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Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications : Soldiers & Widows > M


Pensions:    S = Soldier's pension           W = Widow's pension          C = Colored pension
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Mabe, DavidWhiteS199828th Inf.
Mabe, HezakiahHancockS148763rd Inf.
Mabe, William Sr.HancockS19063rd Inf.
Maberry, John P.JacksonS83616th Inf.
Maberry, SilasJacksonW1648Maberry, Malvina Jane Huffines
Mabry, Moses JamilanFranklinW8783Mabry, Pattie
Mabry, R. F.ObionS1200445th Inf.
Mabry, R. M.WilsonS698545th Inf.
Mabry, Thomas AsburyHenryW79Mabry, Parmelia C. R.
Mabry, Thomas MilliganHamiltonW5092Mabry, Adenia Mason
Mackbee, Robert TheadoreShelbyS1284014th Inf.
Mackey, W. J.HickmanS1190522nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Mackey, W. J.HickmanW4795Mackey, Lillie A.
Mackin, Robert LandenGilesS34506th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Maclin, JamesLauderdale C1927th Cav.
Maclin, James NathanielShelbyW4209Maclin, Nancy J.
Maclin, Michael M.GilesW1996Maclin, Helen E.
Macon, Henry HarrisonRutherfordW1281Macon, Francis Elizabeth
Madden, J. M.BentonS12675th Inf.
Madden, J. W.HamiltonS534923rd Ga. Inf.
Madden, John MorganHenryW10050Madden, Sarah Wilmouth
Madden, T. W.DavidsonS33428th Inf.
Maddin, James MonroeDavidsonS97276th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Maddox, FrankFayetteS13605Hanover's Va. Art.
Maddox, J. J.LincolnW8360Maddox, Mattie
Maddox, N. G.LincolnS58188th Inf.
Maddux, A. V.RutherfordS1100745th Inf.
Maddux, Alfred V.RobertsonW6368Maddux, Mary Jane
Maddux, N. G.LincolnW7789Maddux, Nancy R.
Maddux, Taylor L.JacksonS1571625th Inf.
Madena, T. H.FranklinS129683rd Miss. Cav.
Madewell, JamesVan BurenS14389Unassigned (Shoemaker)
Madewell, WilliamWarrenW8937 & W8577Madewell, Emma
Madison, James MarionShelbyW11095Madison, Eliza Lee
Madison, John R.MarshallS419617th Inf.
Madlin, Z. N.HoustonS1433643rd N.C. Inf.
Madoux, Andrew J.PolkS1233759th Inf.
Magee, E. A.PerryS1383019th (Biffle's) Cav.
Magee, JosephMadisonS1668524th Ala. Inf.
Magee, JosephMadisonW8397Magee, Margaret
Magee, ThomasDyerS8049th Cav.
Magee, ThomasDyerW7432Magee, Lear
Magness, L. J.DeKalbS656923rd Inf.
Magness, Richard MarionDeKalbW875Magness, Sallie A.
Mahaffey, J. H.DeKalbS493123rd Inf.
Mahoney, JohnDavidsonS1493621st Ala. Inf.
Mahoney, JohnTiptonW409Mahoney, Mary M.
Mahoney, John ThomasHamiltonW10773Mahoney, Rose Elizabeth
Mahoney, ThomasGilesW3174Mahoney, Asenath J.
Mahoney, WilliamRoaneS32573rd Engineer Troops
Mahoney, William BenjaminDavidsonW10373Mahoney, Willie Ann
Maiden, W. F.BentonS1199748th Va. Inf.
Maiden, William H.KnoxS1405348th Va. Inf.
Main, Henry KinnamonKnoxW9832Main, Alice Eulalia
Mainard, Alfred AlpinsMadisonW1556Mainard, Ailsie Jane
Mainard, Lewis C.ClayW4425Mainard, Elizabeth
Maines, James H.CarterS1463330th Va. Inf.
Mainord, L. C.OvertonS439525th Inf.
Mainord, S. D. Sr.OvertonS224925th Inf.
Major, A. M.WilsonW9273Major, Annie
Major, Thomas MerritWilsonW1212Major, Sarah Elizabeth
Majors, B. F.HardemanS453245th Inf.
Majors, Benjamin FranklinHardemanW6916Majors, Alsie Jane
Majors, J. W.FranklinS24321st (Turney's) Inf.
Majors, James P.GraingerW605Majors, Sarah
Majors, JohnRoaneS428743rd Inf.
Majors, John M.HardinS551943rd Miss. Inf.
Majors, Robert MurphyFranklinW3967Majors, Mary Marinda
Majors, WilliamFranklinS40361st (Turney's) Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Malkes, J. R.WilsonS1628918th Inf.
Mallard, Eldridge T.BedfordS1290645th Inf.
Mallard, Eldridge ThorntonBedfordW5669Mallard, Susan Evyline
Mallicoat, J. D.GraingerS911937th Inf.
Mallicoat, John DanielGraingerW5364Mallicoat, Rachel M.
Mallory, George JonesShelbyW4127Mallory, Jennie Greer
Mallory, JosiahWilliamsonS72211st (Field's) Inf.
Mallory, M. C.MauryS1272648th (Voorhies') Inf.
Mallory, Theophilus S.ShelbyW2986Mallory, Martha Kyle
Mallory, Thomas EbbMontgomeryW5618Mallory, Leacy Amelia
Malone, B. F.LincolnS5320 & S269353rd Inf.
Malone, Benjamin F.LincolnW601Malone, Sarah E.
Malone, C. P.HardemanS1105926th Miss. Inf.
Malone, CaswellTiptonS896813th Inf.
Malone, Charles PinkneyMadisonW9875Malone, Lula Susan
Malone, DavidSullivanS686663rd Inf.
Malone, David E.GilesS1285753rd Inf.
Malone, David.SullivanW6539Malone, Mary C.
Malone, F. M.SullivanS14898Sullivan's Co., Home Guards
Malone, Francis Marion.SullivanW9176Malone, Sallie.
Malone, G. W.CarterS586059th Inf.
Malone, George B.ShelbyS156163rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Malone, George JeffersonSullivanW9528Malone, Sarah Ann
Malone, J. B.SumnerS118832nd (Robison's) Inf.
Malone, J. H.WeakleyS61055th Inf.
Malone, JamesSullivanS352961st Inf.
Malone, James BrysonSumnerW8589Malone, Katie
Malone, James K.SullivanW678Malone, Eva S.
Malone, Jesse E.LincolnW5833Malone, Elendor
Malone, JimDeKalbW8745Malone, Frances Elizabeth
Malone, John EdwardLincolnW6111Malone, Martha
Malone, John M.HaywoodS423063rd Inf.
Malone, John W.SumnerS10951 & S541022nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Malone, M. A.LincolnS31031st S.C. Inf.
Malone, Marion A.LincolnW7447Malone, MaryJane
Malone, PolkLauderdaleS1011512th Ky. Cav.
Malone, Robert CarrollShelbyW10604Malone, Rebecca W.
Malone, T. B.HardinS178651st Inf.
Malone, W. B.McNairyS936313th Inf.
Malone, W. C.SullivanS12275State Reserves
Malone, William C.SullivanW9301Malone, Mary Elizabeth
Malone, Williarn B.McNairyW4107Malone, Margaret J.
Malone, Willis D.DavidsonW2148Malone, Mitissa
Malsh, PatrickCarrollS82715th Inf.
Malugen, Henry JacksonLewisW5594Malugen, Nancy Carolyn
Malugin, George W.HickmanW8459Malugin, Mary S.
Malugin, Robert B.HickmanW8348Malugin, Jane Woolard
Maner, A. B.MontgomeryS87542nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Manes, JohnSevierS187848th Inf.
Manes, JohnSevierW2983Manes, Rissie
Manes, WilliamGreeneS334061st Inf.
Maness, JamesDecaturW2960Maness, July Saphronia
Maness, MoabChesterW3369Maness, Mary
Maness, T. J.LauderdaleS97352nd Inf.
Maness, Thomas JeffersonLauderdaleW3231Maness, Martha Jane
Maness, W. J.McNairyS1061352nd Inf.
Maness, W. M.ChesterS796821st Cav.
Maness, YanceyHawkinsS116050th Va. Inf.
Maney, JamesRutherford C1641st (Field's) Inf.
Maney, Thomas H.DavidsonS140211st (Field's) Inf.
Mangram, WesleyCheathamS251620th Inf.
Mangrem, JarnesMauryW5395Mangrem, Lou
Mangrum, J. C.WilliamsonS12198Baxter's Co., Lt. Art.
Mangrum, WesleyCheathamW4266Mangrum, Sallie Elizabeth
Mangum, W. T.CoffeeS1078717th Inf.
Manier, A. WebbCoffeeW6467Manier, Lucy
Manier, Allen HowesDavidsonS239617th Inf.
Manier, Frank LuzetteDavidsonS177320th Inf.
Maning, MikeHenryS64105th Inf.
Manire, A. W.CoffeeS663024th Inf.
Manis, E. A.RoaneS40872nd Cav.
Manis, George S.MonroeS110472nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Manis, James HarveyMcMinnS121262nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Manis, JohnMonroeW1729Manis, Lousinda
Manise, D. C.RutherfordS514124th Inf.
Mankin, R. P.RutherfordW9031Mankin, Sallie J.
Mankin, WelcomRutherfordW9751Mankin, Lucy T.
Manley, Andrew R.WilliamsonS827510th Cav.
Manley, B. F.ObionS1177611th Inf.
Manley, Benjamin FranklinObionW7536Manley, Tennessee Adeline
Manley, Franklin CarrFayetteW1935Manley, Esther Adelia
Manley, H. H.GrundyS275344th Inf.
Manley, H. H.GrundyW4647Manley, Mary E.
Manley, Newton EldridgeCarrollW4063Manuley, Clenentine E.
Manley, William LightnerDesoto (Miss.)W5355Manley, Mary Ella
Manly, C. A.MadisonS117733rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Mann, Daniel A.HawkinsW1182Mann, Mary J.
Mann, Henry C.JeffersonS155241st (Carter's) Cav.
Mann, Henry W.MauryS1626917th Inf.
Mann, James W.CarrollS545622nd Inf.
Mann, R. E.WilsonS273428th Inf.
Mann, T. J.CarrollW465Mann, Dissie
Mann, William Alvis.CarrollW522Mann, Mary Francis
Mann, William W.GibsonS490637th Inf.
Mann, Williarn WalkerGibsonW7191Mann, Julia Elizabeth
Manning, A. F.MarionS136548th Ga. Inf.
Manning, Amos SmithHamiltonS1068734th Ga. Inf.
Manning, MikeHenryW955Manning, Martty
Mannis, JohnMcMinnS30463rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Manson, E. P.MontgomeryS1439614th Inf.
Mantlo, R. W.DavidsonS1140530th Inf.
Mantlo, W. J.RobertsonS8030th Inf.
Mantooth, Doctor H.McMinnW10563Mantooth, Dicie Ann
Mantz, P. G.SullivanS772223rd Va. Inf.
Manus, BartleyWhiteS219525th Inf.
Manzy, John PlunkettShelbyW10015Manzy, Ida Sherman
Maples, Cage R.WashingtonS140635th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Marable, James R.ShelbyS1077311th (Holman's) Cav.
Maram, Christopher ColumbusHickmanS1300411th Inf.
Marberry, A. E.HenryW10234Marberry, Nancy
Marberry, FranklinHoustonW2483Marberry, Louise
Marberry, John MonroeHumphreysW10624Clark, Hester Marberry
Marbery, GeorgeStewartW950Marbery, Jerraldine
Marbury, Moses P.CoffeeW3575Marbury, Jarupa S.
Marbury, P. H.HaywoodS142679th Inf.
March, William FinchDavidsonW3786March, Sallie E.
Marchbanks, ColumbusDavidsonW3017Marchbanks, Linnie A.
Marcus, William BrownWeakleyW7666Marcus, Margarette Jane
Margraves, George WashingtonHawkinsW9362Margraves, Sallie Ann
Margrove, W. P.KnoxS12055Lynch's Co., Lt. Art.
Marhum, Barnett O.HawkinsW5096Markum, Sarah Ann
Marion, MathewSullivanS816860th Inf.
Markham, George SomervillTiptonS4978 & S44237th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Markham, James D.GilesW5110Markham, Annie Hayes
Markham, James M.BentonW1803Markham, Elizabeth F.
Markham, JohnKnoxS804027th Va. Cav.
Marks, J. T.GilesS140061st (Wheeler's) Cav.
Marks, Jas.Thos.GilesW11106Marks, Bell
Marks, John HenryLawrenceW1375Marks, Martha Ann
Marks, Lewis HarwellGilesW4217Marks, Lizzie
Marks, SamuelMadisonS8152 & S528117th Miss. Inf.
Marks, Thomas C.GilesS25916th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Markum, Barney O.HawkinsS384114th Va. Inf.
Markum, M. C.CannonS47408th (Smith's) Cav.
Marler, David AlexanderLincolnW10592Marler, Mary Elizabeth
Marler, Frances MarionRheaW8312Marler, Susan
Marler, RichardWilsonW9770Marler, Mattie
Marlin, A. J.HendersonS561751st Inf.
Marlin, A. J.HendersonW3464Marlin, Estes A.
Marlin, J. W.MarshallW2561Marlin, Anna Elisa
Marlin, JoeRutherfordS667845th Inf.
Marlin, Joseph B.WilliamsonS818232nd Inf.
Marlin, W. B.RutherfordS121562nd (Robison's) Inf.
Marlin, W. B.WilliamsonS1208132nd Inf.
Marlin, W. B.WilliamsonW10012Marlin, Sallie
Marlin, William B.CoffeeW8712Marlin, Nannie E.
Marlow, J. A.LincolnS52828th Inf.
Marlow, James A.GilesS70098th Inf.
Marlow, James.PutnamW970Marlow, Sarah
Marlow, William C.WhiteS39828th Inf.
Marlow, William C.WhiteW1984Marlow, Nancy
Maroney, JamesHardemanS10852Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Maroney, JamesShelbyW11148Currin, Addie (Maroney)
Maroney, LewisMadisonS1006722nd Inf.
Maroney, LewisWilsonW8294 & W9392Maroney, Laura Jane
Marr, A. M.ShelbyS626555th Inf.
Marr, B. F.KnoxS144976th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Marr, James M.FayetteS387213th Inf.
Marr, JosephBradleyS43493rd Inf.
Marr, M.DavidsonS207010th Inf.
Marr, RichardLincolnS701041st Inf.
Marr, RichardLincolnW870Marr, Mary M.
Marr, W. W.MonroeS119502nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Marrs, G. W.PerryS687353rd Inf.
Marrs, George WashingtonPerryW3191Marrs, Lucinda
Marrs, MarcusLincolnW8621Marrs, Sallie M.
Marsh, C. W.HamiltonS12878Lee's Battery, Va.
Marsh, Charles WesleyHamiltonW7783Marsh, Amanda Huey
Marsh, D. M.DicksonS331st Bn., Hvy. Art.
Marsh, D. M.MadisonS1430912th Ark. Inf.
Marsh, D. M.MadisonW9033Marsh, Mollie Evylin
Marsh, Dan G.MadisonS1462170th N. C. Inf.
Marsh, Drewey MiltonMontgomeryS56081st Art.
Marsh, E. J.HumphreysS590Hawkins' Scouts.
Marsh, Frank CorbettShelbyW6621Marsh, Mary Anna
Marsh, James M.SullivanS1038221st Va. Cav.
Marsh, James MadisonSullivanW5513Marsh, Virginia Caroline
Marshall, A. G.GibsonS194422nd Inf.
Marshall, Alvis G.GibsonW2452Marshall, Eva Francies
Marshall, DavidCarrollS960122nd Inf.
Marshall, Drue FrancisMontgomeryW5748Marshall, Mary Jane
Marshall, Drury F.MontgomeryS563414th Inf.
Marshall, F. W.MaconS50882nd (Walker's) Inf.
Marshall, H. H.SumnerS400918th Inf.
Marshall, Henry HarrisonDavidsonW6221Marshall, Molly Frances
Marshall, J. K.WilliamsonS1621820th Inf.
Marshall, J. M.HenryS833346th Inf.
Marshall, J. W.WilsonS1451830th Inf.
Marshall, James B.MarshallS9511Burkner's Guards Ky.
Marshall, John C.GreeneW4742Marshall, Martha W.
Marshall, John J.MadisonS1147551st Inf.
Marshall, Leonidas PolkTiptonS1400512th Cav.
Marshall, Thomas H.HenryS359627th Inf.
Marshall, Thomas H.TiptonS1168551st Inf.
Marshall, Thomas HardemanTiptonW9618Marshall, Annie F.
Marshall, W. A.CarrollS261022nd Inf.
Marshall, W. A.CoffeeS152691st (Turney's) Inf.
Marshall, W. H.ShelbyS145874th Tex. Inf.
Marshall, W. S.RutherfordS661124th Inf.
Marshall, William E.KnoxS335712th Cav.
Marshall, William E.KnoxW1391Marshall, Lavinia Lee
Marshall, William H.SumnerS270318th Inf.
Marshall, William H.TiptonW9833Marshall, Lottie A.
Marshall, Wm. AlexanderCoffeeW7377Marshall, Willie Mai
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Martin, AlexanderTiptonS120206th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Martin, AndrewTiptonS1361725th Ala. Inf.
Martin, Andrew BennettWilsonW10654Martin, Sue Brittain
Martin, B. C.WarrenS528335th Inf.
Martin, B. P.WilsonS133681st Cav.
Martin, Ben F.LincolnW8755Martin, Mattie J.
Martin, Benjamin FranklinWilliamsonW776Martin, Jane D.
Martin, Benjamin H.RoaneS1596239th Ga. Inf.
Martin, Benjamin HarleyRoaneW11098Martin, Mattie Jane
Martin, Benjamin ThomasMauryS1258148th (Nixon's) Inf.
Martin, Bollin JamesShelbyW10150Martin, Fannie Margaret
Martin, C. M.CoffeeS64274th (McLemore's) Cav.
Martin, C. M.GrundyS93284th (McLemore's) Cav.
Martin, Calvin GainesHenryW7522Martin, Mary Catherine
Martin, Cave JohnsonDicksonW1187Martin, Tennessee A.
Martin, Cornelius McguireCoffeeW7225Martin, Jane
Martin, D. W.ShelbyS101619th Inf.
Martin, DimmonWarrenW4949Martin, Ellen B.
Martin, DinmerBedfordS528435th Inf.
Martin, E. H.HamiltonS372660th Ga. Inf.
Martin, E. O.ShelbyS13807154th Sr. Regt.
Martin, E. P.StewartS1455510th Cav.
Martin, Edward P.StewartW10728Martin, Irene
Martin, G. W.HaywoodS107369th Inf.
Martin, G. W.RobertsonS847 & S1393330th Inf.
Martin, G. W.SumnerS97939th (Bennett's) Cav.
Martin, George H.ShelbyS1135914th (Neely's) Cav.
Martin, George H.ShelbyS16068Hudson's Miss. Lt. Art.
Martin, George PatrickRobertsonW10871Martin, Rose Ellen
Martin, George W.FranklinS285944th Inf.
Martin, H. A.DavidsonS985318th (Newsom's) Cav.
Martin, H. C.RutherfordS38848th (Smith's) Cav.
Martin, Henry AlexanderDavidsonW2269Martin, Sue Mary
Martin, Henry ClayRutherfordW5961Martin, Maggie Susan
Martin, HiramPutnamS13595 & S1550625th Inf.
Martin, I. B.LincolnS100309th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Martin, I. F.DicksonS1296710th Cav.
Martin, I. S.HaywoodS1470412th Cav.
Martin, Isaac ThomasCoffeeW206Martin, Mary A.
Martin, Isaiah BenjaminHaywoodW10597Martin, Mary Louise
Martin, J. D.DeKalbS37097th Inf.
Martin, J. D.DicksonS851410th Cav.
Martin, J. G.GilesS365932nd Inf.
Martin, J. J.DeKalbS1169716th Inf.
Martin, J. M.WarrenS958228th Cav.
Martin, J. T.DicksonS721511th Inf.
Martin, J. W.MarshallS958145th Inf.
Martin, J. W.WilliamsonS2615Baxter's Co. Lt. Art.
Martin, James B.MarionS85294th Inf.
Martin, James C.WhiteS21501st Bn. Inf.
Martin, James GlascowSumnerW1861Martin, Mary Ann
Martin, James H.HickmanS1311010th Cav.
Martin, James H.WilsonS39637th Va. Inf.
Martin, James HillardHickmanW9487Martin, Mattie
Martin, James MonroeHamiltonW3840Martin, Virginia Ann
Martin, James PolkHenryW4210Martin, Mary E.
Martin, James T.Van BurenS1262816th Inf.
Martin, Jerry H.StewartS1068550th Inf.
Martin, Joe J.WilsonW10461Martin, Missouri
Martin, JohnDeKalbW3574Martin, Martha Ann
Martin, JohnMarionS287343rd Inf.
Martin, John A.MarionW5467Martin, Harriet
Martin, John C.HendersonS1572319th (Biffle's) Cav.
Martin, John C.MeigsW2705Martin, Mary Jane
Martin, John C.ShelbyS457912th (Green's) Cav.
