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Acts of Tennessee, 1796-1850 > N


Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
NaffAbraham18495048.1Greene County - Clear Spring Academy incorporated
NaffD.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
NailAquilla182328290.2Bledsoe County
NailJames18202581.2Williamson County - last name changed to Swanson
NailMary18202581.2Williamson County - last name changed to Swanson
NailWilliam182429144.3Bledsoe County road commissioner
NailorAlfred18374357.1Rutherford County - Fosterville Turnpike Road Company commissioner
NallJohn18111770.1West Tenn. - land grant issued
NallWilliam1799829.1Grainger County commissioner
NallWilliam18031064.1Rutledge commissioner
NallWilliam183237 Private91Gibson County - Failed to appear in court
NanceC. W.184548218.18Payment for running line between TN and Kentucky
NanceC. W.18495051.2Stone's River Turnpike Company incorporated
NanceC. W.18495052.1Davidson County - Washington Institute trustee
NanceClement18454893.1Davidson County - Mill Creek Valley Turnpike Company commissioner
NanceLeonard C.183743259.1Roane County - concerning alteration of Rhea County line
NancePeter183743177.17Maryville and Knoxville Turnpike Company commissioner
NanceRichard18434774.1Rutherford County - concerning alteration of Bedford County line
NanceWilliam L.18495040.10Nashville Mechanics' Manufacturing Company incorporated
NanceWilliam18495014.5Columbia, Mooresville, Cornersville, and Lewisburg Turnpike Company
NantsP. R.184950117.4Obion County - Eromathian Society of Westbrook Academy
NapierElias W.182126218Fugitive from justice - advertised in the Clarion
NapierGeorge F.183339 Private136.1Laurence County
NapierHenry A. C.183743290.1Dickson County - Charlotte, Waverly and Reynoldsburg Turnpike Company
NapierJohn C.18333834.1Dickson County - Planters Bank of TN
NapierM. C.18454857.17Maury County - Duck River Slack Water Navigation Company
NapierMadison C.18323618.3Hickman County - may use vacant land for manufacture of iron
NapierMadison C.183339 Private93DicksonCounty - An act to benefit
NapierRichard1806138.1Tracy Academy Trustee (Dickson County)
NapierRichard18071456.3Dickson County - Tracy Academy trustee - dismissed
NapierRichard C.18071456.1Dickson County - Tracy Academy trustee
NapierRichard C.182732 Private173.1Cumberland River improvement - lottery superintendant
NapierRichard C.182933 Private151.3Perry County - to enter land for iron works
NapierRichard C.182933 Private307.5Compensated for stoves
NapierRichard C.183135 Private96.1Perry County - encouraged to manufacture iron
NarrimoreJohn180916109.1Love Academy trustee
NarrimoreJohn18091688.1Bledsoe County commissioner
NashMalcijah18495061.3Claiborne County - Union County commissioner
NashMichael181923144Land warrant defeated by prior claim
NashWilliam18031077.1Rutherford County commissioner
NashWilliam18121839A.1Allowed a certificate
NashWilliam182328237.3Concerning a land warrant
NashWilliam182429170.2Deficiency in land grant corrected
NashWilliam182429R.10Land grants adjudicated
NashWilliam182429Res. 9Land grant adjudicated
NationThomas182732 Private72Campbell County - Clynch River fish trap authorized
NationsChristopher182933 Private126.1Claiborne County - compensated for gun
NaveJohn181117109.1Carter County - Elizabethton commissioner
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
NealAshley18495057.2Wilson County - Farmers' Academy trustee
NealJ. R.184950117.3Rutherford County - Calleopean Society of Union University
NealJames H.183541 Private148.2Mentioned
NealJames L.182631 Private187.2Commissioner of Russellville
NealJames R.184548152.1Hawkins County - Knoxville and Virginia Turnpike Company
NealJohn T.183135 Private153.2Lincoln County - commissioned to establish Lincoln/Bedford line
NealJohn T.184548172.1Bedford County - appointed to locate Grundy County seat
NealJohn T.18454833.10Bedford County - Shelbyville and Fayetteville Turnpike Company
NealJohn T.18495029.3Shelbyville, Richmond, Petersburg, and Fayetteville Turnpike Co.
