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Pt. 9: Icehower - Ivy


Last Name First Name County Company Regiment
Icehower S. A. GreeneC73rd TN Inf.
IngleAlonzoSullivanH31st TN Inf.
IngleJames A.CarrollA50th TN Inf.
IngramJohn CalvinWilson 7th TN Inf.
IngramNeedham TaylorShelbyC1st AR Cav.
InmanEzekielPerryI9th TN Cav.
InmanThomas RedisObionB27th TN Inf.
IrelandRufus MorganDavidsonD2nd TN Cav.
IrwinJames William (Capt.)HardinG1st TN Cav.
Ivy R. L. ShelbyDForrest's Cav.


* An asterisk indicates that the veteran provided information beyond what was requested in the questionnaire.


Updated March 14, 2008


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