Martin, John C.ShelbyW5663Martin, Emma N.
Martin, John D.DeKalbW688Martin, Mary E.
Martin, John H.WilsonW1542Martin, Margaret A. E.
Martin, John J.GilesS1522320th Cav.
Martin, John Jas.GilesW10970Martin, Emma
Martin, John M.RobertsonS1578430th Inf.
Martin, John MiltonRobertsonW9332Martin, Etta Barnes
Martin, John RoeCrockettW5181Martin, Nannie Elizabeth
Martin, John ShelbyDicksonW189Martin, M.C.
Martin, John W.HumphreysW7629Martin, Hannah Elizabeth
Martin, John WallaceTiptonW732Martin, Susana
Martin, Joseph FranklinWarrenW11013Martin, Mary Emma
Martin, Josiah FranklinDeKalbW9563Martin, Sarah Elizabeth
Martin, Julius C.WhiteW6021Martin, Thurse A.
Martin, L. G.HamiltonS128795th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Martin, L. M.PolkS1044664th N. C. Inf.
Martin, LayfayattPolkW10233Martin, Amy Iola
Martin, Milton ScootCarrollW4435Martin, Frances R.
Martin, Milton ScottCarrollS11887Greer's Regt. Partisan
Rangers Cav.
Martin, MorganMontgomeryW3469Martin, Dicy
Martin, N. H.CarrollS1009222nd Inf.
Martin, N. R.FranklinS329317th Inf.
Martin, Overton C.BedfordS18814th Cav.
Martin, Overton C.MarshallW621Martin, Louisa J.
Martin, P. P.RobertsonS56861st Inf.
Martin, P. T.WilliamsonS1576117th Inf.
Martin, Ransom GwynWarrenS1606616th Inf.
Martin, RobertWeakleyS635121st Va. Inf.
Martin, S.R.ClayS1477425th Inf.
Martin, SamMontgomeryS111296th Ky. Inf.
Martin, SampsonWarrenS521316th Inf.
Martin, SamuelStewartW7193Martin, Mary Rebecca
Martin, Sidney BaxterTiptonW3467Martin, Dora
Martin, T.CheathamS103852nd Ala. Inf.
Martin, Thomas F.MauryS773611th (Holman's) Cav
Martin, Thomas L.JacksonS12491st Inf.
Martin, Thomas L.JacksonW4429Martin, Perneley T.
Martin, W. P. M.ShelbyS786134th Miss. Inf.
Martin, W. T.HamiltonW3690Martin, Amanda (Shelton)
Martin, Washington FranklinMcMinnW866Martin, Sarah G.
Martin, Wiley Pinckney
ShelbyW2524Martin, Sally Lucy
Martin, WilliamBentonW1880Martin, Catherine
Martin, WilliamMonroeS1471863rd N.C. Inf.
Martin, William CarrollMauryW3240Martin, Amanda Eliza
Martin, William DawsonMadisonW2882Martin, Sarah Jane
Martin, William F.HendersonW3325Martin, Nancy
Martin, William LutherShelbyW7510 & W8078Martin, Fannie E.
Martin, William LutherShelbyW8078Martin, Francis Elizabeth
Martin, William M. GravesMauryW9132Martin, Lettie Larcenia
Martin, William ThomasDyerS105119th Inf.
Martin, William W.SmithS8424th Cav.
Martindale, D. W.LauderdaleS47313th N.C. Inf.
Martindale, Daniel WebsterTiptonW2966Martindale, Susan Jane
Martindale, W. M.McNairyS625232nd Miss. Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Masby, S. G.DavidsonS123888th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Masengale, JosephGrundyS87716th Inf.
Masengil, R. N.PolkS112582nd Ga. Cav.
Masey, L. R.WarrenS830011th Cav.
Mash, A. D.CoffeeS791124th Inf.
Mash, WilliamBedfordS147062nd Inf.
Mash, WilliamBedfordW6166Mash, America Elizabeth
Mashborn, AaronSevierS343062nd Inf.
Mashburn, A.SevierW7021Mashburn, Nancy C.
Mashburn, AndersonSevierS1105262nd Inf.
Mashburn, CalawayUnicoiW3395Mashburn, Marilla
Mashburn, James EdwardHardemanW2091Mashburn, Eliza Jane
Mason, BennetDicksonS236611th Inf.
Mason, BennettDavidsonW3197Mason, Mary E.
Mason, D. D.RobertsonS95293rd Ky. Cav.
Mason, D. J.WilsonS52267th Bn. Cav.
Mason, David ThomasWilsonW5168Mason, Martha J.
Mason, E. C.DavidsonS107123rd Ky. Cav.
Mason, E. R.TiptonS1533822nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Mason, Elbert C.DavidsonW7639Mason, Lucinda P.
Mason, F. Y.FayetteS126347th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Mason, G.RobertsonS66130th Inf.
Mason, Gustavus HenryRobertsonW4339Mason, Mary Candyce
Mason, HarrisonRoaneS802658th N. C. Inf.
Mason, J. E.RutherfordS1093724th S. C. Inf.
Mason, J. F.DeKalbS5461Marshall's Co. Lt. Art.
Mason, Jackson L.ShelbyS1350317th Miss. Inf.
Mason, Jackson LafayetteShelbyW10849Mason, Isabell Coleman
Mason, James E.MadisonS916320th Inf.
Mason, James J.RutherfordS12223Carter's Scouts Cav.
Mason, Jesse W.TiptonW8120Mason, Susan E.
Mason, JohnCannonS1300516th Inf.
Mason, JohnCockeS118462nd N. C. Inf.
Mason, JohnGraingerS121519th Inf.
Mason, John L.BlountS612329th N. C. Inf.
Mason, L. H.CrockettS204320th Inf.
Mason, LarkinMonroeS21433rd Inf.
Mason, LarkinMonroeW7356Mason, Texie
Mason, P. D.GibsonS821438th Inf.
Mason, PeterMonroeS670156th Va. Inf.
Mason, PlunkHickman C182Unassigned (Wagon train)
Mason, R. M.MarionS114923rd Confederate Cav.
Mason, Thomas WaltonGibsonW10314Mason, Ella Otey
Mason, W. B.FranklinS1602148th (Nixon's) Inf.
Mason, William D.CockeS1124562nd N. C. Inf.
Mason, William McgunRutherfordW8733Mason, Pernelia Angilina
Masoner, John T.MeigsS46905th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Masoner, John T.MeigsW575Masoner, Amanda
Mass, H. R.MontgomeryS804712th N. C. Inf.
Mass, N. F.HickmanS1237224th Inf.
Massengale, James M.MarionS94574th Ga. Cav.
Massengill, A. P.ChesterS978021st (Wilson's) Cav.
Massengill, Allen P.McNairyW11097Massengill, Sarah
Massengill, George DallusSullivanW2272Massengill, Mary E.
Massengill, I. J.ChesterS243352nd Inf.
Massengill, Isaac JasperChesterW7437Massengill, Mattie E.
Massengill, James M.RheaW311Massengill, Nancy E.
Massengill, JasperChesterS579251st Inf.
Massengill, John D.SullivanS153588th (Smith's) Cav.
Massengill, R. N.PolkW7784Massengill, Martha A_
Massengill, S. D.ChesterS257521st Cav.
Massengill, S. M.ChesterS651621st (Wilson's) Cav.
Massengill, Sidney MonroeChesterW10701Massengill, Mary Ann
Massengill, William ZachariahObionW7800Massengill, Louie V.
Massey, ArchWilsonW9219Massey, Margaret
Massey, B. L.WilsonS460911th Mo. Inf.
Massey, Benjamin LewisWilsonW4426Massey, Lucinda E.
Massey, George W.SullivanS388963rd Va. Inf.
Massey, George WashingtonMooreW4508Massey, MargaretJ.
Massey, J. H.CockeS103362nd Inf.
Massey, James F.MooreS61998th Inf.
Massey, Jarnes.DavidsonW392Massey, Martha M.
Massey, JohnDavidsonS98809th (Ward's) Cav.
Massey, John W.WilsonS459231st Miss. Inf.
Massey, John WilliamWilsonW929 & W1447Massey, Catherine Elizabeth
Massey, W. G.GibsonS22464th Cav.
Massey, William A.SullivanS1459337th Va. Inf.
Massey, William G.MarshallS811st Inf.
Massey, William G.MarshallW5456Massey, Fannie
Massey, William Henry HarrisonHenryW10615Massey, Narsis Alcy
Massey, William Y.WilsonW3614Massey, Sarah Williams
Masson, HarrisonMcMinnS1378043rd Inf.
Masteller, W. D.HamiltonS39804th Inf.
Masters, M. A.OvertonS30738th Cav.
Masters, Samuel ThompsOvertonW4108Masters, Lucy A.
Masters, T. C.JacksonS12533Shaw's Bn. Cav.
Masters, Thomas CarrolClayW9489Masters, Joyce Lou
Mastin, RichardHamblenS1442330th Va. Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Matheny, D. F.SumnerS122257th Inf.
Matheny, James L.PickettW915Matheny, Almira
Matheny, James L.WeakleyS153815th Inf.
Matheny, James M.WeakleyS1189015th Inf.
Matherly, Daniel FrancisSumnerW7921Matherly, Mary Elizabeth
Matherly, S. H.WilsonS1338845th Inf.
Mathes, E. A.RutherfordS142438th (Smith's) Cav.
Mathes, J. HarveyShelbyS354837th Inf.
Mathes, W. G.RutherfordS150798th (Smith's) Cav.
Mathews, LinseyMonroeS296226th Inf.
Mathews, R. S.CrockettS92636th Inf.
Mathews, WilliamDavidsonS118412nd Ky. Cav.
Mathis, C.CarterS97341st N. C. Bn.
Mathis, DallHaywoodC159Undetermined -
McFarland's servant
Mathis, DavidHancockS920663rd Inf.
Mathis, E. A.RutherfordW9606Mathis, Mollie
Mathis, J. B.WilliamsonS13501st Ala. Inf.
Mathis, J. CalvinCarterW8353Mathis, Lorina A.
Mathis, Jesse ManuelPerryW10339 & W8159Mathis, Martha Alice
Mathis, John A.SumnerS46182nd Ky. Inf.
Mathis, R. W.LakeS70237th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Mathis, W. H.LewisS145633rd (Clack's) Inf.
Mathis, W. H.LewisS63833rd (Clack's) Inf.
Mathis, W. H.WeakleyS1137812th Ky. Cav.
Mathis, W. J.DavidsonS1118411th Inf.
Mathis, W. J.DicksonW8158Mathis, Nellie E.
Mathis, W. J.ObionS1146212th Inf.
Mathis, William E.StewartW3168Mathis, Ann
Matley, JamesFranklinS302037th Inf.
Matley, James J.FayetteW6152Matley, Sarah M.
Matloch, Philip N.ObionS14729Carter Scouts' Cav.
Matlock, A. H.PolkS98745th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Matlock, Abraham HarrisPolkW3583Matlock, Ann Rebecca
Matlock, James P.DavidsonW14Matlock, Prudilla
Matlock, LewisDicksonW538Matlock, Rhoda Ann
Matlock, Moses M.McNairyW1265Matlcok, Mary Ann
Matlock, Phillip N.ObionW7544Matlock, Mary I.
Matlock, W. H.PutnamS877225th Inf.
Matlock, WilliamHumphreysS40654th Inf.
Mattern, P. H.GreeneS5106Unassigned
Matthew, J.A.MauryS151779th Bn. Cav.
Matthews, B. F.HumphreysS26924th Inf.
Matthews, Ben FranklinLawrenceW1946Matthews, Virginia Finch
Matthews, DanielDavidsonW7254Matthews, Emily J.
Matthews, Felix HenryWashingtonW1261Matthews, Mary Catherine
Matthews, G. H.KnoxS1028527th Va. Cav.
Matthews, George I.DavidsonW10332Matthews, Alice Bailey
Matthews, Glover HarrisonKnoxW6303Matthews, Cynthia C.
Matthews, Henry ClayDavidsonW3493Matthews, Amanda J.
Matthews, J. A.HenryS114359th Bn. Cav.
Matthews, J. CMcMinnW10921Matthews, Cloie M.
Matthews, J. C.McMinnS77118th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Matthews, J. F.GibsonS140616th Inf.
Matthews, J. H.MadisonS946438th Inf.
Matthews, J. S.FayetteS828713th Inf.
Matthews, J. S.OvertonS210825th Inf.
Matthews, J. T.DavidsonS581720th Inf.
Matthews, James H.HumphreysS904310th Cav.
Matthews, James StillFayetteW6759Matthews, Euphemia
Matthews, James W.CumberlandS21291st Cav.
Matthews, John SimsOvertonW7528Matthews, Nancy Jane
Matthews, John T.DicksonS424311th Inf.
Matthews, John V.ShelbyS14144Cocke's Regt. Ark. Inf.
Matthews, LinzyMcMinnW7252Matthews, Martha
Matthews, MatthewSmithS13854 & S1444922nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Matthews, R. D.OvertonS26468th Inf.
Matthews, Richard D.OvertonW8956Matthews, Amanda
Matthews, RobertCrockettW7521Matthews, Nannie L.
Matthews, S. E.GilesS155103rd (Clack's) Inf.
Matthews, S. J.LawrenceS16939th Ala. Inf.
Matthews, SamuelGibsonS936419th & 20th
Cons. Cav.
Matthews, W. H.DavidsonS1083720th Inf.
Matthews, William EdwardGibsonW2693Matthews, Sarah Elizabeth
Matthews, William L.ShelbyW5330Matthews, Wilhelmina
Matthews, William TaylorObionW2469Matthews, Susanna J.
Matthewson, GeorgeHenry C37Ga. Troops
Matthias, W. J.DavidsonS99492nd (Robison's) Inf.
Mattox, John J.SullivanW2243Mattox, Nancy S. C.
Maudlin, W. A.MadisonS1283942nd Ga. Inf.
Mauk, Alfred EmbreeWashingtonW3914Mauk, Amanda Melvina
Mauldin, William DreadHardemanW6900Mauldin, Virginia Washington
Mauley, BenjaminHumphreysS714511th Inf.
Mauley, Caleb AllenMadisonW3324Mauley, Sarah Francis
Maupin, HenryCampbellS91642nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Maupin, J. A.ObionS1483522nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Maupin, J. A.ObionW8306Maupin, Nan Rebecca
Maupin, James H.ShelbyW8123Maupin, Annie B.
Maupin, James H.WeakleyS1184822nd Inf.
Maupin, James J.WashingtonS12571Unassigned
(Nitre Bureau)
Maupin, R. T.ObionS1501833rd Inf.
Maupin, W. C.WashingtonS12463Lynch's Lt. Art.
Maury, BranchSee Murray, Branch  
Maury, F. C.DavidsonS1167142nd Inf.
Maury, Matt F.WilliamsonS13469Baxter's Co. Lt. Art.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Maxey, A. B.DicksonS1012214th Inf.
Maxey, C. S.BedfordW8809Maxey, Martha
Maxey, H. L.KnoxS6826Ramsey's Battery Art.
Maxey, Joseph P.MaconS79944th Inf.
Maxey, Joseph P.MaconW4889Maxey, Luvisa L.
Maxey, William H.FranklinW996Maxey, Martha E.
Maxwell, AlbertHamiltonS639443rd Inf.
Maxwell, Albert.HamiltonW5439Maxwell, Carline
Maxwell, David MockPutnamW685Maxwell, Nancy Matilda
Maxwell, Elisha D.TiptonS636Hvy. Art.
Maxwell, J. C.SumnerS472830th Inf.
Maxwell, J. H.HawkinsS1303725th N.C. Inf.
Maxwell, J. L.MauryS157933rd (Clack's) Inf.
Maxwell, JamesPolkW689Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, Jas. H.HancockW11081Maxwell, Isabella
Maxwell, John W.HenryS85155th Inf.
Maxwell, R. H.DavidsonW11075Maxwell, Sallie B.
Maxwell, R. H.WilliamsonS16578Forrest's Scouts Cav.
Maxwell, R. P.ObionS382Undetermined
Maxwell, Robert A.DeKalbS1625824th Inf.
Maxwell, William F.RutherfordS800245th Inf.
May, Albert HarrisonLawrenceW9432May, Callie Dona
May, BenLincolnS61214th (McLemore's) Cav.
May, BenLincolnW5404May, Jane
May, Benjamin F.DavidsonS316944th Inf.
May, Benjamin FranklinDavidsonW2422May, Mary Jane
May, Charles W.GilesS158366th (Wheeler's) Cav.
May, Daniel WilliamGilesW2826May, Sallie E.
May, HenryHumphreysW8336May, Louisa Jane
May, J. C.HenryS9200 & S1652744th Inf.
May, J. F.GilesS1528019th (Biffle's) Cav.
May, J. W.HardemanS114727th Miss. Cav.
May, J. W.McNairyS13064th Cav.
May, James L.ShelbyS421814th Ala. Inf.
May, JesseHumphreysS3043Napier's Bn. Cav.
May, W. C.HardemanS39191st Cav.
May, W. H.SumnerS56569th (Bennett's) Cav.
May, William C.HardemanW5839May, Sarah
Mayberry, EdwardWilliamsonW554Mayberry, Lucinda
Mayberry, Henry George W.WilliamsonW5475Mayberry, Elizabeth M.
Mayberry, JimHickman C20424th Inf.
Mayberry, John P.JacksonW7787Mayberry, Margaret S.
Mayberry, Robert NewtonLawrenceW5851Mayberry, Elizabeth Jane
Maybery, William ThomasWhiteW216Maybery, Catherine
Mayes, Burrel C.RobertsonS874330th Inf.
Mayes, Burwell ChesterDavidsonW7583Mayes, Nancy Jane
Mayes, HarrisonMaury C441st Cav.
Mayes, Henry S.MauryS148136th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Mayes, J. F.SumnerS661730th Inf.
Mayes, J. M.ScottS863135th Inf.
Mayes, Richard FranklinGilesW7667Mayes, Mary Eveline
Mayfield, George WashingtonMadisonW3528Mayfield, Bernice Henderson
Mayfield, IsaacCoffeeS508132nd Inf.
Mayfield, J. R.HardemanS1154022nd Inf.
Mayfield, Jasper A.ScottS1204238th Inf.
Mayfield, John HendersonWilliamsonS24419th (Ward's) Cav.
Mayfield, John W.RutherfordS753318th Inf.
Mayfield, John W.RutherfordW7710Mayfield, Mary E.
Mayfield, L. B.ClayS26474th Cav.
Mayfield, W. E.DicksonS14757 & S48049th Inf.
Mayfield, WilliamMauryW9774Mayfield, Della
Mayham, BillyObionS481533rd Inf.
Mayhew, George WashingtonShelbyW10295Mayhew, Mary Kendrick
Maynard, AlfredMontgomeryW8310Maynard, Henrietta
Maynard, K. M.Van BurenS124021st Confederate Cav.
Maynard, Kendrick M.Van BurenW8567Maynard, Britana
Maynard, Paschal ThaddeusLauderdaleW8947Maynard, Mary Jane
Maynor, VincentMaconW1964Maynor, Elizabeth
Mayo, AlbertShelbyS73884th Inf.
Mayo, AlbertShelbyW3078Mayo, Mary Joanna
Mayo, G. DWeakleyS897420th Cav.
Mayo, George D.WeakleyW5840Mayo, Freelove Albatine
Mayo, Henry JordanTiptonW6671Mayo, Margaret Ellen
Mayo, O. B.DecaturS2742Undetermined
Mayo, Roderick PayneKnoxW5128Mayo, Agnes Francis
Mayo, William H.GibsonS779643rd N. C. Inf.
Mays, A. H.MadisonS822519th Cav.
Mays, A. H.MadisonW5425Mays, Sallie
Mays, D. D.FayetteS1252714th (Neely's) Cav.
Mays, E.DecaturS1626114th (McCarver's) Ark. Inf.
Mays, Francis A.WilliamsonS3886Sparkman's Co. Lt. Rgt.
Mays, JamesScottS180816th Inf.
Mays, Marlin ThadeusMadisonW1116Mays, Mahala Margaret
Mays, Samuel L.HumphreysS15010th Cav.
Mays, Silas LintonDavidsonW3506Mays, Bettie
Mays, StewartWilliamsonS447910th Cav.
Mays, William F.CarrollS1462012th Inf.
Mayse, Joseph C.HamblenW457Mayse, Matilda G.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McAbee, P. J.MadisonS528816th N.C. Inf.
McAbee, Pinkney J.MadisonW3255McAbee, Lucinda
McAbee, T. L GreeneW3679McAbee, Susan
McAbee, T. L.GreeneS268116th S.C. Inf.
McAbee, W. B.RutherfordS742139th Ga. Inf.
McAdams, E. M.MarshallS792017th Inf.
McAdams, E. M.MarshallW1301McAdams, Elizabeth S.
McAdams, G. J.DavidsonS716520th Inf.
McAdams, James B.SumnerS753420th Inf.
McAdams, James BolesSumnerW9278McAdams, Sarah Elizabeth
McAdams, William J.HamiltonW4886McAdams, Martha J.
McAdoo, Adolphis EvinsGibsonW680McAdoo, Sarah F.