NealSamuel18111779Hawkins County bank director
NealSamuel J.184548188.1Fayette County - Botanico Medical College trustee
NealSidney181117107.2Hawkins County resident - legitimatized
NealW. D.184548140.3Central Academy trustee
NealWilliam183237 Private83Tipton County - Commissioner for the town of Pottersville
NeallyJane C.183135 Private204.1Jackson County - issued certificate of land grant
NeallyJoseph P.183135 Private204.1Jackson County - issued certificate of land grant
NealyGeorge M. D.182530194.1Last name changed to Deadrick
NealyPaul H.182328219.1Copelensburgh commissioner
NeaseGeorge184548123.1Cocke County - commissioner to select county seat
NeedhamJohn W.183743250.1Gibson County - Trenton and Troy Turnpike Company
NeedhamJohn W.18374335.1Gibson County - former sheriff and collector
NeedhamLewis18242983.1West Tenn. - grant issued
NeelS. J.184749206.1Macon Female Academy Trustee
NeelT. G.184749206.1Macon Male Academy Trustee
NeeleyJames B.184749204.12Jackson and Estinaula Turnpike Company
NeeleyR. P.184749209.2Hatchee River Commissioner
NeeleyRufus P.18474911.2Hatchee River Bridge builder
NeeleyThomas J.183541 Private142.1Trustee of the Lafayette Male and Female Academy
NeeleyWilliam183541 Private21.3Davidson County - Nashville and Kentucky Turnpike commissioner
NeelyAndrew183743288.1Carroll County - Huntingdon and Jackson Turnpike Company commissioner
NeelyCharles18091677.1Pulaski Academy Trustee
NeelyJames180714104.4Layed out a road from Franklin to Muscle-Shoals
NeelyJames Sr.18061342.1Road commissioner
NeelyJohn S.182732 Private99.4Carroll County - Carroll Academy trustee
NeelyR. P.183743208.1Hardeman County - Memphis, Somerville and Bolivar Turnpike Company
NeelyR. P.183743251.3Hardeman County - Savannah, Purdy and Bolivar Turnpike Company
NeelyR. P.183743288.3Hardeman County - Bolivar and Jackson Turnpike Company commissioner
NeelyRufus P.183743229.3Hardeman County - commissioner to improve navigation of Big Hatchee River
NeelyWilliam18202555.2Former resident of Davidson County
NeelyWilliam182328265.2Davidson County
NeelyWilliam182429159.1Bought land from Philip Walker
NeelyWilliam183743147.3Davidson County - Nashville and Bowling Green Turnpike Company commissioner
NeighaverGeorge18041118.1Mentioned in Sullivan County boundaries
NeighaverGeorge18051246.1Land mentioned in division of Sullivan & Carter Cos.
