., 1995.
A photograph album of northeast Tennessee, black & white pictures taken by Randy Ball.

Beverley, Robert. East Tennessee almanac. Franklin, NC, Sanctuary Press, 1992.
Illustrated encyclopedia treating geography, climate, culture, history and politics, economics of eastern Tennessee.

Brewer, Alberta and Carson Brewer. Valley so wild: a folk history. Knoxville, ETHS, 1975.
A history of the Tellico River Valley and dam.

Buchanan, Jane Gray. Early inns and taverns of East Tennessee: a photoessay. Knoxville, East Tennessee Historical Society, 1996.
Black & white photographs of eastern Tennessee inns, images & text by Jane Gray Buchanan.

Seymour, Digby G. Divided loyalties: Fort Sanders & the Civil War in east Tennessee. Knoxville, ETHS, 1982.
Narrative treatment of east Tennessee in the Civil War.

Stokely, Jim. Encyclopedia of east Tennessee. Oak Ridge, Childrens Museum, 1981.
Short, illustrated articles on the people, places and events in eastern Tennessee.

Temple, Oliver P. East Tennessee and the Civil War. Cincinnati, The R. Clarke Co., 1899 (reprinted 1972 by Burman Books).
Detailed historical account of the Civil War era in eastern Tennessee.


Arnow, Harriette S. Flowering of the Cumberland. New York, MacMillan, 1963 (reprinted 1984 by University Press of KY).

Arnow, Harriette S. Seedtime on the Cumberland. New York, MacMillan, 1960 (reprinted 1983 by University Press of KY)
Two works detailing pioneer life in the area of the Cumberlalnd River Valley.

Putnam, A. W. History of middle Tennessee; or, Lives & times of Gen. James Robertson. Printed for the author, 1859 (reprinted 1971 by UT Press).
A history of the early settlements of middle Tennessee from the 1740s through the War of 1812.


Williams, Joseph S. Old times in west Tennessee. W. G. Cheeney, 1873 (reprinted by Windmill Press, 1991).
subtitle: Reminiscences, semi-historic, of pioneer life and the early emigrant settlers in the Big Hatchie country.

Williams, Samuel C. Beginnings of west Tennessee: in the land of the Chickasaws, 1541-1841. Johnson City, Watauga Press, 1930 (reprinted 1971 by Blue & Gray Press) .
A history of the early years of exploration and settlement in western Tennessee.

GOODSPEEDS HISTORIES OF TENNESSEE COUNTIES published by Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1880s, all reprinted in recent years
Short histories of the counties to early 1880s, including biographical sketches of prominent individuals.
Cannon, Coffee, Dekalb, Warren & White counties
Fayette & Hardeman counties
Giles, Lincoln, Franklin & Moore counties
Montgomery, Robertson, Humphreys, Stewart, Dickson & Cheatham counties
Sumner, Smith, Macon & Trousdale counties
[30] East Tennessee counties
Hamilton, Shelby & Knox counties
Henderson, Chester, McNairy, Decatur & Hardin counties
Madison County
White, Warren, Dekalb, Coffee & Cannon counties
Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford & Marshall counties
Lawrence, Wayne, Perry, Hickman & Lewis counties
Carroll, Henry & Benton counties
Lauderdale, Haywood, Tipton & Crockett counties
Dyer, Gibson, Lake, Obion & Weakley counties


Prepared by Fran Schell


Updated November 19, 2007


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