McAdoo, J. C.CarrollW11044McAdoo, Sue Brown
McAdoo, J. C.RutherfordS15736 & S145534th (McLemore's) Cav.
McAdoo, James ClarkWilsonW3975McAdoo, Mollie Byrn
McAdoo, Robert E.CarrollW631McAdoo, Sophronia C.
McAdoo, W. J.CarrollS774812th Inf.
McAdoo, William JosephusCarrollW2031McAdoo, Sallie
McAfee, James MonroeLincolnW1749McAfee, Eliza A.
McAfee, T. R.PerryS1154716th Ga. Inf.
McAfee, Thomas RoweMauryW9291 & W7437
& W9350
McAfee, Amanda
McAfee, Thomas W.HamiltonS1448363rd Ga. Inf.
McAfee, Thomas WesleyHamiltonW7460McAfee, Martha Elizabeth
McAffney, John A.KnoxW4651McAffney, Jennie Loyd
McAffrey, John A.KnoxS17301st Ga. Regulars.
McAlister, R. M.HickmanS985511th (Holman's) Bn., Cav.
McAlister, Thomas M.HamblenS12897Unassigned (Sapers
and Miners)
McAlpin, Benjamin FranklinMcNairyW2792McAlpin, Nancy A
McAlpine, C. H.MauryS15583Unassigned
McAnally, John W.BedfordS464217th Inf.
McAnley, G. H.HoustonS1100314th Inf.
McAnley, Gus H.ShelbyW7844McAnley, Martha Maria
McAnley, R. R.HoustonS1152060thInf.
McArthur, John LittletonWilliamsonW9441McArthur, Mattie Lucy
McArthur, P. P.WilliamsonW8141McArthur, Matilda
McAteer, H. D.MarshallS337617th Inf.
McAuley, A. M.HoustonS571950th Inf.
McBee, G. B.PolkS1045711th Ga. Mtd. Inf.
McBee, G. B.PolkW8167McBee, Margaret J.
McBee, G. D.MadisonS1257260th Inf.
McBee, IsaacClaiborneS296112th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
McBee, J. M.MorganS73891st Cav.
McBee, JohnClaiborneS27642nd (Ashby's) Cav.
McBee, John MontgomeryRoaneW7064McBee, Mary Christine
McBee, John W.GraingerS248822nd (Barteau's) Cav.
McBrayer, W. E.MonroeS1393852nd Ga. Inf.
McBrayer, William E.MonroeW5694McBrayer, Elizabeth J.
McBride, AlbertCoffeeW2159McBride, Sarah
McBride, AlbertRobertsonS287625th Inf.
McBride, B. F.MauryS126686th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McBride, F. E. P.DavidsonS1339823rd Inf.
McBride, John OsierObionS1428635th Inf.
McBride, MathewWarrenW7019McBride, Jane
McBride, MatthewWarrenS528916th Inf.
McBride, W. B.MonroeS164124th Mo. Cav.
McBride, W. B.WhiteS854725th Inf.
McBride, W. C.WarrenS499616th Inf.
McBride, William P.Van BurenS15455th Inf.
McBroom, FlemPutnamS618717th Inf.
McBroom, John WilliamGibsonW2542McBroom, Nancy E.
McBryde, Samuel H.DavidsonW10503McBryde, Martha Leonard
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McCabb, Thomas P.HickmanS1005811th Inf.
McCabe, James A.DavidsonS242Forrest's Old Regt. Cav.
McCabe, James AlexanderDavidsonW169McCabe, Maggie
McCabe, ThomasMontgomeryS373510th Inf.
McCabe, ThomasMontgomeryW1907McCabe, Margaret
McCage, Aaron R.GibsonS1431210th Cav.
McCage, S. L.GibsonS1431353rd Inf.
McCain, R. S.HenryS502146th Inf.
McCain, William S.CarrollS786946th Inf.
McCall, H. L.SmithS827124th Inf.
McCall, JamesJacksonS747 & S1218Hamilton's Bn., Cav.
McCall, T. C.HenryS146418th Fla. Inf.
McCall, T. W.ShelbyS1420818th Miss. Cav.
McCall, WilliamMeigsS878026th Inf.
McCall, WilliamMeigsW4255McCall, Vina
McCall, William M.GibsonS142037th Inf.
McCall, William MartinGibsonW7258McCall, Lillie Dance
McCall, William S.HenryS24812th Ky. Cav.
McCalla, J. G.ShelbyS1381612th (Green's) Cav.
McCalla, Thomas G.ShelbyW1965McCalla, Martha L.
McCallum, James JosephGilesW2449McCallum, Medora Rose
McCallum, James K. PolkPerryW8305McCallum, Mary Amanda
McCallum, James RogersKnoxW3008McCallum, Lourinda Hardin
McCallum, John F.ShelbyW8079McCallum, Sallie M.
McCampbell, A. J.MarionS1160242nd Inf.
McCampbell, C. B.BlountS14117Lynch's Battery Art.
McCampbell, JamesBlountS84114th Ga. Inf.
McCampbell, JamesBlountW7411McCampbell, Mazy Elizabeth
McCamy, C. D.GreeneS543929th Inf.
McCamy, Calvin D.GreeneW6519McCamy, Annie Ruth
McCandless, Thomas BrownMauryW5396McCandless, Rebecca
McCandless, William HenryShelbyW4891McCandless, Martha
McCanless, J. B.JeffersonS58893rd (Clack's) Inf.
McCanless, Samuel H.JeffersonW312McCanless, Lavinia W.
McCanless, Samuel HoustonJeffersonS3913rd Inf.
McCanless, Thomas SamuelGilesW2955McCanless, Nancy A.
McCanley, RichmondHumphreysW7033McCanley, Virginia Elizabeth
McCann, EdwardPerryW425McCann, Jemima Jane
McCann, JamesHardemanS602322nd Inf.
McCann, JamesHardemanW1068McCann, Frances Lemyra
McCanse, William P.LincolnS42618th Inf.
McCarley, George W.DavidsonS692818th Inf.
McCarley, George W.DavidsonW3894McCarley, Sallie Phillips
McCarrell, WilliamLoudonS88343rd Inf.
McCarter, E. C.ShelbyS57389th Inf.
McCarter, G. W.MaconS30044th Bn., Cav.
McCarter, George Birdett SevierW5656McCarter, Rhoda
McCarter, S. A.HardemanS1006214th Inf.
McCarter, WilliamBlountC17162nd Inf.
McCartney, Threet H.WilsonS1353245th Inf.
McCarty, George W.DeKalbS205928th Inf.
McCarty, George WashingtonDeKalbW2605McCarty, Mazy
McCarty, J. C.GraingerS20459th Inf.
McCarty, J. C.MorganS1154860th Inf.
McCarty, James CarmichaelMorganW10916McCarty, Eliza
McCarty, JohnBradleyS64855th (McKenzie's) Cav.
McCarty, JohnBradleyW2695McCarty, Malissa Elen
McCarty, SamuelBradleyS821762nd Inf.
McCarty, Thomas CowanBradleyW2231McCarty, Margaret W.
McCarver, EliasGrundyW10843McCarver, Mary
McCarver, L. A.DavidsonS1263525th Inf.
McCarver, M. H.DavidsonS1607725th Inf.
McCaskill, James ArmstrongHardemanW265McCaskill, Faith Elizabeth
McCaskill, John E.HardemanS127024th Inf.
McCaskill, John E.HardemanW5776McCaskill, Cynthia
McCaskill, W. H.FayetteS1486612th Cav.
McCaslin, B. T.DicksonS12313Fisher's Co., Art.
McCaslin, Benjamin TidwellHickmanW9048McCaslin, Martha Elizabeth
McCaslin, S. J.GibsonS753512th Ky. Cav.
McCaul, Robert F.GilesS1072111th (Holman's) Cav.
McCaul, Robert FranklinShelbyW2131 McCaul, Mary Elizabeth
McCauley, John C.HumphreysS1183711th Inf.
McCauley, John C.HumphreysW8029McCauley, Louisa Eugenia
McCauley, RichmondHumphreysS32011th Inf.
McCauley, W. H.DicksonS1460311th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McClain, Daniel W.WeakleyS775616th (Logwood's) Cav.
McClain, G. W.ObionS117215th Inf.
McClain, George AlexanderLincolnS1384331st Inf.
McClain, Harry H.DavidsonS132747th Inf.
McClain, J. R.HoustonS43224th Ky. Inf.
McClain, James P.HendersonS331918th Inf.
McClain, James P.HendersonW1589McClain, Martha
McClain, John B.WilsonW6819McClain, Sue L.
McClain, L. D.DavidsonS73594th Ga. Inf.
McClain, MartinLewisS135773rd (Clack's) Inf.
McClain, McD.McNairyW4162McClain, Frances Elizabeth
McClain, McDonaldMcNairyS109896th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McClain, William A.WeakleyS830936th Ala. Inf.
McClamroch, George
DavidsonW7946 & W9433McClamroch, Mary Catherine
McClanahan, H. D.DavidsonS1047310th (DeMoss') Cav.
McClanahan, John A.DavidsonS192812th Ky. Cav.
McClanahan, M. B.WilliamsonS75111th Inf.
McClanahan, M. W.HickmanS151969th Cav.
McClanahan, Pinckney M.DecaturW10964McClanahan, Ellen Davy
McClanahan, R. L.LewisW3872McClanahan, Francis
McClanahan, William M.HickmanW8770McClanahan, Arthusa Jane
McClaran, BobShelbyC18013th Cav.
McClaran, Thomas J.RutherfordW9240McClaran, Annie
McClard, T. J.TrousdaleS98118th Inf.
McClard, T. J.TrousdaleW5507McClard, Leah Elvada
McClarnrack, G. W.MarshallS157414th Inf.
McClarty, John W.ShelbyS15152 & S159843rd (Forrest's) Cav.
McClatchey, W. P.HamiltonS15451Caper's Ga. Cadets.
McClatchey, William PerrinHamiltonW7459McClatchey, Julia Eliza
McClauahan, J. M.HickmanS115089th Bn. (Gantt's), Cav.
McClearen, A. C.LewisS1464624th Inf.
McClearen, John AddamsHickmanW6049McClearen, Sarah A.
McClearen, John F.HardinS287422nd (Barteau's) Cav.
McClearen, William AddisonLewisW9578McClearen, Susan Ann
McClellan, A.SullivanS1314th Cav.
McClellan, W. C.SmithS15076Buck Hart's Independent
McClellan, William W.LincolnS97751st (Turney's) Inf.
McClellan, William WilsonLincolnW7514McClellan, Margaret
McClelland, John R.MarshallS1531453rd Inf.
McClelland, R. A.BradleyS4478Undetermined
McClelland, Samuel A.SullivanS574613th Bn., Va. Reserves
McClelland, Samuel A.SullivanW2606McClelland, Mary M.
McClellon, I. L.HawkinsS50583rd Inf.
McClellon, S. P.MaconS88928th Inf.
McClendon, DennisMeigsW930McClendon, Mary
McClendon, James C.DavidsonS1338920th Inf.
McClendon, James ClarkDavidsonW10860McClendon, Tabitha Graves
McClenny, John W.LincolnS248944th Inf.
McCleur, JamesGrundyS62471st (Turney's) Inf.
McClintock, David FletcherMadisonW9624McClintoch, Kate M.
McClintock, JoeMarshallS626724th S.C. Inf.
McClister, J. H.HamblenS161542nd (Ashby's) Cav.
McClister, James HenryHamblenW9880McClister, Maggie Ford
McCloy, F. M.FranklinS591741st Inf.
McCluney, A. G.TiptonS99722nd Ala. Cav.
McCluney, Adam GarrisonTiptonW3171McCluney, Mary Jane
McCluney, William WatusTiptonW4071McCluney, Catherine
McCluny, S. G.TiptonS134032nd Ala. Cav.
McClure, Ewing GrahamWashingtonW5108McClure, Emma Clara
McClure, F. M.HenryS1385012th Ky. Cav.
McClure, Henry M.MarshallS100953rd Inf.
McClure, JamesGrundyW7179McClure, Sallie
McClure, John WesleyFranklinW7442McClure, Beckey D.
McClure, John WesleyHawkinsS25811st (Turney's) Inf.
McClure, Samuel HoustonObionW6262McClure, Mollie Ann
McClure, W. F.HumphreysS116171st Inf.
McClurkan, Samuel BrisonDicksonW624McClurkan, Nancy Francis
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McColgan, J. T.SumnerS1463214th Ky. Cav.
McCollum, A. N.ShelbyS15679Palmetto, Lt. Art.
McCollum, B. C.GibsonS872222nd Inf.
McCollum, Benjamin C.GibsonW6931McCollum, Martha E.
McCollum, E. A.MarshallS1161153rd Inf.
McCollum, E. L.ChesterS1035321st (Wilson's) Cav.
McCollum, Edwin LayfayetteChesterW9560McCollum, Callie
McCollum, Ephraim A.MarshallW6746McCollum, Martha J.
McCollum, J. C.LewisS709842nd Inf.
McCollum, J. E.LewisS260942nd Inf.
McCollum, James EgbertLewisW8284McCollum, Elizabeth Sally
McCollum, Thomas JeffersonGibsonS762220th Inf.
McColpui, Elisha HendersonMadisonS1291115th Cav.
McConico, John M.GilesS495645th Inf.
McConico, John M.GilesW7244McConico, Kate T.
McConkey, A. B.DavidsonS153183rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
McConkey, JohnMonroeW5288McConkey, Mary Sue
McConnel, A. S.MarshallW3509McConnel, Mary V.
McConnell, Benjamin FranklinShelbyW5730McConnell, Ella Goff
McConnell, HughShelbyS692421st Inf.
McConnell, IsaacGraingerS297916th Bn., (Neal's) Cav.
McConnell, J. C.DyerS8705Jones's Battery, Hvy. Art.
McConnell, J. W.MarshallS1325911th (Holman's) Cav.
McConnell, Jackson W.MarshallW8132McConnell, Mary J.
McConnell, John W.DavidsonS1443616th Inf.
McConnell, Sam H.GraingerS1020516th Bn., Cav.
McConnell, Samuel P.DavidsonW10115McConnell, Tinnie
McConnell, Thomas J.HawkinsS145497th Bn., Cav.
McConnell, W. E.MarshallS1326011th (Holman's) Cav.
McConnell, W. E.MauryW7594McConnell, Mary A.
McConnell, William JasperMarshallW8658McConnell, Pamela Jane
McConnell, William W.HenryS114367th Cav.
McCool, Arch E.MarshallW5798McCool, Martha J.
McCool, J. VinceCheathamS115412nd (Robison's) Inf.
McCord, Calvin McDonaldDicksonW476McCord, Sidney Jane
McCord, F. O.LincolnS11139th Ky. Inf.
McCord, F. O.LincolnW2619McCord, Ellen A.
McCord, Henry GMarshallW9515McCord, Lillie
McCord, James A.WilliamsonS1009732nd Inf.
McCord, James A.WilliamsonW5741McCord, Mary Tennessee
McCord, John H. B.GibsonS1278451st Inf.
McCord, Luther WoodGilesW3968McCord, Margaret Ann
McCord, M. M.HumphreysS15653 & S1584610th Cav.
McCord, Marion McDonaldHumphreysW8782McCord, Martha
McCorkle, A. J.DyerS1508120th (Russell's) Cav.
McCorkle, F. A.DyerS761220th (Russell's) Cav.
McCorkle, Francis H.McMinnS25375th (McKenzie's) Cav.
McCorkle, Frank H.MeigsW4394McCorkle, Mollie E.
McCorkle, Frankle BlyeHendersonW2910McCorkle, Mary Emeline
McCorkle, William A.HawkinsS116032nd Cav.
McCormack, George E.WarrenW4525McCormack, Lucy Jane
McCormack, I. L.OvertonS960225th Inf.
McCormack, James WilliamSumnerW6142McCormack, Dollie R.
McCormack, R. T.HamiltonS42762nd Bn., Cav.
McCormack, R. T.HamiltonS52901st (Carter's) Cav.
McCormack, Wade H.OvertonW2502McCormack, Julia Ann
McCormick, F. M.DeKalbS88435th Inf.
McCormick, F. M.DeKalbW771McCormick, Susan
McCormick, Palestine ChristianMauryS894323rd Inf.
McCormick, R. D.MauryS1284119th (Biffle's) Cav.
McCormick, Tilmon H.SmithW853McCormick, Mary M.
McCoury, M. C.UnicoiS597216th N.C. Inf.
McCoy, AlexanderBradleyS1375227th Ala. Inf.
McCoy, Andrew H.RutherfordW1563McCoy, Martha L.
McCoy, Charles W.SevierS63796th Ala. Inf.
McCoy, DavidFranklinW982McCoy, Mary A.
McCoy, Elum.HendersonW10801McCoy, Mary Francis
McCoy, John J.HickmanS106048th Inf.
McCoy, John L.Van BurenS135528th (Dibrell's) Cav.
McCoy, Robert.HickmanW546McCoy, M. A.
McCoy, Samuel E.HendersonS127547th Ala. Cav.
McCoy, Samuel H.GilesS6593rd Inf.
McCoy, W. L.HamblenS15975th Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McCracken, DavidHawkinsS150337th Va. Inf.
McCracken, J. A.StewartS34761st (Carter's) Cav.
McCracken, J. B.LincolnS958437th Inf.
McCracken, John CalvinGilesW8290 & W51
& W8708
McCracken, Mary Cicily
McCracken, MadisonJohnsonS1257321st Va. Cav.
McCracken, W. L.CarrollS926712th Ky. Cav.
McCracken, William LeonidasCarrollW7139McCracken, Martha
McCrackin, ElbertLawrenceW6837McCrackin, Emily Jane
McCrackin, John H.HawkinsS1331361st Inf.
McCrady, John.FranklinW3405McCrady, Sarah
McCrary, A. A.RutherfordS825818th Inf.
McCrary, George B.HamblenS96353rd Inf.
McCrary, George W.KnoxS17515th Cav.
McCrary, J. B.HamblenS917163rd Inf.
McCrary, James A.SmithS128028th Inf.
McCrary, James BlufordHamblenW7995McCrary, Sarah Savilla
McCrary, JoeHumphreysS1624111th Inf.
McCrary, JohnWilsonW3169McCrary, Mary E.
McCrary, John M.SullivanS505961st Inf.
McCrary, Joseph HamiltonRutherfordW1317McCrary, Malinda
McCrary, William M.DavidsonS129969th Bn., Ga. Art.
McCravey, J. B.HamblenS1455126th Va. Cav.
McCravy, Samuel W.HamblenS770463rd Inf.
McCravy, William MarionDavidsonW7081McCravy, Sarah J.
McCreary, James A.SmithW5688McCreary, Martha
McCreary, JohnWilsonS53997th Inf.
McCreight, W. Y.TiptonS549351st Inf.
McCrory, H. D.MarshallS6217th Inf.
McCrory, J. L.MarshallS751214th Cav.
McCrory, JamesDavidsonW2778McCrory, Eveline
McCrory, James L.MarshallW7637McCrory, Margaret
McCrory, William.WilliamsonW2308McCrory, Nannie Jane
McCrutchen, Robert C.DecaturS1663553rd Inf.
McCrutchen, Robert C.DecaturW10922McCrutchen, Fannie
McCulley, A. T.BledsoeS1316537th Inf.
McCulley, John A.ChesterS125341st Cav.
McCulley, Robert F.WashingtonW6091McCulley, Elmira V.
McCulley, SamuelSullivanS1150160th Inf.
McCulley, W. C.FayetteW1234McCulley, Mary Hix
McCulloch, AlexanderHenryS1504420th Cav.
McCulloch, AndrewWilsonS13008Carter's Scouts, Cav.
McCulloch, G. E. N.WeakleyS1008915th (Stewart's) Cav.
McCulloch, Gabriel
Edward Nelson
DyerW10276McCulloch, Minerva Jane
McCulloch, James L.DavidsonW10240McCulloch, Delea
McCullock, J. G.WilsonW5685McCullock, Rachel C.
McCullock, R. E.MontgomeryS1441114th Inf.
McCullock, SamLincolnS61885th Ky. Inf.
McCullough, AlexHenryW10011McCullough, Eudora Jane
McCullough, Allen P.RutherfordW8087McCullough, Mary A.
McCullough, C. R.MarshallS1162310th & 11th Cav.
McCullough, James R.CannonS545823rd Inf.
McCullough, JohnGibsonS1094615th (Stewart's) Cav
McCullough, John W.GibsonW10077McCullough, Martha
McCullough, NedRutherford C13717th Inf.
McCullough, SamuelLincolnW6014McCullough, Fannie
McCullough, W. L.DyerS1665412th Ky. Cav.
McCullough, William DawsonTiptonW5500McCullough, Sinai Ann
McCully, I. S.FayetteW3297McCully, Beckie A.
McCurdy, William A.MarshallS78154th (McLemore's) Cav.
McCurdy, William A.MarshallW6274McCurdy, Harriet
McCutchan, Joe D.GibsonW5371McCutchan, Mary Elizabeth
McCutchen, David McAlpineMadisonW4818McCutchen, Linnie
McCutchen, James ThomasMadisonS111644th Arizona Brigade
McCutchen, RobertHenryW4600McCutchen, Fannie
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McDade, Nathan GilbertWeakleyW10369McDade, Sarah Ann
McDaniel, AdrianLincolnS122364th Cav.