NeilJohn T.183541 Private6.2Bedford County - Middle and East TN Railroad commissioner
NeilJohn T.184749118.14TN Central Railroad Commissioner
NeilJohn T.184749219.38Shelbyville, Farmington, and Lewisburg Turnpike
NeilWilliam18474925Clinton Seminary trustee
NeillJames K.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
NeillJames R.183743291.1Hawkins County - Rogersville and French Broad Turnpike Company
NeillJohn T.183743249.1Columbia and Shelbyville Central Turnpike Company commissioner
NeilsonAlexander G.182631 Private45.1Appointed manager of a lottery
NeilsonCharles B.18091625.1Franklin Water Company
NeilsonH.D.183541 Private4.2Paris to Randolph railroad company authorized
NeilsonHugh D.183135 Private16.1Gibson County - Trenton Female Academy trustee
NeilsonHugh D.18333854.1Gibson County - Farmers and Merchants Bank of Memphis
NeilsonMatthew18091690.2Kingston commissioner
NeilsonRobert182429104.3Buncomb County N. Carolina - deceased
NeilsonWilliam D.18091690.2Kingston commissioner
NeilsonWilliam1801969.3Subscriptions in Washington/Greene and Jefferson Counties
NeilyWilliam18071456.1Williamson County - Harpeth Academy trustee
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
Nelson(not given)18414553.1Shelby County - Memphis City Hotel Company
NelsonA.184548104.1Davidson County - Nashville Horticultural Society
NelsonAlexander M.18071456.1Washington County - Martin Academy trustee
NelsonAlexander M.181923100.1Greene County commissioner
NelsonAlexander M.18192381.1Greene County - Surveyor's office moved
NelsonBeverly182933 Private255.1Nashville & Murfreesboro' turnpike company member
NelsonBeverly184145109.1Rutherford County - Tennessee State Agricultural Society
NelsonC. J.183743208.1Shelby County - Memphis, Somerville and Bolivar Turnpike Company
NelsonC. W.18495062.1Carter County - North Carolina and Virginia Turnpike Company
NelsonCarrick W.183135 Private28.1Carter County - refund on merchandise license
NelsonCarrick W.184749214.1Carter County - turnpike
NelsonCarrick W.184749214.11Johnson and Carter County Turnpike
NelsonDaniel184548152.1Carter County - Knoxville and Virginia Turnpike Company
NelsonDavid182530206Washington County - Martin academy trustee
NelsonDavid182933 Private57.1Carter County - Duffield Academy trustee
NelsonDavid18333834.1Carter County - Planters Bank of TN
NelsonDavid183541 Private1.2Cincinnati and Charleston Railroad Company Commissioner
NelsonDavid183743239.1Carter County - Jonesborough, Greenville, and Newport Turnpike Company
NelsonDavid184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
NelsonDavid184749214.11Johnson and Carter County Turnpike
NelsonH. D.18333834.1Gibson County - Planters Bank of TN
NelsonHugh1795310.1Greeneville commissioner
NelsonHugh1801945.16Roane County commissioner
NelsonHugh182328253.2An act for relief of his heirs
NelsonHugh D.183541 Private24.2Obion Turnpike Company commissioner
NelsonHugh D.183743257.1Gibson County - Trenton, Dyersburg, and Mississippi Turnpike Company
NelsonJohn Jr.183237 Private135Surveyor
NelsonJohn179538.1Washington College Trustee
NelsonJohn1797625Est. town of Nelsonville
NelsonJohn1806138.1Martin Academy Trustee (Washington County)
NelsonJohn182328314.2Washington County
NelsonJohn182631 Private151.1Land grant for adjudication
NelsonJohn183339 Private255.3Commissioner
NelsonJohn R.182631 Private81.1Trustee for Masonic Hall lottery
NelsonM.18434730.1Knox County - Young Men's Literary Society of Knoxville
NelsonM. W.184749219.23Memphis and Bolivar Turnpike
NelsonMalcom184548188.1Fayette County - Botanico Medical College trustee
NelsonMathew18071441Released from a forfeited recognizance
NelsonMathew181923bill.22Knox County jail commissioner
NelsonMathew182732 Private15.1Knox County - Knoxville female academy commissioner
NelsonMatthew180916114.1Roane County - Kingston commissioner
NelsonMatthew180916120.1Roane County - Rittenhouse Academy trustee
NelsonMatthew182328118.2Hiawassee commissioner
NelsonMatthew182530R.18East Tenn. treasurer
NelsonMatthew183541 Private3.1Railroad commissioner
NelsonP. C. C.184950117.1Rutherford County - Apollonian Society of Union University
NelsonPleasant18242933.1Franklin/Columbia - lottery manager
NelsonPleasant18242981.1Maury County lottery trustee
NelsonRichard182933 Private230White County - owned land in Sparta
NelsonRobert1795313.1Clarksville commissioner
NelsonRobert18051234.1Plans filed to establish the town of Dover
NelsonRobert J.18474943.24Memphis Insurance Co.