McDaniel, Caswell W.MeigsS76602nd (Ashby's) Cav.
McDaniel, E. M.TiptonS164010th Miss. Inf.
McDaniel, G. E.GibsonS1336314th Cav.
McDaniel, J. A.ShelbyS152145th Confederate Inf.
McDaniel, J. C.MadisonS1026814th Cav.
McDaniel, J. W.GibsonS1474822nd (Barteau's) Cav.
McDaniel, J. Y.LincolnS2727 & S2287
& S6660
8th Inf.
McDaniel, James JacksonShelbyW560McDaniel, Pheraby Drucilla
McDaniel, James N.RoaneS1260316th Bn., (Neal's) Cav.
McDaniel, James NathanielRoaneW6384McDaniel, Addie
McDaniel, JohnBledsoeW1627McDaniel, Margaret
McDaniel, John C.MadisonW9201McDaniel, Hessie
McDaniel, PeterHenryW5283McDaniel, Tabitha Adom
McDaniel, PeterLakeS376154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
McDaniel, R. E.GibsonW2434McDaniel, Sarah P.
McDaniel, Roten CalvinMonroeW1386McDaniel, Martha Ann
McDaniel, Thomas FranklinPutnamW3510McDaniel, Nancy Prarilla
McDaniel, W. J.MonroeS579462nd Inf.
McDaniel, W. T.LincolnS8177Huggin's Co. Lt. Art.
McDaniel, William T.RoaneS28263rd Inf.
McDaniel, William ThomasLincolnW7873McDaniel, Fannie Edith
McDaniel, William ToliverRoaneW1207McDaniel, Margaret A.
McDavid, SamuelDyerS692913th Inf.
McDearman, W. J.GibsonS1077412th Inf.
McDearmon, Clem ClarkWeakleyW8827McDearmon, Mary E.
McDermont, James W.DavidsonS12703McClung's Co., Lt. Art.
McDermott, James WashingtonDavidsonW7848McDermott, Fannie
McDermott, Samuel AugustusKnoxW2068McDermott, Margaret Park
McDonald, Alexander W.MauryS136986th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McDonald, Alexander WilsonMauryW6635McDonald, Sarah D.
McDonald, AndrewPutnamS16364Hamilton's Bn., Cav.
McDonald, DanielPerryS96010th Cav.
McDonald, G. W.MadisonS821512th Inf.
McDonald, George AlexanderShelbyW6514McDonald, Kate Adair
McDonald, George W.RutherfordW107McDonald, Isabella
McDonald, J. A.BedfordS692024th Inf.
McDonald, J. A.BradleyS1386443rd Inf.
McDonald, J. K.MauryS97416th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McDonald, James AvantShelbyW5696McDonald, Martha Jane
McDonald, James M.ClayW1028McDonald, Mary E.
McDonald, JesseFranklinS267517th Inf.
McDonald, John W.HoustonW1156McDonald, Nancy A.
McDonald, Jospeph A.MauryS74222nd (Robison's) Inf.
McDonald, R. J.WeakleyS499433rd Inf.
McDonald, R. J.WeakleyW3234McDonald, Luvina C.
McDonald, S. S.SmithS1432128th Inf.
McDonald, Thomas BentonGibsonW7578McDonald, Josephine
McDonald, W. A.MonroeW3408McDonald, Sarah A.
McDonald, W. R.HardinS30554th Inf.
McDonald, WesleyBedfordS116042nd TN Regt.
McDonald, Wiley A.MonroeS379825th S.C. Inf.
McDonald, William CollinHickmanW1799McDonald, Sarah Permelia
McDonald, William GeorgeWilsonS16559th (Ward's) Cav.
McDonough, J. S.KnoxS1134563rd Inf.
McDonough, James SevierKnoxW5968McDonough, Mary Lenoir
McDougal, A. G.McNairyS67976th Tex. Cav.
McDougal, Alex A. G.HardinW7567McDougal, Lou
McDougal, P. R.LawrenceS1021247th Ala. Inf.
McDougal, William CampbellDavidsonW2336McDougal, Elizabeth S.
McDougald, ClintonGibsonW3609McDougald, Tennessee
McDowell, AndrewPutnamW2305th Bn. Cav.
McDowell, B. G.SullivanS1346439th N.C. Inf.
McDowell, C. P.FayetteS1095862nd N.C. Inf.
McDowell, C. P.FayetteW7720McDowell, Sallie
McDowell, M. L.FranklinS138842nd (Robison's) Inf.
McDowell, SamMooreW8839McDowell, Mattie
McDowell, SamuelMooreS1377022nd (Barteau's) Cav.
McDowell, ThomasDeKalbS9441st Inf.
McDowell, ThomasWhiteW3295McDowell, Nettie
McDuffie, Robert NewtonLoudonW3184McDuffie, Sallie
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McEachin, Daniel L.ShelbyW6733McEachin, Julia Frances
McElory, R. A.StewartS1497150th Inf.
McElroy, A. J.LincolnS88491st Inf.
McElroy, Henry D.CarrollW10523McElroy, Louise E.
McElroy, JohnMontgomeryS435210th Inf.
McElroy, Rufus C.LincolnS94004th (McLemore's) Cav.
McElroy, T. B.LincolnS237044th Inf.
McElroy, Thomas B.LincolnW5521McElroy, Frances E.
McElvay, JohnMontgomeryW5002McElvay, Mary L.
McElwee, W. E.RoaneS1553026th Inf.
McElyea, Thomas B.DicksonS921st (Field's) Inf.
McElyea, Thomas BentonDicksonW6898McElyea, Brunette
McEwen, A. A.BedfordS10354Forrest's Escort, Cav.
McEwen, George W. Davidson C951st Inf.
McEwen, J. F.WilliamsonW7065McEwen, Laura Hughes
McEwin, James F.WilliamsonS135201st (Field's) Inf.
McFadden, John W.WilliamsonS1313845th Inf.
McFadden, John WesleyWilliamsonW10845McFadden, Mary Buford
McFadden, Peter CulpShelbyW6429McFadden, Julia A.
McFadden, Samuel N.GibsonS1499045th Inf.
McFadden, William SteeleFayetteW10329McFadden, Alcy Ann
McFall, George W.WashingtonS1110463rd Inf.
McFall, J. R.HardinS5371st Cav.
McFall, William H.MauryS34709th Bn. (Gantt's) Cav.
McFall, William HamletMauryW5021McFall, Emma Florida
McFarland, A. SylvesterGibsonW10636McFarland, Sallie
McFarland, Dallsee Mathis, Dall  
McFarland, J. W.WilsonW6911McFarland, Kate
McFarland, John PorterWilsonW3589McFarland, Pauline
McFarland, John W.WilsonS1475228th Inf.
McFarland, Robert J.CarrollS87487th Cav.
McFarland, Robert JahuCarrollW5286McFarland, Elizabeth Ann
McFarland, Sherman RiceHamblenW1566McFarland, Margaret M.
McFarland, W. L.CarterS9022Lynch's Co., Lt. Art.
McFarland, William H.HenryS62547th Cav.
McFarland, William HenryHenryW9998 & W5003McFarland, Laura F.
McFaul, Robert HenryKnoxS584531st Inf.
McFerrin, Litton BurtCannonS1619818th Inf.
McFerrin, Thomas M.LincolnS1006341st Inf.
McGahey, G. W.HickmanS1371120th Inf.
McGann, Charles H.ShelbyS377214th Inf.
McGann, James L.WilliamsonS1420422nd (Barteau's) Cav.
McGar, L. R.DavidsonS989119th (Biffle's) Cav.
McGar, L. R.DavidsonW6485McGar, Nancy Jane
McGarrity, James.ShelbyW10135McGarrity, Mattie Addison
McGarry, John W.SullivanW962McGarry, Margaret E.
McGarvey, John WilliamsGibsonW3748McGarvey, Emma
McGaugh, B. F.MarshallS2573rd Inf.
McGaugh, George W.MarshallW1709McGaugh, Fannie A.
McGaughy, Henry ClayHamiltonW3473McGaughy, Martha A.
McGee, Andrew J.McNairyW1036McGee, Margaret Ann
McGee, C. J.SullivanS1138448th Va. Inf.
McGee, Charles JamesSullivanW2936McGee, Elizabeth J.
McGee, G. W.RobertsonS117477th Ky. Cav.
McGee, Henry LafayetteHardemanW8968McGee, Nannie
McGee, John A.WarrenS165235th Inf.
McGee, M. C.GilesS995853rd Inf.
McGee, SamuelHamiltonS737543rd Inf.
McGee, W. A.McNairyS474414th Ga. Inf.
McGee, WilliamBedfordS468241st Inf.
McGhee, SamHamiltonW9590McGhee, Virginia W.
McGhee, W. F.MontgomeryS128333rd Ky. Cav.
McGill, Albert M.CannonS66678th (Smith's) Cav.
McGill, T. J.WeakleyS1379420th Cav.
McGimpsey, J. L.FranklinS132678th N.C. Home Guards
McGimpsey, Junius LenvirHamblenW7679McGimpsey, Maldonia V.
McGinnis, John MathisShelbyW5297McGinnis, Carrie Ellen
McGinnis, R. W.DeKalbS577216th Inf.
McGinnis, RichardDeKalbW6968McGinnis, Mary
McGlamery, JacobJeffersonS1302234th N.C. Inf.
McGlasson, Jasper GreenPutnamW7436McGlasson, Maryanne D.
McGlasson, Oliver P.JacksonS154878th (Dibrell's) Cav.
McGlasson, Oliver P.PutnamW9567McGlasson, Martha A.
McGoldrick, ThomasGraingerS1041937th Inf.
McGouirk, George W.GrundyS95851st Ga. Bn.
McGouirk, George WashingtonGrundyW6766McGouirk, Martha E.
McGowan, C. E.RutherfordS76387th Cav.
McGowan, Samuel PettyShelbyW6438McGowan, Alicent Taylor
McGowan, W. T.DavidsonW10258McGowan, Elizabeth
McGregor, AlbertMarshallW4874McGregor, Mary A.
McGregor, Albert F.MarshallS1170017th Inf.
McGregor, Amos FlowersShelbyW6804McGregor, Mary Eliza
McGregor, AndrewWilsonS111894th (McLemore's) Cav.
McGregor, James RobertWarrenW8992McGregor, Mary Wallace
McGregor, MarshallWarrenS1156135th Inf.
McGregor, MarshallWarrenW10810McGregor, Cora
McGregor, Ransford Rob RoyTiptonW9236McGregor, Ada Byron
McGregor, Rob RoyTiptonS73217th Cav.
McGrew, NeilGilesS144506th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McGrew, NeilGilesW7927McGrew, Louisa Ruth
McGriff, JeffersonHamiltonW3462McGriff, Ellen
McGriner, William PleasantHickmanW7696McGriner, Mary Margerit
McGuin, N. C.KnoxS912813th N.C. Inf.
McGuine, HoraceDeKalbS200316th Inf.
McGuire, JamesCoffeeW656McGuire, Mary
McGuire, JeremiahMonroeS1117959th Inf.
McGuire, R. R.GilesS57201st Inf.
McGuire, Robert WalkerSullivanW4261McGuire, Elizabeth
McGuire, William A.WilliamsonS665032nd Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McHaney, C. F.HendersonS1532721st (Wilson's) Cav.
McHaney, Cornelius FelixHendersonW7222McHaney, Anna Eliza
McHenry, DavidRutherfordS993711th Cav.
McHenry, WilliamMontgomeryS20011st Ala. Inf.
McHughes, SimpsonMcNairyS1340418th (Newsom's) Cav.
McIntire, James C.WilsonW566McIntire, Evaline
McIntire, JohnWilsonS165507th Inf.
McIntosh, John L.HickmanS607720th Inf.
McIntosh, M. H.DavidsonS145091st Ark. Mtd. Rifles
McIntosh, Martin HarveyDavidsonW7299McIntosh, Verona.
McIntosh, Samuel BenjaminHoustonW9328McIntosh, Mary Isabella
McIntyre, JohnLauderdaleS56515th N.C. Cav.
McIntyre, W. T.WilsonS166124th (McLemore's) Cav.
McKaig, FrancisHamiltonW7684McKaig, Elizabeth
McKamey, RobertSullivanW2008McKamey, Mary Catharine
McKamy, J. W.BradleyW8231McKamy, Alice
McKamy, RobertSullivanS194660th Inf.
McKamy, S. M.WashingtonS194159th Inf.
McKamy, William HannahBradleyW5626McKamy, Julia Eliza
McKarry, Jasper N.BradleyS567143rd Inf.
McKaughan, James R.JacksonS12814th Bn., Cav.
McKaughan, William M.JacksonS100128th Inf.
McKay, A. B.JeffersonS1083060th N.C. Inf.
McKay, Alexander WashingtonLincolnS1424519th (Biffle's) Cav.
McKay, B. M.GreeneS23323rd Inf.
McKay, George EdwardWashingtonW1752McKay, Elizabeth Catharine
McKay, J.WilliamsonS132205th Mo. Inf.
McKay, MartinGreeneW2651McKay, Campbellim
McKay, Robert H.WilliamsonS1428920th Inf.
McKay, W. L.DavidsonS72418th Inf.
McKay, William LewisDavidsonW8734McKay, Harriet Wood
McKee, Andrew J.MauryS1336911th Cav.
McKee, Andrew JacksonWilliamsonW7930McKee, Elizabeth C.
McKee, George WashingtonDavidsonW8215McKee, Lula
McKee, W. F.GibsonS1555347th Inf.
McKee, W. HShelbyS12093 & S1253521st (Wilson's) Cav.
McKee, WilliamHardemanS52349th Inf.
McKee, William HenryShelbyW5774McKee, Lenora R.
McKeehan, AlexanderKnoxW3351McKeehan, Mary C.
McKeehan, William W.KnoxS42521st (Carter's) Cav.
McKeely, Americus PondGibsonW785McKeely, Jane
McKeill, J. B.SumnerS15562nd Inf.
McKeldin, William BrazeltonMcMinnW2612McKeldin, Mary Sehorn
McKennon, James A.KnoxS989637th Va. Inf.
McKennon, LeroyRutherfordS140289th Bn. (Gantt's) Cav.
McKennon, LeroyRutherfordW5890McKennon, Alma Isabella
McKennon, T. J.MauryS68909th Bn., Cav.
McKennon, Thomas JamesMauryW1283McKennon, Mary Frances
McKenry, A. P.SullivanS1369414th Va. Cav.
McKenry, A. P.SullivanW4774McKenry, Mary E.
McKenzie, Elias G.MeigsS118585th (McKenzie's) Cav.
McKenzie, Elias GreenMeigsW3291McKenzie, Penelope A.
McKenzie, G. B.McNairyS651719th Cav.
McKenzie, George B.McNairyW2205McKenzie, Anna M.
McKenzie, George M.MeigsS71415th Cav.
McKenzie, H. M.MeigsS620916th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.
McKenzie, John DavidCarrollW8798McKenzie, Laura
McKenzie, John W.ShelbyW8110McKenzie, Mary R.
McKenzie, M. M.McNairyS754519th Cav.
McKenzie, W. M.McMinnS69555th (McKenzie's) Cav.
McKenzie, William AllenKnoxS153233rd Inf.
McKenzie, William MorrisonHamiltonW7100McKenzie, Sarah Fine
McKeown, WilliamMeigsS23215th Cav.
McKeown, William M.MeigsW3824McKeown, Sarah C.
McKezie, W. A.KnoxS574733rd Inf.
McKibben, Benjamin AlexanderDavidsonW8038McKibben, Henrietta C.
McKinley, James D.PutnamW7246McKinley, Sarah Francis
McKinley, W. J.SumnerS25547th Inf.
McKinley, William G.DavidsonW7640McKinley, Sarah James
McKinley, William RobertDavidsonW2613McKinley, Mary Polk
McKinly, James D.PutnamS606117th Inf.
McKinney, Christopher C.MarshallS41398th Inf.
McKinney, E. H.KnoxS479221st N.C. Inf.
McKinney, Galon A.GilesW66McKinney, Martha J.
McKinney, George C.DavidsonW7723McKinney, MargaretJ.
McKinney, George W.MaconW2997McKinney, Lusindey M.
McKinney, J. A.LincolnS166431st Inf.
McKinney, J. F.ShelbyS10695154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
McKinney, JamesOvertonS8638th Inf.
McKinney, JamesOvertonW3680McKinney, Mary A.
McKinney, James A.LincolnW990McKinney, Martha J.
McKinney, Joe C.LincolnW4779McKinney, S.J.
McKinney, John LintunKnoxW3870McKinney, Fannie Lea
McKinney, John P.CarterS615358th Inf.
McKinney, John P.CarterW5523McKinney, Nancy
McKinney, John V.HamiltonS142931st (Turney's) Inf.
McKinney, MikeShelbyS51857th Miss. Cav.
McKinney, RussellFranklinS160741st Inf.
McKinney, RussellFranklinW6997McKinney, Lucy
McKinney, SamuelKnoxW1211McKinney, Eliza
McKinney, William AkinHendersonW10305McKinney, Mary Jane
McKinnie, John ArthurMadisonW5571McKinnie, Sarah Francis
McKinnie, M. J.HardemanS112987th (Duckworth's) Cav.
McKinnie, P. H.ShelbyS150267th Cav.
McKinnie, VirginsDavidsonW9180McKinnie, Ella H.
McKinsey, JohnFranklinS23891st (Turney's) Inf.
McKinstry, John WilsonFayetteW8218McKinstry, Pinkie E.
McKissack, AlonzoMauryW10862McKissack, Sarah Bunch
McKissack, O. W.MauryS304Forrest's Escort, Cav.
McKnett, Henry HarrisonShelbyW5447McKnett, Luta
McKnight, A. B.CannonS15497Allison's Squadron, Cav.
McKnight, Andrew M.RutherfordS79974th Cav.
McKnight, Charles LuciusLincolnW1521McKnight, Sarah Francis Adlade
McKnight, F. A.RutherfordS121768th (Smith's) Cav.
McKnight, J. M.GibsonS614735th Tex. Cav.
McKnight, J. M.GibsonW4819McKnight, Unity T. E.
McKnight, J. R.RutherfordS658118th Inf.
McKnight, James HewiePerryW10005McKnight, Amanda Eliza
McKnight, James M.JeffersonW8427McKnight, Rachel L.
McKnight, James N.RutherfordS669662nd Inf.
McKnight, James N.RutherfordW1461McKnight, Martha
McKnight, James RobertRutherfordW7929McKnight, Mary Elizabeth
McKnight, JoeMarshallS1296941st Inf.
McKnight, John H.FranklinW819McKnight, Sarah Martha
McKnight, John N.RutherfordS68312nd (Smith's) Cav.
McKnight, M. B.MadisonS560351st Inf.
McKnight, R. M.RutherfordS90918th (Smith's) Cav.
McKnight, William HallGibsonW8280McKinght, Delia Louise
McKoin, John G.SumnerS1369130th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McLain, Moudica RobertMarionW1857McLain, Mary Caroline
McLain, W. A.WeakleyS191036th Ala. Inf.
McLamore, EgbertGibsonW5651McLamore, Marthie
McLane, John L.FentressW5078McLane, Elizabeth
McLane, John L.OvertonS885829th N.C. Inf.
McLaren, Anthony AugustusHardemanW6605McLaren, Cynthia Carry
McLarrin, William J.RheaS87919th Inf.
McLaughlin, Elijah C.LincolnW482McLaughlin, Sallie Kilcrean
McLaughlin, J. R.ShelbyS108739th Inf.
McLaughlin, John RobertShelbyW9242McLaughlin, Cora Lorean
McLaughlin, M. B.LincolnS604941st Inf.
McLaughlin, W. T.DavidsonW8136McLaughlin, Nancy T.
McLaurie, J. W.GilesS1311153rd Inf.
McLaurine, R. J.GilesS93156th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McLaurine, R. J.GilesW9239McLaurine, Pattie
McLean, E. J.WayneS29909th Cav.
McLean, E. J.WayneW5814McLean, Lucinda Ann
McLean, J. L.LawrenceS20633rd Inf.
McLean, J. L.LawrenceW4730McLean, Dora I.
McLean, R. O.DavidsonS96708th (Smith's) Cav.
McLean, Richard OgilvieDavidsonW6033McLean, Martha Burnside
McLean, T. L.KnoxS452259th Inf.
McLean, U. R.HardinS60249th Cav.
McLean, W. L.ShelbyS1359812th Bn. Ark. Sharpshooters
McLean, WilliamLawrenceS1159548th (Nixon's) Inf.
McLean, William WilliamsWayneW6198McLean, Nancy Lucinda.
McLemore, EgbertGibsonS165620th Cav.
McLemore, James Knox PolkGibsonW3423McLemore, Margaret C.
McLemore, WilliamMcNairyW2802McLemore, Delphy C.
McLendon, Green S.ShelbyW8075McLendon, Susan Ellen
McLeod, A. H.GibsonS1530014th Miss. Inf.
McLeod, C. H.FranklinW3681McLeod, Fannie
McLeod, J. P.HaywoodS114287th Cav.
McLeod, John A.GibsonS79171st Ky. Inf.
McLeran, A. A.HardemanS1207026th Miss. Inf.