NelsonRobert184749118.14TN Central Railroad Commissioner
NelsonSamuel182933 Private109.2Obion County - Obion Academy trustee
NelsonSarah18041127Name changed
NelsonT.A.R.183541 Private6.2Williamson County - Middle and East TN Railroad commissioner
NelsonThomas A. R.184548152.1Washington County - Knoxville and Virginia Turnpike Company
NelsonThomas A. R.184749120.4East TN and VA Railroad Company
NelsonThomas H.182429Res. 7East Tenn. College trustee
NelsonThomas H.
18394498.6Former trustee of East TN Univ.
NelsonThomas J.184749214.18Walnut Mountain Turnpike Commission
NelsonThos. A. R.18434760.1Washington County - Bank of East TN director
NelsonW. W.184749190.17Somerville boundaries
NelsonWilliam18041117Greene County subscription taker
NelsonWilliam182732 Private90.1Anderson County resident
NelsonWilliam B.182328213An act for his relief
NelsonWilliam B.182933 Private254.5Clarksville & Russelville turnpike route commissioner
NelsonWilliam D.182126191Bledsoe County - land transaction
NelsonWilliam W.184749206.1Macon Male Academy Trustee
NelsonWm. W. (Dr.)184548152.6Knox County - Campbell's Station to Powell's Valley Turnpike Road
NelyRobert M.184347220.1Dickson County - Harpeth Bridge Company commissioner
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
NesbitNathan182732 Private99.4Carroll County - Carroll Academy trustee
NesbitRobert18031066.2Home site of Dickson County court
Nester(Captain)182933 Private146.1Militia captain - 2nd battalion of 33rd regiment
NetherlandJ.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
NetherlandJ. W.184548156Payment for examination of Hiwassee Railroad
NetherlandJohn183743174.1Sullivan County - Knoxville and Rogersville Turnpike Company
NetherlandRichard18172146.2Holston River bridge commissioner
NetherlandRichard182328134.1Sullivan County lottery superintendent
NetherlandSamuel W.
183339 Private111Sullivan County - Sheriff to appoint deputy
NethertonJames1819225.2Election held at his home
NettlesAbigal182732 Private141.1Jackson County - property rights of feme sole
NettlesJoseph182732 Private141.1Jackson County - husband of Abigal Nettles
NevansWilliam182631 Private176.6Trustee of Pleasant Forest Academy
NevellJoseph B.1806138.1Dover Academy Trustee (Stewart County)
NevilRobertson184347199.2Coffee County - Pelham and Jasper Turnpike Company commissioner
NevilleGeorge1796427.1Clarksville - commissioner
NevilleGeorge179654.2Tenn. County - elector
NevilleJohn184749193.3Port Royal Turnpike Commissioner
NevinsWilson183541 Private34.1Mentioned regarding Meigs County boundary
NewbernC. A.184749206.1Macon Male Academy Trustee
NewC. T.184749118.14TN Central Railroad Commissioner
NewbernThomas J.183743269.1Haywood County - Union Academy trustee
NewbernWilliam J.183743269.1Haywood County - Union Academy trustee
NewberryT. C.18434785.1Shelby County - Memphis Lyceum incorporated
NewburnThomas H.18434786.1Madison County - Denmark Male Academy trustee
NewbyR.W.184749203.1Rome and Round Lick Crick Turnpike Company
NewlandEli182732 Private77.1Cocke County - authorized to hawk & peddle
Newlin(Captain)182732 Private99.3Fayette County - Summerville Academy trustee
NewmanH. B.184347214.3Knox County - Mechanics Association of Knoxville
NewmanIsaac183339 Private151McMinn County
NewmanJ.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
NewmanJohn18071463.1Campbell County commissioner
NewmanJohn (Col.)181520107.1Greene County
NewmanJoseph184548181.2Franklin County - former sheriff payment for extra guard
NewmanJoshua182227152Maury County - father of illegitimate child
NewmannCharlotte182732 Private71.2Heir of Charles Stephen Baithe
NewnanDaniel (Gen.)182227188Campbell County - treasurer of East Tenn. to loan money
NewnanDaniel (Gen.)182328298An act for his benefit
NewsomGreen B.184548189.1Decatur County - Decatur Academy trustee
NewsomJoseph184347217.2Richland Turnpike Company commissioner