McLin, R. L.MarshallS24906th (Wheeler's) Cav.
McLister, John C.TiptonS1529512th Cav.
McLusky, WilliamLincolnW41McLusky, Nancy A.
McMackin, M. J.HumphreysS1659110th Cav.
McMahan, A. A.DavidsonS998124th Inf.
McMahan, ArthurFayetteS95379th La. Inf.
McMahan, G. W.SevierS13926Thomas' Legion, N.C.
McMahan, JamesLawrenceS94035th Inf.
McMahan, JamesLawrenceW4859McMahan, Martha J.
McMahan, James F.WayneS80985th Ark. Inf.
McMahan, WilliamDeKalbW1105McMahan, Emeline
McMahon, AbrahamBedfordW5883 & W8676McMahon, Mary Jane
McMahon, Daniel B.CoffeeS983828th Cav.
McMahon, Daniel B.CoffeeW8146McMahon, MaryJane
McMahon, James FranklinWayneW9111McMahon, Eliza Ann
McMahon, Lemuel L.WilliamsonS958624th Inf.
McMahon, Thomas G.GilesS92893rd Clack's Inf.
McMahon, William W.LauderdaleS672Undetermined
McManus, G. A.DavidsonS1463619th (Biffle's) Cav.
McManus, John P.CoffeeS601137th Inf.
McMaster, T. J.MadisonS12654Forrest's Escort, Cav.
McMaster, W. G.MadisonS1019014th Cav.
McMasters, JohnGilesS1476348th (Nixon's) Inf.
McMeen, Joseph B.MauryW2196McMeen, Margaret E.
McMeens, J. O.MauryS90281st (Field's) Inf.
McMennany, W. E.WeakleyS1531045th Inf.
McMichael, J. F.DavidsonS37045th Inf.
McMichael, J. S.CoffeeS81054th (McLemore's) Cav.
McMichael, James SearcyCoffeeW2070McMichael, Mary L.
McMillan, James C.MaconS153618th (Dibrell's) Cav.
McMillan, JasperCheathamS17074th (McLemore's) Cav.
McMillan, WilliamKnox C21077th Va. Cav.
McMillen, W. B.LincolnS2667 & S538344th Inf.
McMiller, AlvisGraingerS153191st (Carter's) Cav.
McMillin, RobertLincolnW32McMillin, Edna Rebecca
McMillin, Samuel D.SullivanS645951st Va. Inf.
McMillin, Thomas.WilsonW323McMillin, Elizabeth Lucretia
McMillion, A. H.GilesS7803rd Inf.
McMillion, Gustavus HenryGilesW7586McMillion, Josephine C.
McMinn, John W.GibsonS1603420th Cav.
McMinn, Oliver P.MauryW983McMinn, Adaline
McMinns, C. W.HardinS318616th Ala. Inf.
McMurray, C. C.HamiltonS1533115th N.C. Inf.
McMurray, Christopher
HamiltonW7078McMurray, Laura
McMurray, Francis G.HamiltonS1313923rd Ala. Inf.
McMurray, Francis GoudlingHamiltonW8235McMurray, Emma Alexander
McMurray, J. D.MauryS1568748th (Voorhies') Inf.
McMurray, William ElsyMeigsW266McMurray, Eliza N.
McMurtry, J. H.SumnerS119159th (Ward's) Cav.
McMurtry, Jacob H.SumnerW9001McMurtry, Mattie O.Uttey
McMurtry, James B.SmithS64289th (Bennett's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
McNabb, Charles AndrewRutherfordS89964th Cav.
McNabb, Charles AndrewRutherfordW6833McNabb, Ida B.
McNabb, Ezekiel BaptistShelbyW4572McNabb, Elizabeth
McNabb, J. F.DeKalbS42254th Cav.
McNabb, JohnBradleyS15667Thomas' Legion, N.C. Troops
McNabb, John FarrowWilsonW11062McNabb, Sarah Elizabeth
McNabb, RichardLoudonS9053rd Inf.
McNabb, Richard TolliverDavidsonW1041McNabb, Nancy Ellen
McNatt, P. B.ChesterS282821st Cav.
McNatt, R. M. D.ChesterS702421st (Wilson's) Cav.
McNatt, Richard Muse DavidsonChesterW3707McNatt, Mary James
McNeal, JohnCampbellW3098McNeal, Margaret
McNeal, John RilleyDicksonW5585McNeal, Elizabeth J.
McNeal, Sam (or Sam Simpson)Shelby C1467th Inf.
McNeal, YoungWilliamsonS159320th Inf.
McNeece, W. T.LawrenceS1614248th (Nixon's) Inf.
McNeeley, J.HumphreysS1227026th Ark. Inf.
McNeeley, William C.ShelbyS1192823rd Ark. Inf.
McNeeley, William JabezGilesW9858McNeeley, Emily Jane
McNeely, James YattsGibsonW7858McNeely, Rachel Ann
McNeely, RushMadison C17227th Inf.
McNeely, Sam [also
spelled McNeilly, McNeeal,
Shelby C2114th Cav.
McNeely, William JabizGilesW4640McNeely, Emily Elliott
McNees, E. L.WashingtonS509712th Bn., Cav.
McNeese, JosephGilesS89383rd Inf.
McNeil, A. J.ClaiborneW2689McNeil, Eliza
McNeil, Andrew JacksonDavidsonW10139McNeil, Elizabeth Brown
McNeil, AusburnFayette C115 Unassigned (Teamster)
McNeil, John R.DicksonS120248th Inf.
McNeil, Thomas ArchibaldShelbyW10477McNeil, Theodosia Brown
McNeill, A. J.DavidsonS222114th Inf.
McNeill, D. T. C.HenryS758620th (Russell's) Cav.
McNeill, J. A.LauderdaleS1107614th (Neely's) Cav.
McNeill, James DavidBentonW8994McNeill, Mary
McNeill, Nathan W.CarrollW6088McNeill, Sue
McNeill, T. C.HenryW1320McNeill, Lucy E.
McNeilly, J. T.BlountS84617th N. C. Troops
McNichols, J. T.MontgomeryS1273314th Inf.
McNickols, ThomasDicksonW379McNickols, Ann
McNight, JamesJeffersonS73901st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
McNulty, Peter CuttinoHamiltonW10125McNulty, Elizabeth B.
McNutt, George AndersonKnoxW7963McNutt, Fannie V.
McNutt, George ArchisonKnoxS8444Kain's Co. Lt. Art.
McNutt, JamesMcMinnW4701McNutt, Elizabeth
McPeak, AndersonRutherfordW9258McPeak, Martha F.
McPeak, ElihuShelbyW5872McPeak, Clarissa G.
McPeak, G. B.RutherfordS710713th Ark. Inf.
McPeak, Gervis B.RutherfordW4733McPeak, Lucy Ann
McPeak, GranvilleWilsonS51745th Inf.
McPeak, LutherRutherfordW9689McPeak, Martha
McPeake, Robert KnoxWilsonW3144McPeake, Angelina
McPeeters, Charles L.HamblenS1648516th N.C. Inf.
McPetters, Charles LafayetteHamblenW9966McPetters, Julia
McPherson, J. M.RheaS104791st (Carter's) Cav.
McPherson, James H.RheaW1243McPherson, Amanda Jane
McPherson, Joel LewisRheaS1007711th Tex. Cav.
McPherson, John MarshallRheaW4262McPherson, Catherine J.
McPherson, Richard FranklinKnoxW1159McPherson, Nancy Jane
McPherson, W. W.ShelbyS139272nd Miss. Inf.
McQuean, D. N.FayetteS4724th N.C. State Troops
McQueen, WilliamFayetteW2354McQueen, Martha E.
McQuigg, Abner TurnerMauryW9640McQuigg, Martha Ann
McQuirter, Thomas SamuelSumnerW9667McQuirter, Patience
McRae, Alexander CollinsBentonW1244McRae, Lenora Ann
McRae, J. H.HawkinsS84645th N.C. Inf.
McRae, James F.ShelbyW7763McRae, Mary Susie
McRae, William HinsonShelbyW3615 & W10833McRae, Annie
McRea, Alexander C.BentonS831455th Inf.
McRee, CarrollGilesS255044th Inf.
McRee, R. A.FayetteS120821st Cav.
McRee, Richard A.FayetteW6150McRee, Lizzie
McReynolds, RobertKnoxS4627Undetermined
McRimmon, HarrisonMcNairyS1565718th Inf.
McSwain, John A.HenryW6119McSwain, Betty
McSwain, Thomas SmithHenryW3640McSwain, Sarah Virginia
McTeeters, Charles L.HamblenS1648516th N.C. Inf.
McTheney, B. D.OvertonS660031st Va. Inf.
McVey, Leroy PopeShelbyS52129th Miss. Inf.
McWatters, J. P.MadisonS798317th S.C. Inf.
McWherter, RobertWeakleyW2345McWherter, Nancy Henry
McWhirter, A. G.DavidsonS11266Huggin's Co., Lt. Art.
McWhirter, F. L.WeakleyS670733rd Inf.
McWhirter, RobertWeakleyS2533rd Inf.
McWhirter, Sam A.RutherfordW10659Stevens, Sallie (McWhirter)
McWhirter, W. L.HickmanS312227th Inf.
McWhorter, SamuelLincolnS332044th Inf.
McWhorter, W. M.LincolnS1464244th Inf.
McWilliams, J. L.ChesterS584752nd Inf.
McWilliams, Pressly BaldrichTiptonW7074McWilliams, Joanna
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Meacham, Milton SkilesWilliamsonW2111Meacham, Pina Jane
Mead, Edgar A.GibsonW10956Mead, Mattie
Meade, Henry NathanielSullivanS166411st Va. Inf.
Meador, B. F.RheaS671352nd Ga. Inf.
Meador, IraTrousdaleW10091Meador, Martha Sue
Meador, J. H. A.HickmanS108009th Bn. (Gantt's) Cav.
Meador, J. P.MaconW10336Meador, Mallie
Meador, John A.DicksonS319824th Inf.
Meador, Pleasant G.MaconS941824th Inf.
Meadows, EmanuelWashingtonW10347Meadows, Ida C.
Meadows, JamesChesterS808721st (Wilson's) Cav.
Meadows, James GusDyerW8559Meadows, Maria Watts
Meadows, James WashingtonHamiltonW1378Meadows, Harriet
Meadows, JohnHendersonS927027th Inf.
Meadows, John D.SullivanS15194th N. C. Inf.
Meadows, John D.SullivanW7728Meadows, Sarah M.
Meadows, William HenryBedfordW5019Meadows, Elizabeth Hannah
Mears, WilliamCannonS216818th Inf.
Mears, WilliamCannonW7484Mears, Susan
Mebane, W. E.CarrollS1231855th Inf.
Mebane, William E.CarrollW5845Mebane, Lou
Medaris, HiramMcMinnS440916th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.
Medaris, HiramMcMinnW7169Medaris, Sarah M.
Medley, GreenCoffeeS6916th Inf.
Medley, JohnCoffeeS2645th Inf.
Medley, William MarionWarrenW254Medley, Laura Ann
Medlin, J. R.HendersonW6322Medlin, Amanda A.
Medlin, Jacob C.CarrollS857515th Cav.
Medlin, James R.HendersonS1044027th Inf.
Medlin, M. W.CrockettS164297th Cav.
Medlin, Moses.CrockettW9360Medlin, Dillie Ann
Medlin, S. H.CarrollS39865th Inf.
Medlin, W. R.DavidsonS1249720th Inf.
Medlin, William T.HaywoodS71317th Cav.
Medlock, D. D.McNairyW4184Medlock, Louizie
Mee, ThomasHawkinsS1405461st Inf.
Meek, James H.RoaneW3355Meek, Eliza J.
Meek, M. H.BlountS1559711th Inf.
Meek, Robert JosephHawkinsW3337Meek, Lucy Malissia
Meek, Robert WhiteHardinW3062Meek, Eliza Ann
Meek, W. H.GraingerW1527Meek, Alice E.
Meek, WilliamKnoxS923331st Inf.
Meek, WilliamKnoxW3217Meek, Mary Ann
Meeks, B.WilliamsonS87791st Ala. Inf.
Meeks, ElijahGrundyS1393428th Cav.
Meeks, ElijahGrundyW9079Meeks, Catherine Veoger
Meeks, JamesJeffersonS145324th Ky. Cav.
Meeks, L.McNairyS151003rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Meeks, Noah M.GibsonW2393Meeks, Sarah Meritte
Meeks, Thomas JeffersonGrundyW5419Meeks, Melinda
Meeks, W. N.LauderdaleS863432nd Inf.
Meeks, William NathanShelbyW10752Meeks, Susie
Mehaffey, John KnoxKnoxW1438Mehaffey, Susan W.
Mehigan, CorneliusMontgomeryS1156714th Inf.
Mehigan, CorneliusMontgomeryW8367Mehigan, Elizabeth Irene
Mellon, JohnMontgomeryS1187449th Inf.
Melton, A. H.BentonS980955th Inf.
Melton, Asa HerndsonBentonW10811Melton, Evaline
Melton, C. B.BradleyS87651st N.C. Inf.
Melton, David M.BentonS640655th Inf.
Melton, G. W.BradleyS824927th Ala. Vols.
Melton, G. W.BradleyW2820Melton, P.J.
Melton, J. T.ShelbyS43729th Inf.
Melton, JamesLincolnS242832nd Inf.
Melton, James F.ShelbyS111959th Ala. Inf.
Melton, James FrancesShelbyW3413Melton, Emma L.
Melton, JohnRheaS124705th Cav.
Melton, John H.HenryS55055th Inf.
Melton, Levi BentonTiptonS106672nd Miss. Inf.
Melton, Marcus MontroseGibsonW4571Melton, Tennessee
Melton, P. M.BentonW1940Melton, Mary
Melton, SilasGreeneS588861st Inf.
Melton, W. M.RheaS35133rd Inf.
Melton, WilliamChesterS242913th Inf.
Menatue, D. G.GilesS327253rd Inf.
Menatue, George W.GilesS327353rd Inf.
Mendenhall, Obediah Ruffin
UnionW5426Mendenhall, Emaline Victory
Menees, Henry B.DavidsonS76962nd (Robison's) Inf.
Menefee, William OscarTiptonS1488212th Cav.
Menifee, Willis G.MarshallW10535Menifee, Mattie M.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Mercer, Isaac N.DavidsonW2638Mercer, Mary E.
Mercer, John SamuelMcMinnW5242Mercer, Susan
Mercer, ThomasHawkinsS1326431st Inf.
Mercer, Thomas E.MadisonS1655433rd Inf.
Mercer, Thomas J. Jr.JacksonW4205 & W7643Mercer, Manerva Jane
Mercer, W. A.MadisonS919333rd Inf.
Mercer, William AbnerShelbyW6905Mercer, Ella Madora
Merdenhall, O. S. R.UnionS218637th N.C. Inf.
Meredith, Andrew MedowsWayneW5164Meredith, Mary Minerva
Meredith, David CrockettKnoxW6218Meredith, Mary S.
Meredith, Ed.WhiteS15718th Cav.
Meredith, James SamuelGibsonW6897Meredith, Mildred A.
Meredith, William H.WhiteS108125th Inf.
Meridith, David CrockettKnoxS14202Unassigned (Wagon Guard)
Meridith, EdwardWhiteW26Meridith, E. C.
Meriwether, James McClureMontgomeryW10004Meriwether, Margaret Barker
Meriwether, M. D.MadisonS123516th Inf.
Merrill, John O.WilliamsonW6656Merrill, Virginia E.
Merrill, RichardDavidsonW650Merrill, Montie T.
Merriman, IrvinCannonS1004818th Inf.
Merriman, James H.WayneS1348454th Inf.
Merritt, B. H.DeKalbS499135th Inf.
Merritt, J. J.WilsonS1453334th Inf.
Merritt, J. K. P.MontgomeryS988211th Inf.
Merritt, John C.WashingtonS318048th Va. Vols.
Merritt, John CurtisWashingtonW10910Merritt, Bessie
Merritt, Joseph W.HardinS305634th Inf.
Merritt, L. W.WilsonS1453845th Inf.
Merritt, LarkinPutnamS88525th Inf.
Merritt, Leonard B.CarterS49448th Cav.
Merritt, Lewis W.WilsonW152Merritt, Mary Ann
Merritt, W. M.CannonS754918th Inf.
Merritt, WileyWilliamsonS1213244th Inf.
Merritt, William H.MauryS94618th Inf.
Messamore, George D.KnoxW6300Messamore, Drucilla E.
Messenger, Samuel M.PutnamS55654th (Murray's) Cav.
Messer, George S.CockeS316425th N.C. Inf.
Messer, JohnCockeS369362nd N.C. Inf.
Messer, JohnRoaneW9477Messer, Elizabeth Jane
Messer, W. T.ChesterW9388Messer, Ann
Messer, William T.McNairyS312627th Inf.
Messick, R. C.CoffeeS1192717th Inf.
Messick, Richard C.CoffeeW5913Messick, Catherine
Messick, W. F.HawkinsS122043rd Inf.
Messick, William F.HawkinsW2470Messick, Mattie Jane
Metcalf, AbsalomGreeneS945229th N.C. Inf.
Metcalf, Francis M.HamiltonS190619th Ala. Inf.
Metcalf, James MartinLincolnW7668Metcalf, Felicia Zolicoffer
Metcalf, WilliamUnicoiS2982 & S454829th N.C. Inf.
Metcalfe, James M.LincolnS6670Huggin's Co. Lt. Art.
Metts, Ransom D.KnoxW4867Metts, Elzira F.
Mewborn, J. L.ShelbyS1449413th Inf.
Mewborn, J. L.ShelbyS1449413th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Michael, T. J.GibsonS891512th Ky. Cav.
Michie, R. W.McNairyW10429Michie, Mary
Mickles, StepneyShelby C1749th Miss. Inf.
Middleton, A. A.ChesterS47839th Cav.
Middleton, Hugh MontgomeryHamiltonW3598Middleton, Mary A.
Middleton, JackDecaturS89779th Cav.
Middleton, James ElbertChesterW6608Middleton, Atholinda Viola
Middleton, James WesleyKnoxS748216th N.C. Inf.
Middleton, John N.HardemanS472323rd Miss. Inf.
Middleton, John NathanielGibsonW10422Middleton, Mollie F.
Middleton, John NathanielHardemanW5057Middleton, Mollie Ann
Midget, SamuelWilsonS81174th (McLemore's) Cav.
Mikles, J. E. Sr.WilsonS160284th (McLemore's) Cav.
Milam, H. B.CarrollS1402221st (Wilson's) Cav.
Milam, L. L.ObionS27605th Inf.
Milan, W. M.DavidsonW1994Milan, Annie B.
Milburn, J. H.ObionS123987th Ky. Inf.
Milburn, John H.ObionW5373Milburn, Nannie J.
Miles, F. R. ("Sam")RobertsonS140802nd Ky. Cav.
Miles, Francis RossRobertsonW8255Miles, Mary Ann
Miles, G. D.LincolnS160044th Ala. Cav.
Miles, G. W.StewartS343550th Inf.
Miles, J. F.GreeneS884350th Inf.
Miles, J. R.WeakleyS1481020th Inf.
Miles, JohnLoudonS1617237th Inf.
Miles, JohnLoudonW9181Miles, Nancy Ann
Miles, JohnSumnerS862Undetermined
Miles, R. H.KnoxS419716th Cav.
Miles, WilliamDavidsonS1386118th Inf.
Milhorn, WilliamSullivanW7027Millhorn, Elizabeth Edelin
Millard, A. A.RheaS926016th Bn. Cav.
Millard, Anderson AlexanderRheaW5636Millard, Rebecca Jane
Millard, Bryan J.CrockettS1231220th N.C. Inf.
Millard, Bryan JesseeCrockettW5817Millard, Cora D.
Millard, E. C.WashingtonS997463rd Inf.
Millard, John (Dr.)SullivanS101231st Co. Home Guard
Millard, S. L.SullivanS723263rd inf.
Millard, ThomasLincolnW5468Millard, Elender Eva
Millard, W. A.LincolnS107451st (Turney's) Inf.
Miller, A. K.WilsonS153307th Inf.
Miller, AbrahamShelbyW10085Miller, Ella
Miller, Adam T.SullivanW1502Miller, Susan
Miller, AlvinSullivanW1173Miller, Elizabeth B.
Miller, Andrew J.SevierS554761st Inf.
Miller, AzorWashingtonW8784Miller, E. Kate
Miller, Benjamin F.CarrollS302827th Inf.
Miller, Burrus R.HamiltonW10974Miller, Laura E.
Miller, Charles PrestonShelbyW6700Miller, Mary Hunter
Miller, D. C.HickmanS949710th Cav.
Miller, D. M.McMinnS847316th Bn. Cav.
Miller, Daniel C.HickmanW8210Miller, Josie
Miller, DavidHawkinsS42141st N.C. Inf.
Miller, DavidKnoxS1184264th Va. Inf.
Miller, DavidWarrenS454016th Inf.
Miller, DavidWarrenW1694Miller, Martha Nesbet
Miller, David M.McMinnW2739Miller, Angeline
Miller, David RankinHamblenW2721Miller, Nancy Elizabeth
Miller, E. D.UnionS102042nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Miller, E. L.LewisS766711th Inf.
Miller, Edward BuseyWeakleyW1412Miller, Mary Narcissa
Miller, Edward CoxSullivanW276Miller, Martha Jane
Miller, EdwinSmithW9093Miller, Elizabeth Jane
Miller, Ely DixieBlountW7508Miller, Esther
Miller, F. B.BedfordS51622nd Ark. Inf.
Miller, F. G.SullivanS1493729th Va. Inf.
Miller, Francis WorleyWashingtonS3171Conscripts Guard
Miller, Frederick DewolfeHawkinsW10918Miller, Mary A.
Miller, G. W.HamblenS164345th N.C. Inf.
Miller, G. W.WhiteS72371st (Carter's) Cav.
Miller, George W.ShelbyS112091st Art.
Miller, George WashingtonShelbyW2706Miller, Nora
Miller, HenryBlountS713660th N.C. Inf.
Miller, HenryBlountW7467Miller, Salina K.
Miller, Henry AugustusTiptonW3131Miller, Clara Jane
Miller, Ike MarionRutherfordW1565Miller, Tennie C.
Miller, J. J.DavidsonS78845th Inf.
Miller, J. K.SumnerS596030th Inf.
Miller, J. L.MarshallW10253Miller, Ida
Miller, J. M.DavidsonS1577225th Inf.
Miller, J. M.GilesS159539th Bn. Cav.
Miller, J. M.ObionS5793Stewart's Hvy. Art.
Miller, J. N.HickmanS94389th Bn. (Gant's) Cav.
Miller, James A.McMinnS157584th Ga. Cav.
Miller, James DeadrickHamblenW1448Miller, Margaret A.
Miller, James F.CarrollW6290 & W9612Miller, Georgiana
Miller, James F.WeakleyS11328154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Miller, James HenryJeffersonS159913rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Miller, James L.RheaS1134443rd Inf.
Miller, James M.HamblenS101433rd Confederate
Engineer Troops
Miller, James M.HamblenW8059Miller, Mary L.
Miller, James N.HickmanW4096Miller, Permelia C.
Miller, James SevierWashingtonW3029Miller, Mary Elliott
Miller, Jerry WillsDavidsonW4338Miller, Martha J.
Miller, JesseSullivanS497953rd N.C. Inf.
Miller, JesseSullivanW3180Miller, Elizabeth P.
Miller, Jesse BSullivanW1705Miller, Elizabeth M.
Miller, Jesse F.MontgomeryS123072nd (Robison's) Inf.
Miller, Jesse F.RobertsonW9353Miller, Harriet Parks
Miller, JohnGilesW10371Miller, Sarah Malinda
Miller, JohnHamblenS1079460th Inf.
Miller, JohnSullivanS40063rd Inf.
Miller, JohnUnionS1620237th Inf.
Miller, John A.MauryS62856th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Miller, John A.RutherfordS7222nd Inf.
Miller, John A.WilliamsonS153254th (McLemore's) Cav.
Miller, John AsberryMauryW5107Miller, Emily Ada
Miller, John FranklinDavidsonS1539742nd N.C. Inf.
Miller, John FranklinTiptonS1218242nd N.C. Inf.
Miller, John H.WeakleyS102815th Inf.
Miller, John H.WeakleyW3412Miller, Frankie
Miller, John N.GreeneS49578th Ky. Cav.
Miller, John Q.ObionS89421st Hvy. Art.
Miller, John S.MarshallS171319th Inf.
Miller, John SmithMauryW436Miller, Tracy Sanders
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Miller, M. D. L.WashingtonS100003rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Miller, M. V. B.ClaiborneS885764th Va. Inf.
Miller, MartinRobertsonS38878th Inf.
Miller, Martin Van BurenClaiborneW7572Miller, Martha Jane
Miller, MosesOvertonW10191Miller, Matilda D.
Miller, MosesRheaS10401st Cav.
Miller, ObediahWarrenS244723rd N.C. Inf.
Miller, P. C. F.RutherfordS18845th Inf.
Miller, Peter A.DicksonS486249th Inf.
Miller, R. W.DavidsonS161521st Hvy. Art.
Miller, RichardSullivanS1022461st Inf.
Miller, Robert J.CoffeeW2575Miller, Ruth E.
Miller, S. A.ShelbyS1108818th Miss. Cav.
Miller, S. D.RutherfordS1023545th Inf.
Miller, S. H.RheaS610943rd Inf.
Miller, S. R.DavidsonS1667446th Va. Inf.
Miller, SamObionS1627217th Inf.
Miller, Sam A.HenryS155915th Inf.
Miller, Samuel HoustonRheaW2975Miller, Rebecca Ann
Miller, Samuel R.SullivanS964963rd Inf.
Miller, Samuel R.SullivanW3992Miller, Easter Catherine
Miller, SolomonWashingtonW1180Miller, Mary Ann
Miller, Solomon S.SullivanW5464Miller, Eliza Jane
Miller, StephenGraingerS82460th Inf.
Miller, StephenGraingerW115Miller, Amanda J.
Miller, T. A.HamiltonS573143rd Inf.
Miller, T. J.RutherfordS40942nd Inf.
Miller, ThomasSullivanS279559th Inf.
Miller, ThomasSullivanW6396Miller, Polly
Miller, Thomas AndersonHamiltonW5825Miller, Isabella Levina
Miller, Thomas BoinOvertonW9765Miller, Arminda C.
Miller, W. C.DicksonS133426th Ky. Cav.
Miller, W. C.HendersonS32109th Cav.
Miller, W. L.ShelbyS1355944th Miss. Inf.
Miller, W. R.WilliamsonS12361st Inf.
Miller, W. W.HickmanS7618th Miss. Inf.
Miller, Walter WeslynMauryW10640Miller, Ida Weatherly
Miller, WashingtonWhiteW7312Miller, Cyntha Emeline
Miller, Wiley RobertWeakleyS741651st Inf.
Miller, WilliamFranklinS520141st Inf.
Miller, WilliamLauderdaleS52856th Inf.
Miller, WilliamLauderdaleW5156Miller, Octava
Miller, WilliamMaconS102058th Inf.
Miller, WilliamRutherford C16211th Cav.
Miller, William A.LauderdaleW2307Miller, Susan
Miller, William CarettHendersonW7351Miller, Martha Caroline
Miller, William FranklinTiptonW3015Miller, Martha Ann
Miller, William GreenDavidsonW2590Miller, Emily A.
Miller, William RufusMauryW1080Miller, Sarah Ann
Millhorn, G. W.SullivanS67201st (Carter's) Cav.
Millhorn, J. A.SullivanS1041060th Inf.
Millhorn, JamesSullivanW444Millhorn, Elizabeth
Millhorn, WilliamSullivanS751929th Inf.
Milligan, A. C.CannonS476714th Cav.
Milligan, Alexander CampbellCannonW4597Milligan, Rebecca Beesheba
Milligan, Lemuel DayJeffersonW3558Milligan, Eveline D.
Milligan, W. H.CannonS424162nd Inf.
Milligan, William HenryCannonW8052Milligan, S. Love
Milliken, George R.DavidsonS15916 & S15150Huggin's Lt. Art.
Milliken, George RobardsDavidsonW10858Milliken, Ann Melissa
Milliken, J. A.LincolnS118951st (Turney's) Inf.
Milliken, J. K.CheathamS2380Lt. Art.
Milliron, Ja cobDavidsonS101786th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Milliron, Samuel JamesDavidsonW9198Milliron, Nancy Caroline
Millrany, ThomasCoffeeS1377216th Inf.
Millrany, ThomasCoffeeW6813Millrany, Lucy Ann
Mills, AlexanderBradleyS377962nd Inf.
Mills, AlvinChesterS360621st Cav.
Mills, Augustus.HardemanW5827Mills, Laura Lane
Mills, B.D.GibsonS1653419th & 20th (Consol.) Cav.
Mills, Dero F.DavidsonS101402nd Cav.
Mills, E. F.SullivanS582163rd Inf.
Mills, Edward A.SullivanW5661Mills, Maggie J.
Mills, F.HardemanS1293114th Cav.
Mills, F.HardemanS9259th Inf.
Mills, FrankSullivanW1066Mills, Eletha
Mills, FredHardemanS23319th Inf.
Mills, G. A.DecaturS12653Phillips' Co. Lt. Art.
Mills, J. W.CarrollS679615th Cav.
Mills, J. W.HamiltonS325326th Inf.
Mills, JohnLincolnS251884th Inf.
Mills, John F.HancockS466029th Inf.
Mills, John.LincolnW1255Mills, Margaret J.
Mills, Samuel J.ObionW141Mills, Mary E.
Mills, W. B.KnoxS5142Kain's Battery Lt. Art.
Mills, Washington S.MadisonS52276th Inf.
Mills, William R.HardemanW4493Mills, Emma Catherine
Mills, William RobertHardemanS667914th (Neely's) Cav.
Millsap, MikeMooreS49383rd Cav.
Millsap, MikeMooreW8555Millsap, Mary Elizabeth
Millsaps, Luther WileyMooreW1672Millsaps, Mary Ann
Millsaps, RansomMonroeW247Millsaps, Julia Anne Katherine
Milner, R. H.WeakleyS1525933rd Inf.
Milsaps, AndyMonroeS1259559th Inf.
Milsaps, W. M.JohnsonS150301st N.C. Cav.
Milstead, Charles ThomasChesterW3192Milstead, Casanda
Milstead, Charles ThomasHardemanS855416th Cav.
Milum, George W.HickmanS1307124th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Mims, D. J.WilsonS93367th Inf.
Mims, M. J.JeffersonS1046862nd Inf.
Minatree, David G.LincolnW4077Minatree, Mary J.
Minchey, Richard L.MaconS73728th Inf.
Minick, James K. P.SullivanS4847Kain's Co. Lt. Art.
Mink, W. B.JeffersonS1016448th Va. Inf.
Mink, Wiley B.JeffersonW5763Mink, Rachel
Minnick, James K. P.SullivanW2206Minnick, Mary Bell
Minnis, Samuel Y.MonroeW7119Minnis, Martha
Minor, CharlesStewartS1053914th Inf.
Minor, CharlesStewartW8169Minor, Margaret P.
Minor, NedStewart C11010th Cav.
Minor, William L.CarrollS165922nd Ga. Cav.
Minson, JohnCoffeeS1478632nd Va. Inf.
Minson, JohnCoffeeW7058Minson, Margaret Lamb
Minter, John L.MarionW6202Minter, Eliza
Minton, J. E.WayneW6206Minton, Martha Jane
Minton, John E.WayneS269445th Inf.
Minton, T. J.SequatchieS96698th (Smith's) Cav.
Minton, W. C.PutnamS1313222nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Minton, William CarrollPutnamW7627Minton, Mary Frances
Mires, MorganWilsonW8957Mires, Charity A.
Misenheimer, M. A.TiptonS12073rd Inf.
Mitchell, A. S.DavidsonS1092915th Inf.
Mitchell, A. S.DavidsonW9437Mitchell, Laura A.
Mitchell, Albert HarrisonHardemanW2930 & W8229Mitchell, Sallie Elizabeth
Mitchell, AlexanderCarrollS1267233rd Inf.
Mitchell, Allen H.BentonW3610Mitchell, Rebecca L.
Mitchell, Andrew J.HendersonS1146535th Inf.
Mitchell, Andrew JacksonHendersonW6609Mitchell, Sarah Frances
Mitchell, BallardDicksonW2569Mitchell, Judith
Mitchell, C. C.BentonS389349th Inf.
Mitchell, C. C.BentonW5319Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, CharlesRobertsonW3470Mitchell, Olive Jame
Mitchell, CharlesWashingtonW8538Mitchell, Sarah
Mitchell, ChaseWashingtonS1437460th Inf.
Mitchell, Dewitt ClintonLauderdaleW9210Mitchell, Martha Jane
Mitchell, F. B.DavidsonS119919th (Ward's) Cav.
Mitchell, Francis MarionWeakleyW3628Mitchell, Manervia
Mitchell, G. R.GibsonS1640751st Inf.
Mitchell, George WashingtonHardemanW10423 & W7285Mitchell, Henritta
Mitchell, Green WillisShelbyS644328th Miss. Cav.
Mitchell, H. H.ShelbyW8121Mitchell, Lou H.
Mitchell, H. L.WilliamsonS1228544th Inf.
Mitchell, H. T.GilesS557032nd Inf.
Mitchell, Henry A.SmithW470Mitchell, Eliza
Mitchell, Henry TurnerGilesW9841Mitchell, Lucy Ellen
Mitchell, I. L.DavidsonW5809Mitchell, Phoeba Ann
Mitchell, I. R.LincolnS34471st (Turney's) Inf.
Mitchell, Isaac A.DavidsonS15691Unassigned
Mitchell, J.MarionS148435th Inf.
Mitchell, J. A.FranklinS1438623rd Bn. Inf.
Mitchell, J. A.LauderdaleS360738th Inf.
Mitchell, J. A.WarrenS335835th Inf.
Mitchell, J. C.LoudonS10776Ramsey's Battery. Lt. Art.
Mitchell, J. F.CoffeeS50714th Inf.
Mitchell, J. N.HenryS84095th Inf.
Mitchell, J. V.HardinS15945 & S1613050th Inf.
Mitchell, J. W. C.BedfordS1580037th Inf.
Mitchell, JamesPutnamS802238th Inf.
Mitchell, James A.HendersonS448813th Inf.
Mitchell, James AugustaHendersonW814Mitchell, Harriett Ann
Mitchell, James D.WeakleyW944 & W3400Mitchell, Caroline E.
Mitchell, James DanielWeakleyW3400Mitchell, Carline Elizabeth
Mitchell, James M.McNairyS12907Undetermined
Mitchell, James W.StewartS228450th Inf.
Mitchell, John E.CannonW200Mitchell, Elizabeth Atlantic
Mitchell, John M.WashingtonS22308th Va. Cav.
Mitchell, John M.WhiteS128188th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Mitchell, John RobertWeakleyS89375th Inf.
Mitchell, John RobertWeakleyW11002McCain, Mazy E.(Mitchell)
Mitchell, Josiah DabbsMauryW7652Mitchell, Eliza Davis
Mitchell, L. C.LincolnS1469032nd Inf.
Mitchell, L. C.LincolnW8996Mitchell, Sally J.
Mitchell, MarkMarionS81855th Inf.
Mitchell, MartinPutnamS442416th Inf.
Mitchell, Moses W.BradleyS1119639th Ga. Inf.
Mitchell, N. A.CannonS123288th (Smith's) Cav.
Mitchell, N. A.CarrollW7778Mitchell, Callie E.
Mitchell, N. A.WeakleyS850255th Inf.
Mitchell, P. H.CheathamS98579th Bn. Ky. Cav.
Mitchell, P. T.SullivanS705660th Inf.
Mitchell, P. T.SullivanW8402Mitchell, Sarah Ann
Mitchell, Philip HenryCheathamW6190Mitchell, Emma J.
Mitchell, RobertHawkinsW694Mitchell, Dulcena
Mitchell, Robert HenryCarrollW6493Mitchell, Margaret O.
Mitchell, Robert L.OvertonS127811st Cav.
Mitchell, Robert LafayetteOvertonW4385Mitchell, Sue A.
Mitchell, S. H.RutherfordS1653945th Inf.
Mitchell, SamuelHawkinsS3667 & S264860th Inf.
Mitchell, Samuel HodgeRutherfordW11108Mitchell, Jennie Wells
Mitchell, ShemMadisonS843627th Inf.
Mitchell, SolomanLincolnS106351st (Turney's) Inf.
Mitchell, SpencerMarionS30255th Cav.
Mitchell, T. J.CarrollS1479422nd Inf.
Mitchell, T. W.MonroeW4939Mitchell, Nancy J.
Mitchell, Thomas E.WayneS1653250th Ala. Inf.
Mitchell, Thomas J.CarrollS1073322nd Inf.
Mitchell, W. S.CarrollS797918th Cav.
Mitchell, W. SteveHamiltonW9876 & W6828Mitchell, Canseda
Mitchell, W. T.MauryS126433rd (Clack's) Inf.
Mitchell, William G.RheaW1385Mitchell, Sarah A.
Mitchell, William H.MauryS15058 & S141836th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Mitchell, William H.MauryW7382Mitchell, Sarah Rebecca
Mitchell, William TerryMauryW7607Mitchell, Ellen May
Mitchell, Zack A.CrockettW8337Mitchell, Emma
Mitchener, FrankMauryS71159th Cav.
Mitchie, R. W.McNairyS623019th Inf.
Mitchum, W. E.WeakleyS963322nd Inf.
Mitchum, W. E.WeakleyW3710Mitchum, Mattie
Mize, William FranklinDavidsonW1246 & W8274Mize, Sallie A.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Mobley, Benjamin BullingerHickmanW9795Mobley, Sallie Theresa
Mobley, James GomilionRutherfordW11118Mobley, Mary Maney
Mobly, B. B.HickmanS922811th Inf.
Mock, E. H.CarterW10337Mock, Florence Wills
Modena, T. H.FranklinW10318Modena, Margaret Ann Lyons
Modina, D. F.FranklinW8749Modina, Ann
Modrall, John NelsonCoffeeS792718th Inf.
Modrall, Robert N.RutherfordW3099Modrall, Sarah E.
Modrall, Robert NelsonRutherfordS638418th Inf.
Moffett, HenryObionS1370010th Miss. Cav.
Moffitt, Hugh LawsonWarrenW9061Moffitt, Mary Ann
Moffitt, J. C.DyerS1292127th Inf.
Moffitt, ThomasSullivanS186862nd N. C. Inf.
Moffitt, ThomasSullivanW9208Moffitt, Margaret
Mofield, C. M.SmithS121864th (McLemore's) Cav.
Mofield, JohnSmithW1287Mofield, Margarette
Mofield, ThomasSmithS110838th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Mofield, ThomasSmithW3576Mofield, Cynthia
Mofield, William B.SmithS76104th (McLemore's) Cav.
Moize, Alford JohnsonMadisonW3816Moize, Elizabeth
Moles, ElijahOvertonS39878th Ky. Cav.
Moles, ElijahOvertonW6496Moles, Polly
Molloy, John GillentineDavidsonW6357Molloy, Mary Frasier
Molloy, John GillentineMauryS971725th Inf.
Moncrief, T. J.SumnerS281524th Inf.
Monday, J. S.CockeS6492Kain's Co. Lt. Art.
Money, D. S.KnoxS595412th Ga. Inf.
Money, J. J.FranklinS1340234th Inf.
Money, N. A.FranklinS1577334th Inf.
Monfee, J. M.ShelbyS1435759th Ala. Inf.
Monger, Wiley H.LoudonW4144Monger, Sarah R.
Monks, Thomas B.DavidsonW4685Monks, Fannie Amanda
Monroe, Alex L.UnionS29371st (Carter's) Cav.
Monroe, FrankMadisonS147196th Inf.
Monroe, J. L.RheaS8991st Cav.
Monroe, John W.HamblenS1232112th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Monroe, M. S.JeffersonS55482nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Monroe, Mordicia S.JeffersonW1206Monroe, Mary Elizabeth
Monroe, R. S.HenryS58194th Miss. Inf.
Monston, Richard VictorGilesW4591Monston, Julia P.
Montague, Abraham YoungShelbyW3079Montague, Elizabeth A.
Montague, Adolphus W.LauderdaleS81967th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Montague, Adolphus WileyLauderdaleW6824Montague, Hettie Hearring
Montague, James A.ChesterS84249th Cav.
Montague, W. Y.WayneS113966th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Montague, William YoungWayneW4015Montague, Marietta
Monte, F. H.BedfordW6925Moore, Elizabeth H.
Montgomery, Albert F.WeakleyS1209137th N.C. Inf.
Montgomery, Andrew J.CrockettS825213th Ark. Inf.
Montgomery, BaileyRutherfordS979420th Inf.
Montgomery, D. B. C.GibsonW8296Montgomery, Margaret
Montgomery, EdwardMarionW5048Montgomery, Francis Minro
Montgomery, Elbert C.RoaneW4432Montgomery, Elizabeth Caroline
Montgomery, EliasMooreS27857th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Montgomery, G. W.WeakleyS1031121st (Wilson's) Cav.
Montgomery, George W.WeakleyW4035Montgomery, Sallie Willie
Montgomery, Henry W.MauryW3984Montgomery, Margaret A.
Montgomery, J. B.RutherfordS1647720th Inf.
Montgomery, J. C.MarshallS121794th(McLemore's) Cav.
Montgomery, J. J.LoudonS1319263rd Inf.
Montgomery, J. T.SmithS620830th Inf.
Montgomery, James BaileyRutherfordW9313Montgomery, Mandy Facilian
Montgomery, James E.ShelbyW5491Montgomery, Mollie
Montgomery, James R.DavidsonS10082154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Montgomery, John D.LauderdaleS161535th Tex. Cav.
Montgomery, John H.SullivanS496963rd Inf.
Montgomery, John MarshallKnoxW3629Montgomery, Mary Jane
Montgomery, John W.WeakleyS808331st Inf.
Montgomery, John W.WeakleyW5729Montgomery, Unity E.
Montgomery, M. H.HamiltonS62001st (Carter's) Cav.
Montgomery, M. H.HamiltonW10530Montgomery, Susan Elizabeth
Montgomery, S. S.FranklinS419832nd Inf.
Montgomery, UriahDavidsonS1141920th Inf.
Montgomery, W. F.HamiltonS367639th Ga. Inf.
Montgomery, W. F.ShelbyS598239th Ga. Inf.
Montgomery, W. J.WeakleyS1354847th Inf.
Montgomery, W. M.LincolnS19908th Inf.
Montgomery, W. M.WhiteS96848th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Montgomery, William M.WhiteW10865Montgomery, Sarah Elizabeth
Montgomery, William MooreLincolnW1025Montgomery, Louisa Jane
Montgomery, ZacariahWhiteS106528th Inf.
Montgomery, ZachariahWhiteW1003Montgomery, Nancy Jane
Montieth, George WashingtonSullivanW1908Montieth, Julina
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Moody, E. W.WilsonS2193154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Moody, G. B.RobertsonS1006114th Inf.
Moody, George BoydDavidsonW5743Moody, Margaret Susan
Moody, H.StewartS224011th Inf.
Moody, Isaac N.HenryW10021Moody, Susan Elizabeth
Moody, Isaac N.HenryS110720th Cav.
Moody, J. G.DavidsonS122771st Inf.
Moody, J. M.HumphreysS1348810th Cav.
Moody, J. W.ShelbyS90333rd Inf.
Moody, JamesCockeS189860th N.C. Inf.
Moody, James A.SumnerS5632nd Inf.
Moody, James A.SumnerW8793Moody, Amanda R.
Moody, James MartinHumphreysW6259Moody, Mattie C.
Moody, John A.SullivanS4958Unassigned
Moody, John W.GibsonS649312th Ky. Cav.
Moody, LewisLakeS14678TN State Guard
Moody, R. F.PutnamS70725th Inf.
Moody, Samuel ThomasWilsonW1095Moody, Lucy
Moody, TilmanShelbyS157547th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Moody, W. H.DavidsonS82571st Inf.
Moody, W. W.ObionS135149th Inf.
Moody, William HoganDavidsonW9829Moody, Lizzie B.
Moody, William W.JeffersonS125154th Bn. (Branner's) Cav.
Moon, John AlexanderObionW6792Moon, Mary Thomas
Mooney, J. H.GibsonS786716th Inf.
Mooney, J. H.GibsonW7383Mooney, Mattie Elizabeth
Mooney, WellbornWeakleyW2604Mooney, Susan Frances
Mooneyham, C. W.DeKalbS227916th Inf.
Mooneyham, Isaac C.CockeS170460th N.C. Inf.
Mooneyham, John C.Van BurenS586135th Inf.
Mooneyham, Thomas J.WhiteS985835th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Moor, J. B.DavidsonW1743Moor, Mary E.
Moore, A. H.SullivanS3940Burrough's Co., Lt. Art.
Moore, A. M.ShelbyS105996th Inf.
Moore, A. Z.DeKalbS700050th Inf.
Moore, A. Z.DeKalbW5677Moore, H. C.
Moore, Alexander DewittGilesW9869Moore, Minervia Burgess
Moore, Alexander FitzgeraldMarionW8886 & W7810Moore, Elizabeth Hightower
Moore, Alexander MorganShelbyW3517Moore, Julia Williams
Moore, Alexander NewellObionW5472Moore, Mary Francis
Moore, AlfordGibsonS574955th Inf.
Moore, Alfred H.SullivanW5378Moore, Nancy E.
Moore, AllenMcMinnW3525Moore, Phebe Jones
Moore, AndrewShelbyW5154Moore, Pattie R.
Moore, B. H.CoffeeS763734th Miss. Inf.
Moore, B. H.SmithS1049022nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Moore, B. P.McNairyS520219th Cav.
Moore, BaylessKnoxS657919th Inf.
Moore, BenjaminBradley C250Regiment not given
Moore, Benjamin F.McNairyS681023rd Miss. Inf.
Moore, Benjamin F.WayneS65312nd Ark. Inf.
Moore, Benjamin FranklinMcNairyW6543Moore, Mary Ann
Moore, C. S.WeakleyS157920th Inf.
Moore, Calvin SimpsonWeakleyW1397Moore, R. P.
Moore, Claiborne A.WeakleyS16466 & S157982nd (Woodward's) Ky. Cav.
Moore, Claybourn A.WeakleyW9314Moore, Rachel Jane
Moore, Cleam R.HawkinsW6676Moore, Sarah A.
Moore, Cleon R.HawkinsS1254263rd Inf.
Moore, CorneliusShelbyW9912Moore, Margaret Cornelia
Moore, David N.CarrollS1605212th Ky. Cav.
Moore, DavisGilesW3572Moore, Lucretia
Moore, DudleySmithS9372nd Cav.
Moore, E. M. P.SullivanS115375th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Moore, Ephraim MurrayHamblenW3033Moore, Nancy Catherine
Moore, F. D.GibsonS13127154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Moore, F. H.BedfordS58973rd (Forrest) Cav.
Moore, F. M.WilsonS267735th Inf.
Moore, FrankShelbyS144213rd Miss. Cav.
Moore, Frank B.DicksonW9953Moore, Sarah Elizabeth
Moore, Frank J.MauryW10829Nelson, Eva (Moore)
Moore, G. M.PutnamS869513th Cav.
Moore, G. W.FayetteS586213th Inf.
Moore, G. W.GreeneS152837th Inf.
Moore, George W.WhiteW8364Moore, Darthula
Moore, George WashingtonCannonS1151421st (Wilson's) Cav.
Moore, George WashingtonFayetteS897815th Cav.
Moore, Green B.RutherfordS1014555th Inf.
Moore, Green P.DavidsonW3471Moore, Annie E.
Moore, H. L. C.WhiteS1581116th Inf.
Moore, H. N.CarrollS740912th Tex. Cav.
Moore, Horatio R.FranklinW8924Moore, Ann Hunt
Moore, Hugh A.HawkinsS135192nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Moore, J. B.CarrollS605412th Inf.
Moore, J. G.MooreW8147Moore, Catherine
Moore, J. H.MontgomeryS1538314th Ky. Cav.
Moore, J. M.ShelbyS44259th Miss. Inf.
Moore, J. M. J.CarrollS976422nd Inf.
Moore, J. S.CoffeeS730719th Miss. Inf.
Moore, J. T.OvertonS118888th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Moore, J. W.FayetteS1524534th Ala. Inf.
Moore, J. W.HaywoodS1478Undetermined
Moore, J. W.StewartS511150th Inf.
Moore, JamesHickmanS144569th Bn., Cav.
Moore, JamesSullivanS549731st Inf.
Moore, JamesSullivanW2127Moore, Matilda
Moore, James A.TiptonS1621051st Inf.
Moore, James AndrewWilliamsonW153Moore, Sarah Jane
Moore, James C.GilesW4078Moore, Martha Eugenia
Moore, James DennisCarrollW7466Moore, Adeline Woolfolk
Moore, James E.ShelbyS105308th Miss. Cav.
Moore, James E.WilsonW8073Moore, Emma L.
Moore, James KnoxBedfordS160636th Miss. Cav.
Moore, James LewisObionS96397th Cav.
Moore, James M.BedfordS437923rd Inf.
Moore, James M.WhiteS1163 & S145268th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Moore, James MeridithBedfordW3817Moore, Nancy Jane
Moore, James W.WashingtonS41337th Inf.
Moore, Jessee G.MooreS126634th (McLemore's) Cav.
Moore, Jessie H.GibsonW9715Moore, Sarah
Moore, JoeLincolnW8792Moore, Ann
Moore, JohnGreeneS1231564th N.C. Inf.
Moore, JohnGreeneW5054 Moore, Eliza Davis
Moore, JohnHickman C26310th Cav.
Moore, John A.DavidsonS150317th Inf.
Moore, John A.DyerS81291st Cav.
Moore, John A.LauderdaleW3153Moore, Mary E.
Moore, John B.DavidsonS704545th Inf.
Moore, John DanielShelbyW9133Moore, Mary Rhoda
Moore, John G.BentonW551Moore, Rhoda Ann
Moore, John HenleyDavidsonW3898Moore, Cordelia Margaret
Moore, John SamuelCoffeeW3858Moore, Sarah E.
Moore, John T.DavidsonS160756th Ky. Cav.
Moore, John T.WhiteS111238th (Dibrell's) Cav.
Moore, John W.WilsonS38338th (Smith's) Cav.
Moore, John WarnerHenryW5857Moore, Mourning Ella
Moore, JosephDavidsonS90589th (Bennett's) Cav.
Moore, Joseph A.LincolnS95948th Inf.
Moore, Joseph M.CarrollW5004Moore, Mollie
Moore, Joseph T.LincolnW1227Moore, Nancy Ann
Moore, Joseph ThomasHenryW4257Moore, Julia Anna
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Moore, L. C.HardemanS3498Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Moore, L. D.DeKalbS239316th Inf.
Moore, L. J.DyerS411015th Cav.
Moore, L. J.HamiltonS9019Thomas' Legion, N.C.
Moore, Levi DouglasDeKalbW2745Moore, Syntha Adeline
Moore, M. J.MadisonW9920 & W6257Moore, Sarah Ellen
Moore, M. J. M.ShelbyS865726th Miss. Inf.
Moore, Mathias JonesMadisonW6257 & W9920Moore, Ellen Sarah
Moore, N. G.RheaS301519th Inf.
Moore, N. W.DavidsonW7748Moore, Mattie E.
Moore, Newton KelleyObionW6946Moore, Nannie V.
Moore, Peter W.DyerS404812th Inf.
Moore, PeytonHardemanS610014th Cav.
Moore, R. C.WashingtonS402119th Inf.
Moore, R. M.(Dick)WayneS1585848th (Nixon's) Inf.
Moore, R. S.UnicoiS246219th Inf.
Moore, R. T.DavidsonS1474220th Inf.
Moore, Richard CarrWashingtonW6642Moore, Mary J.
Moore, Richard G.WilliamsonS60831st Cav.
Moore, Richard JacksonMarionS92134th Cav.
Moore, Richard JacksonMarionW3993Moore, Nancy Jane
Moore, Robert H.MauryW8081Moore, Levinia Lemon
Moore, Robert I.MauryS156951st (Field's) Inf.
Moore, Robert MooreGilesS142376th (Wheelers') Cav.
Moore, Robert T.HickmanS2659th Cav.
Moore, Robert TottyHickmanW3893Moore, Mary Malinda
Moore, Robert YanceyGibsonW5053Moore, Sarah E.
Moore, Robert.HamiltonW3103Moore, Julia Ann
Moore, S. A. W.HaywoodS94889th Inf.
Moore, S. D.CampbellS193619th Inf.
Moore, SamuelMarshallS14819th Ala. Inf.
Moore, Samuel D.KnoxW3818Moore, Sarah Adeline
Moore, SidneyLauderdaleW903Moore, Mary Jane
Moore, Stephen J.MarshallW879Moore, Eliza
Moore, Stephen PettyGilesS159994th S.C. Inf.
Moore, T. F.ShelbyS428541st Inf.
Moore, T. J.RutherfordW3502Moore, Nettie Grace
Moore, T. P.HendersonS39645th Ala. Cav.
Moore, ThomasCockeS1259662nd Inf.
Moore, ThomasCockeW11012Moore, Elizabeth Hollaway
Moore, Thomas CravenHendersonS574514th Cav.
Moore, Thomas J.GreeneS296361st Inf.
Moore, Thomas JeffersonSequatchieW1649Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Tillman TennesseeBedfordW2301Moore, Mary Francis
Moore, Virgil BurkeDavidsonW2076Moore, Barbara Francis
Moore, W. D.HaywoodS165193rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Moore, W. F.ShelbyS1440918th Miss. Cav.
Moore, W. P.CockeS546460th Inf.
Moore, W. T.GilesS63525th Ala. Bn., Inf.
Moore, W. T.ShelbyS1577611th (Holman's) Cav.
Moore, WilliamGibsonS524th Inf.
Moore, WilliamGibsonW4595Moore, Sarah Elizabeth
Moore, William AnthonyLauderdaleS675950th Inf.
Moore, William AnthonyLauderdaleW6881Moore, Elizabeth J.
Moore, William AntipassHamiltonW11158Moore, Rosa B.
Moore, William C.CarrollW6211Moore, Harriett Lane
Moore, William DuncanHaywoodW10899Moore, Eva J.
Moore, William G.RutherfordS6818th Inf.
Moore, William H.HickmanW5032Moore, Elizabeth H.
Moore, William H. H.HawkinsS11572nd Cav.
Moore, William J.LauderdaleW902Moore, Mary Ann
Moore, William J.RoaneS55717th N.C. Inf.
Moore, William JamesMauryS1406448th (Voorhies') Inf.
Moore, William JamesMauryW5216Moore, Jennie Ella
Moore, William S.GibsonW356Moore, Mary E.
Moore, Wyly TilmanBedfordW9562Moore, Mary Artiemissie
Moorefield, John W.ShelbyS1303914th Va. Inf.
Mooreland, John A.HamiltonS9314Lookout Art.
Mooring, James DixonLakeW4984Mooring, Mary E.
Moorman, CyrusBedfordS1137341st Inf.
Moorman, H. C.FayetteS1656413th Inf.
Moose, WilliamTiptonW3106Moose, Susan
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Moran, MikeObionS9810th Inf.
More, GilesGiles C229th Cav.
Morefield, JoeSullivanS535053rd N.C. Inf.
Morehead, Joseph M.ShelbyW9315Morehead, Nannie L.
Morel, Julius S.DavidsonW10346Morel, Mary Thompson
Moreland, Johr HenryHamiltonW8424Moreland, Martha Wheeler
Moreland, Jonathan R.HamblenS1289612th Bn., (Day's) Cav.
Moreland, S. J.WeakleyS11040 & S719917th Miss. Inf.
Morell, William R.SullivanW3778Morrell, Elizzie Jane
Morelock, BakerSullivanW448Morelock, Prissey
Morelock, JacobHawkinsW1204Morelock, Hannah
Morelock, Nathan B.HamblenS997543rd Inf.
Morelock, Nathan B.HamblenW7262Morelock, Nancy
Morelock, SamuelHawkinsS64429th Inf.
Morelock, SamuelHawkinsW8430Morelock, Nancy
Morelock, Samuel Jr.HawkinsS1003831st Inf.
Morelon, B. G.JacksonS68728th Inf.
Morford, Charles R.WarrenW9302Morford, Mollie C.
Morford, Henry C.WarrenS1438711th (Holman's) Cav.
Morgan, A. W.ChesterS645031st Inf.
Morgan, Algernon SidneyWhiteW2501Morgan, Vina
Morgan, Andy J.MonroeS706659th Inf.
Morgan, Benjamin LedfordCockeS1206579th N.C. Inf.
Morgan, Charles HynamMontgomeryS757514th Inf.
Morgan, E. W.ShelbyS165463rd Miss. Inf.
Morgan, Edwin JamesShelbyS64177th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Morgan, Ephraim WestonShelbyW10881Morgan, Annie Stephenson
Morgan, G. H.HendersonW5304Morgan, Mary Amanda
Morgan, George HamptonWarrenW6146Morgan, Mary Elizabeth
Morgan, George W.HendersonS866051st Inf.
Morgan, H. R.RobertsonS1277711th Inf.
Morgan, Henry A.GibsonS633319th Cav.
Morgan, Henry B.MooreS194941st Inf.
Morgan, Hiram RiburnRobertsonW4411Morgan, Nannie Mai
Morgan, I. C.Van BurenS1122035th Inf.
Morgan, I. C.Van BurenW7550Morgan, Jennie B.
Morgan, J. B.DavidsonW4124Morgan, Mary
Morgan, J. H.RheaS1284522nd Ala. Inf.
Morgan, J. J.OvertonS889125th Inf.
Morgan, J. L.PolkS470929th Inf.
Morgan, J. M. L.MonroeS842737th Inf.
Morgan, J. S.OvertonS20318th Cav.
Morgan, JamesHumphreysW6832Morgan, Annie
Morgan, James HenryLakeW9448Morgan, Elizabeth White
Morgan, James L.KnoxS130172nd Ga. Bn.
Morgan, James La FayetteKnoxW5493Morgan, Lucinda R.
Morgan, James M.StewartW10655Morgan, Rebecca Jane
Morgan, Job M.JacksonS14770 & S145768th Inf.
Morgan, Jobe M.JacksonW7771Morgan, Paulina M.
Morgan, JohnObionS594027th Inf.
Morgan, JohnTiptonS50228th (Smith's) Cav.
Morgan, JohnTiptonW6557Morgan, Cleopatria
Morgan, John AdrianShelbyW10266Morgan, Willie Austin
Morgan, John E.ChesterS805331st Inf.
Morgan, John H.DavidsonW7918Morgan, Tennie
Morgan, John HenryDavidsonW9203Morgan, Sarah Tennie
Morgan, John LayfayettePolkW5673Morgan, Malissa Ellen
Morgan, John W.JacksonS5914th Inf.
Morgan, John W.SumnerS1338220th Inf.
Morgan, L. B.CoffeeS125584th (McLemore's) Cav.
Morgan, M. L.ObionS1404827th Inf.
Morgan, Robert L.SullivanS274663rd Inf.
Morgan, Robert WilsonCrockettW2702Morgan, Margaret Elizabeth
Morgan, S. G.DecaturS838812th Ky. Cav.
Morgan, S. M.HamiltonS24443rd Inf.
Morgan, Silas MarionHamiltonW1881Morgan, Mahala
Morgan, T. D.DavidsonS9353Unassigned (Captain
of Wagon Train)
Morgan, Thomas L. B.OvertonS457 & S13428th Cav.
Morgan, Thomas LouisOvertonW7884Morgan, Artilda
Morgan, W. C.PutnamW8428Morgan, Marena
Morgan, W. S.TiptonS71483rd Inf.
Morgan, W. W.RheaS103036th Ga. Cav.
Morgan, William AlbertRobertsonW5702Morgan, Mazy Eliza
Morgan, William C.PutnamS8701Shaw's Bn., Cav.
Morgan, William J. P.SevierS135903rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Morgan, William PorterMauryW9994Morgan, Nannie Williams
Morgan, Willis AllenChesterW7008Morgan, Jane P.
Morgan, ZachariahWarrenS442635th Inf.
Moriasty, ThomasBentonS275455th Inf.
Morison, J. L.ClaiborneS122631st Va. Cav.
Moritz, John D.ClaiborneW1425Moritz, Amelia
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Morrell, C. R.SullivanS251926th Inf.
Morrell, Caleb R.SullivanW1449Morrell, Margaret Edney
Morrell, E.A.SullivanS210426th Inf.
Morrell, J. F.SullivanS8504th Cav.
Morrell, J. F. E.WashingtonS1490361st Inf.
Morrell, J.C.CockeS1505959th Inf.
Morrell, James B.GraingerS12027Unassigned (Nitre Bureau)
Morrell, James B.GraingerW3566Morrell, Mary
Morrell, John M.GraingerS283326th Inf.
Morrell, John R.SullivanS399526th Inf.
Morrell, Jonathan FranklinSullivanW981Morrell, Susan Catherine
Morrell, Joseph O.CarterS63760th Inf.
Morrell, Joseph O.CarterW6615Morrell, Ruth
Morrell, N. O.SullivanS372761st Inf.
Morrell, Nathan O.SullivanW1814Morrell, Rosannah
Morrell, Rufus W.SullivanS400463rd Inf.
Morrell, Rufus WhiteSullivanW6243Morrell, Martha Ellen
Morrell, William R.SullivanS8540Undetermined.
Morris, A. W.WashingtonS140829th Inf.
Morris, AaronHickmanS16402 & S1659448th Inf.
Morris, Allen P.FayetteS337154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Morris, Andrew I.MontgomeryS1289426th Va. Inf.
Morris, B. F.DecaturS659343rd Miss. Inf.
Morris, B. F.DecaturW9938Morris, Minnie E.
Morris, B. R.WayneS3179 & S116742nd Miss. Inf.
Morris, C. L.WayneS150839th Cav.
Morris, C. M.WeakleyS590821st (Wilson's) Cav.
Morris, C. T.FranklinS735841st Inf.
Morris, Calvin T.FranklinW5527Morris, Elizabeth E.
Morris, Charlie LeeWayneW9788Morris, Priscilla
Morris, Daniel E.MaconS911324th Inf.
Morris, E.FranklinS121334th (McLemore's) Cav.
Morris, EdFranklinW10239Morris, Bettie Walker
Morris, Edward C.MadisonW5906Morris, Sallie Sharp
Morris, Elisha GreenMarshallW8663Morris, Chloe Ann
Morris, G. B. C.HenryS506515th Inf.
Morris, George W.RobertsonS214 & S842049th Inf.
Morris, Henry T.HenryS20377th Cav.
Morris, Ishom H.GibsonS126678th (Smith's) Cav.
Morris, J. B.DyerS52866th Miss. Inf.
Morris, J. H.ShelbyS1562923rd Inf.
Morris, J. M.HenryS1096951st N.C. Inf.
Morris, J. P.ObionS141523rd Inf.
Morris, J. W.SumnerS194230th Inf.
Morris, James C.McMinnS1249059th Inf.
Morris, James P.ChesterS362621st Cav.
Morris, JoeCheathamS1248418th Inf.
Morris, Joel A.MarshallW159Morris, Susan M.
Morris, JohnCarterS1527159th Inf.
Morris, JohnSullivanS1396159th Inf.
Morris, John E.SumnerW716Morris, Sarah Catherine
Morris, John H.HenryS140407th Ky. Cav.
Morris, John L.DavidsonW5221Morris, Letitia R.
Morris, John S.ChesterS220321st Cav.
Morris, John S.ChesterW4932Morris, Mary
Morris, John W.TiptonS605630th N.C. State Troops
Morris, Jonathan Jr.WayneS150989th Bn., Cav.
Morris, Joseph C.WeakleyW10649Morris, Harriet Serena
Morris, Joseph H.TiptonS30844th Miss. Inf.
Morris, Joseph.CheathamW6244Morris, Martha Washington.
Morris, Josh K.FayetteS151149th Inf.
Morris, L H.GibsonW4948Morris, Elizabeth P.
Morris, L. W.GreeneS1041260th Inf.
Morris, Luther A.HamiltonS1073735th Miss. Inf.
Morris, Martin LutherStewartW10924Morris, Missouri
Morris, N. E.WilliamsonS1518820th Inf.
Morris, PadenHaywood C256Regiment not given
Morris, R. C.WilsonS509345th Inf.
Morris, Richard GarnerWilsonW9274Morris, Leona
Morris, RobertMcMinnS1303159th Inf.
Morris, Robert L.RobertsonS1551921st (Carter's) Cav.
Morris, Robert PinkObionW7247Morris, Willie A.
Morris, Robert ThompsonWilliamsonW8825Morris, Catherine Foy
Morris, Samuel W.SumnerS907420th Inf.
Morris, T. P.WeakleyS11594 & S591352nd Inf.
Morris, Tandy G.WeakleyS83305th Inf.
Morris, Tandy G.WeakleyW2326Morris, Agnes T.
Morris, ThomasShelbyW5469Morris, Mary A.
Morris, W. C.SumnerS43920th Inf.
Morris, W. J.ObionS14922 & S1408827th Inf.
Morris, W. R.WhiteS823025th Inf.
Morris, W. T.HaywoodS1544818th (Newsom's) Cav.
Morris, William G.SumnerW2153Morris, Gemima
Morris, William JeffersonHendersonW371Morris, Rachel Lucinda
Morris, Wilson TaylorRobertsonW2430Morris, Ellen
Morris, Z. M.BledsoeS764720th (Russell's) Cav.
Morris, Zebulon MontgomeryBledsoeW2052 Morris, Nora B.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Morrisett, J. R.TiptonS1429210th Cav.
Morrisett, James P.HawkinsS122160th Inf.
Morrison, E. J.HamiltonS854135th Inf.
Morrison, E. W.BlountS947937th Inf.
Morrison, Francis MorrisonRheaS44385th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Morrison, G. E.ShelbyS144353rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Morrison, JacobGreeneS363231st Inf.
Morrison, James C.MarionW1486Morrison, Fannie
Morrison, James CalvinMarionS56021st (Carter's) Cav.
Morrison, Jarnes E.LawrenceS499732nd Inf.
Morrison, Jesse J.GreeneS1369331st Inf.
Morrison, John L.ClaiborneW7842Morrison, Nora E.
Morrison, M. L.RoaneS123875th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Morrison, Marquis LafayetteRoaneW8973Morrison, Catherine Brown
Morrison, RobertMontgomeryS620113th Ky. Cav.
Morrison, Thomas B.RoaneS81045th Cav.
Morrison, W. H.MauryS733715th Ark. Inf.
Morrison, WyattRutherfordW247Regiment not given
Morriss, WilburnHamiltonS67817th Inf.
Morrow, A. GreenDavidsonW7758Morrow, Margaret E.
Morrow, Hugh J.WarrenS4335th Inf.
Morrow, J. W.KnoxS11649Burrough's Co., Art.
Morrow, JohnDavidsonW257Morrow, Pheobe Ann
Morrow, John M.RutherfordS1576019th Inf.
Morrow, Martin A. Sr.DavidsonS77005th Inf.
Morrow, N. F.LawrenceS1322719th (Biffle's) Cav.
Morrow, R. J.WilliamsonS1087244th Inf.
Morrow, Robert JacksonWilliamsonW4506Morrow, Rebecca Jane
Morrow, Robert L.WarrenS824635th Inf.
Morrow, W. J.GreeneS676014th Bn., N.C. Inf.
Morrow, W. J.GreeneW2765Morrow, Flora Lucinda
Morse, C. M.WilsonS1315418th Inf.
Morse, JamesHendersonS41118th N.C. Inf.
Morse, William HarrisonWilsonW9284 & W8867Morse, Laura Lee
Morton, Atlas J.HenryS322546th Inf.
Morton, George HardyDavidsonW4094Morton, Dora
Morton, George W.SullivanS1410763rd Inf.
Morton, George W.SullivanW10489Morton, Martha Ann
Morton, IsaacLincolnS4242 & S687841st Inf.
Morton, Isiah W.GrundyW1626Morton, Elizabeth
Morton, J. M.ShelbyS654138th Inf.
Morton, J. S.WilliamsonS1161044th (Consolidated) Inf.
Morton, Jacob E.GilesS315111th Cav.
Morton, James HardisonMauryS1421717th Inf.
Morton, John H.DavidsonS1456210th Ky. Cav.
Morton, Johnathan M.SullivanW3444Morton, Sarah A.
Morton, Jonathan M.SullivanS577063rd Inf.
Morton, N. D.SullivanS1093812th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Morton, Nathan D.SullivanW11091Morton, Jennie
Morton, S. F.SullivanS1307636th Inf.
Morton, W. C.WarrenW8939Morton, Mary Byars
Morton, W. T.DavidsonS112536th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Morton, William C.WarrenW1823Morton, Mary E.
Morton, William NewlandSullivanW4117Morton, Mary C.
Morton, William P.GrundyS38591st (Turney's) Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Mosby, Charles WinstonShelbyS139881st Cav.
Mosby, James CrockettRutherfordW10954Partee, Mary L.(Mosby)
Mosby, Samuel GwinDavidsonW9842Mosby, Mary Brooks
Moseley, Edward ArcherRutherfordW6722Moseley, Mary H.
Moseley, H. W.GibsonS1653512th Inf.
Moseley, J. E.MontgomeryS854249th Inf.
Moseley, James A.MarshallS1618223rd Inf.
Moseley, JohnSullivanS1462960th Inf.
Moseley, R. H.WilliamsonS154144th (McLemore's) Cav.
Moseley, Samuel StarnesMauryW8548Moseley, Ida Figures
Moseley, William CrawfordWilliamsonW1253Moseley, Lydia Jane
Mosely, Edward ArcherBedfordS834217th Inf.
Mosely, Hillery WoodLauderdaleS319731st Inf.
Mosely, W. H.HumphreysS5506Sparkman's Co. Lt. Art.
Moser, AlexanderMauryW8377Moser, Martha Jane
Moser, Alexander Z.MauryS12716 & S13613
& S15159
21st N.C. Inf.
Moser, BenWilsonS148574th (McLemore's) Cav.
Moser, BenjaminWilsonW10222Moser, Luvena
Moser, Joseph E.MauryS1271721st N.C. Inf.
Moses, AndersonMonroeS889831st Inf.
Moses, AndersonMonroeW9450Moses, Rachel
Moses, Frank ArmstrongKnoxW7012Moses, Lizzie Mitchell
Moses, James PhilipHaywoodW8938Moses, Sue Ware
Moses, JohnMadisonC697th Cav.
Moses, Martin VincentDavidsonS160872nd (Robison's) Inf.
Moses, R. A.SullivanS1202672nd N.C. Inf.
Moses, Samuel D.KnoxW4090Moses, Bettie O.
Moses, T. L.ShelbyS552034th Inf.
Mosley, F. B.TiptonS1308432nd Inf.
Mosley, J. A.MarshallW9679Mosley, Louisa Alice
Mosley, J. R.MadisonS147893rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Mosley, John NelsonWashingtonW8412Mosley, Allice
Moss, A. H.WhiteS27375th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Moss, Abraham B.SullivanS140963rd Inf.
Moss, GeorgeCrockettS118307th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Moss, George W.ObionW8494Moss, Martha Alice
Moss, George WashingtonShelbyW9613Moss, Amanda Lucinda
Moss, Henry K.MarshallS782520th Inf.
Moss, Henry K.MarshallW1937Moss, Jermie
Moss, I. J.MontgomeryS808412th N.C. Inf.
Moss, J. H.CampbellS861848th Va. Inf.
Moss, J. H.MontgomeryW1872Moss, Louisa A.
Moss, James ColumbusKnoxW2453Moss, Miriam Amelia
Moss, Newton J.WilliamsonW241Moss, Tennessee Caroline
Moss, Robert E.DavidsonS126166th (Wheeler's) Cav.
Moss, Thomas F.HickmanS77424th W.
Moss, Thomas FletcherHickmanW5983Moss, Jemima Eviline
Moss, W. M.MadisonS152601st Inf.
Moss, W. M.MadisonW9722Moss, Mary Peyton
Moss, Will SummerfieldWilliamsonW10209Moss, Whitetta
Moss, WilliamWilsonS168918th Inf.
Moss, William GiddinsWilliamsonW3630Moss, Margaret A.
Moss, William L.SmithS1426 & S679Undetermined
Motley, JamesMarionS643437th Inf.
Motley, James JosephHaywoodS569112th Inf.
Motley, James MarshalHardemanS100839th Inf.
Motley, William DanielHardemanS3608Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Motlow, FelixMooreS81761st (Turney's) Inf.
Motlow, Felix WalkerMonroeW10643Floyd, Sallie E.(Motlow)
Motor, William H.JacksonS52828th Inf.
Mottern, HenrySullivanS20194th Cav.
Mottern, HenrySullivanW679Mottern, Elizabeth
Mounger, J. E.AndersonS1478016th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.
Mounger, JamesKnoxW5577Mounger, Rebecca R.Harris
Mounger, JamesLoudonS1319316th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.
Mounger, John M.HamiltonW917Mounger, Mattie Elizabeth
Mouton, J. N.MeigsS90233rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Moveland, Bevely G.SmithS246328th Inf.
Mowery, Louis AlexanderBradleyW3343Mowery, Sarah Jane
Moye, Henry WilliamsonSumnerS1306112th Ky. Cav.
Moyers, Samuel H.LincolnS710141st Inf.
Moyers, Samuel HenryLincolnW8465Moyers, Rena
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Mulkeron, Joe HaywoodHaywoodW6301Mulkeron, Helen Marr
Mullen, Edward AlexanderHardemanW8826Mullen, Mary Adeline
Mullendore, A. L.SevierS67915th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Mullendore, Abraham L.SevierW5528Mullendore, Laura B.
Mullenix, B. J.CannonW472Mullenix, Mary Pairlee
Mullenox, B. J.DavidsonS16672nd Cav.
Mullens, DavidBedfordW108Mullens, Nettie
Mullens, J. R.LincolnS47611st (Turney's) Inf.
Mullens, R. W.DavidsonS108094th Inf.
Mullens, Robert WilliamGibsonW3754Mullens, Henry Buchanan
Muller, C. P.DavidsonS1446th Fla. Inf.
Mullican, P. G.WarrenS552"Home Guards"
Mullican, W. W.WarrenW2927Mullican, N.E.
Mullican, William W.WarrenS162316th Inf.
Mulliken, William HarveyLauderdaleW10632Mulliken, Mittie Mildred
Mullinax, JamesWilsonS163238th (Smith's) Cav.
Mullinax, James P.CannonS1627822nd (Barteau's) Cav.
Mullinox, James M.JeffersonS52871st S.C. Hvy. Art.
Mullins, ColemanMooreW1128Mullins, Marilda
Mullins, EphraimJohnsonS1383810th (Dismond's) Ky. Cav.
Mullins, G. W.GibsonS882012th Inf.
Mullins, H. B.SullivanS577119th Inf.
Mullins, Henderson B.SullivanW5976Mullins, Maggie E.
Mullins, J. T.LincolnS54571st (Turney's) Inf.
Mullins, J. W.LincolnS840744th Inf.
Mullins, JamesBedfordS573223rd Inf.
Mullins, JerryHancockW3994Mullins, Alley
Mullins, John RichardsonLincolnW7944Mullins, Florida Ann
Mullins, M. M.HendersonS316255th Inf.
Mullins, O. H. P.Maury S907734th Inf.
Mullins, Oliver Hazard
MauryW4617Mullins, Sarah Margret
Mullins, Peter A.RutherfordS723819th Ala. Inf.
Mullins, Peter AndersonRutherfordW6260Mullins, Rebecca Jane
Mullins, RileyClaiborneW1072Mullins, Rittia
Mullins, W. U.MooreS436323rd Inf.
Mullins, WilliamBedfordS236241st Inf.
Mumford, Thomas J.MontgomeryS12787 & S129884th Inf.
Mumpower, James C.WashingtonS16059Smith's Bn., Reserves
Munday, Bailey PeytonSmithW475Munday, Susan McGaughey
Munday, WilliamSmithW1193Munday, Sally
Muney, E. H.WarrenS89038th (Smith's) Cav.
Munford, Henry H.HickmanW372Munford, Emma
Munroe, W. T.DavidsonS76481st Ark. Mtd. Rifles
Munroe, William T.DavidsonW7047Munroe, Mary E.
Munsam, Thomas J.CarrollS118755th Inf.
Munson, Sylvester A.ShelbyS1239413th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Murchison, E. F.ChesterS1382018th (Newsom's) Cav.
Murdaugh, L. B.HardemanS12271 & S16681Forrest's Old Regt. Cav.
Murdock, E. K.OvertonS1528225th Inf.
Murdock, J. M. P.HamblenS563948th Va. Inf.
Murdock, William J. R.GreeneS77156th Inf.
Murff, NathanShelbyW6455Murff, Martha Missouri
Murkin, Herman LutherDavidsonS165214th Inf.
Murkin, John A.DavidsonS38221st (Turney's) Inf.
Murkin, John A.DavidsonW1816Murkin, Mary Elizabeth
Murley, John ClarkHardemanS6122154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Murley, William HamiltonHardemanW2247Murley, Nancy
Murphey, JamesHawkinsS1668331st Inf.
Murphey, John ColemanRobertsonW10324Murphey, Mary
Murphey, John WesleyHoustonS73214th Inf.
Murphree, James D.HickmanS30542nd Inf.
Murphy, D. F.WarrenS22754th Cav.
Murphy, H. C.RobertsonS1396418th Inf.
Murphy, Isah FranklinMarshallW841Murphy, Sarah Lucinda
Murphy, J. K. P.RutherfordS108602nd Ala. Inf.
Murphy, J. K. P.RutherfordW5112Murphy, Fannie
Murphy, J. W.HoustonS112314th Inf.
Murphy, JeremiahJeffersonS1202nd Inf.
Murphy, JerryJeffersonS7622nd (Walker's) Inf.
Murphy, John MiltonShelbyW10828Murphy, Molly Grace
Murphy, John S.SmithS72394th (McLemore's) Cav.
Murphy, John S.SmithW3472Murphy, Malissa
Murphy, John WesleyHoustonW849Murphy, Martha Ann
Murphy, MilesRutherfordS1038921st (Carter's) Cav.
Murphy, MosesMadisonS2846th Inf.
Murphy, MosesWhiteW1308Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Robert S.ObionS156112th Ky. Inf.
Murphy, William G.RobertsonW614Murphy, Martha Francis
Murr, WesleyCockeS362426th Inf.
Murrah, Morgan H.HardinS1068860th Ga. Inf.
Murray, A. P.MarshallS9718Undetermined.
Murray, Andrew J.ShelbyW3247Murray, Ione Saxon
Murray, BranchFayette C12817th Miss. Inf.
Murray, CharlesShelby C2264th (Murray's) Cav.
Murray, D. B.RutherfordS103658th (Smith's) Cav.
Murray, G. W.WilsonS55847th Inf.
Murray, George W.WilsonW8047Murray, Delia A.
Murray, GilbertMcMinnS290543rd Inf.
Murray, Gilbert.McMinnW7663Murray, Matilda Catherine
Murray, H. L. W.GilesS9323rd Inf.
Murray, Henry AllenDicksonW9922Murray, Sarah E.
Murray, HiramRutherfordW3678Murray, Nancy E.
Murray, J. B.GraingerS148212nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Murray, J. L. W.GilesS11893rd Inf.
Murray, JamesJohnsonS78138th Va. Inf.
Murray, JamesJohnsonW6002Murray, Isabelle
Murray, James JohnstoneMarshallW8746Murray, Mollie Anne
Murray, John HarveyBradleyW1142Murray, Rebecca
Murray, Joseph C. Sr.GraingerS123352nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Murray, Joseph CobbGraingerW6796 & W8096Murray, Rachel Elizabeth
Murray, Oliver H. P.GilesS1650211th Cav.
Murray, Oliver Hazard PerryGilesW10925Murray, Lavanda Jane
Murray, R. P.SullivanS958360th Inf.
Murray, Raland P.WashingtonW201Murray, Uretha
Murray, Thomas B.BedfordS1748th Inf.
Murray, William H.ShelbyS158092nd Miss. Cav.
Murray, William HaydenShelbyW8649Murray, Susan
Murrell, A. H. D.FranklinS19376th Inf.
Murrell, BenjaminHumphreysS40710th Cav.
Murrell, R. C.HickmanS1086511th Inf.
Murrell, William EstesFranklinW1840Murrell, Eliza G.
Murrell, WortheHaywoodS1572118th Miss. Cav.
Murrey, M. N.CarrollS156008th (Smith's) Cav.
Murry, H. C.McNairyS45861st Ala. Miss. & Tenn. Inf.
Murry, William C.SmithW11016Murry, Tennessee
Murser, Michael J.SullivanS411763rd Va. Inf.
Murtaugh, ThomasMadisonS13427Tobin's Co., Art.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Muse, George P.BedfordS85862nd Inf.
Muse, Timothy NewtonCoffeeW1496Muse, Harriet
Muse, W. J.BedfordS109981st (Turney's) Inf.
Muse, William J.BedfordW5202Muse, Nannie C.
Muse, William R.BedfordS786817th Inf.
Muse, William RiceRutherfordW2615Muse, Nannie Anne
Musgrove, James R.BedfordS1657432nd Inf.
Musgroves, Billie WebsterShelby C2158th Miss. Cav.
Musick, Archibald GainesSullivanS963448th Va. Inf.
Musick, Archibald GainesSullivanW5971Musick, Sarah E
Musser, W. E.HamblenS946929th Inf.
Musser, William S.JeffersonS47429th Va. Inf.
Musser, William S.JeffersonW2749Musser, Mary A.
Muzzall, LewisHenry C6520th Cav.
Muzzell, Stephen W.CarrollS1368746th Inf.
Myatt, J. C.CumberlandS109928th Inf.
Myatt, J. F.DicksonS1003924th Bn. Sharpshooters
Myatt, James FranklinDicksonW9913Myatt, Missouri Arkansas
Myatt, John C.CumberlandW1346Myatt, Elizabeth
Myatt, W. J.DicksonS1562349th Inf.
Myatt, William J.DicksonS406549th Inf.
Myatt, William JacksonDicksonW9868Myatt, Sarah Petty
Myers, AbeJacksonS133908th Cav.
Myers, AbePutnamW8810Myers, Nancy Jane
Myers, Alfred A.TiptonS17801st Hvy. Art.
Myers, Calvin E.OvertonS16098 & S163178th Cav.
Myers, G. W.DavidsonS332618th Inf.
Myers, George BoganShelbyW2909Myers, Annie Little
Myers, J. B.HawkinsS114412th Cav.
Myers, J. K. P.McNairyS687911th Miss. Inf.
Myers, J. K. P.McNairyW7606Myers, Susan A.
Myers, JamesJeffersonW1634Myers, Malinda
Myers, JohnDavidsonS114911st Ark. Art.
Myers, JohnDavidsonW5999Myers, Mary Jane
Myers, JohnMarionS1488135th Inf.
Myers, John N.GraingerS698659th Inf.
Myers, John P.HawkinsS1416964th Va. Inf.
Myers, Lorenzo S.BedfordS7571Byrnes' Co., Horse
Art., Morgan's Cav
Myers, MosesCarrollS1455220th (Russell's) Cav.
Myers, T. P.SumnerS872728th Inf.
Myers, W. N.JohnsonS122781st Cav.
Myers, William A.GraingerW1148Myers, Lavina
Myers, William A.MadisonS1569826th N.C. Inf.
Myers, William HoustonCarterW6530Myers, Margaret Emily
Mylius, H.BradleyS610Unassigned (Worked
in Button factory
at Atlanta, Ga.)
Mynatt, George W.GraingerS1797Ramsey's Battery, Art.
Mynatt, Matt H.KnoxS11351Kain's Battery, Lt. Art.
Myres, Isaac B.HawkinsW1947Myres, Susannah
Myrick, John C.HenryS2649154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Myrick, John CorneliusHenryW10818Myrick, Laura
Myrick, R. L.HardinS35644th Inf.


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