NewsomRandolph184548138.4Bedford County - Big Spring Male Academy trustee
NewsomRandolph18474958Big Spring Male Academy trustee
NewsomRowland183339 Private43Franklin County - authorized to keep house of private entertainment
NewsomThomas183743249.1Columbia and Shelbyville Central Turnpike Company commissioner
NewsumBenjamin B.18333848.2Fayette County - Atlantic and Mississippi Railroad Company
NewsumWilliam182732 Private188.1Maury County - Mount Pleasant Female Academy lottery commissioner
NewtonCharles18091683.1Built a bridge across Holston River
NewtonGeorge182933 Private42.1Maury County - Manual Labor Academy trustee
NewtonJohn C.182933 Private218.4Greene County - last name changed to Henderson
NewtonRobert182732 Private8.1Lawrence County - actions as justice of the peace validated
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
NibletJohn sr.181520101Built a Clarksville warehouse
NiblettJohn183237 Private97.3Montgomery County - Commissioner of Board of Internal Improvements
NichelJohn184749187.2Nashville and Sparta RR and Mining Company
NichelWilliam184749187.2Nashville and Sparta RR and Mining Company
NichelWilliam184749187.4Nashville and Sparta RR and Mining Company
NichelsonA. O. P.18474943.1Mutual Protection Insurance Company
NicholAlexander R.184548104.1Davidson County - Nashville Horticultural Society
NicholBird180714104.4Took an Indian to Carthage jail
NicholEleanor183339 Private290Davidson County emancipation
NicholFlayl18051210.1Commissioner for the town of Sevierville
NicholGilbert182732 Private34.2Land grant to be issued
NicholJames184347235.1Payment for furnishing baize, ferreting, tacks and carpeting
NIcholJames184548218.6Payment for baize for covering tables in the House of Reps.
NicholJames184749217.17Millersburg Turnpike Company
NicholJohn182631 Public26.2Superintendent of Nashville Insurance Company
NicholJohn182631 Public26.4Election of officers of Nashville Insurance Co.
NicholJohn183743172.1Payment for carpeting Senate chambers
NicholJohn18394460.2Commissioners of Merchant's Insurance Trust Company of Nashville
NicholJohn1845481.2Davidson County - Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Company
NicholJohn184548119.3Davidson County - McGavock Ferry Bridge Company
NicholJohn18495016.4Davidson County - Nashville Manufacturing Company commissioner
NicholJohn18495023.2Nashville and Middle Franklin Turnpike Company incorporated
NicholJohn18495059.3Davidson County - Nashville Mechanics' Institute incorporated
NicholJohn18495085.1Davidson County - Lick Branch Company incorporated
NicholJohn W.182025105.1Wilson County - divorced
NicholJosiah18051228.1Board of trustee at Knoxville for Natchez Hospital
NicholJosiah1807142.12Witness for John Adair
NicholJosiah18071478.2Commissioner of East Tenn. & Cumberland College fund
NicholJosiah1809155Knoxville water company
NicholJosiah18131941.1Trustee of Nashville Masonic Hall lottery
NicholJosiah181721190.1Davidson County bridge commissioner
NicholJosiah182732 Private144.1Davidson County - commissioner
NicholJosiah182732 Private173.1Cumberland River improvement - lottery superintendant
NicholJosiah183541 Private102.1Middle TN Treasurer to pay $452.80 for work and materials
183339 Private290Davidson County emancipation
NicholNancy182025105.1Wilson County - divorced
NicholWilliam183339 Private255.8Nashville. Commissioner
NicholWilliam184347205.1Appointed commisssioner to oversee building of the Capitol
NicholWilliam18434771.3Hawkins County - commissioner to organize Hancock County
NicholWilliam1845481.4Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Company commissioner
NicholWilliam184548126.1Hawkins County - concerning resurvey of Hancock County
NicholWilliam18495016.4Davidson County - Nashville Manufacturing Company commissioner
NichollsJohn183743288.3Hardeman County - Bolivar and Jackson Turnpike Company commissioner
NicholsCharles182933 Private19.4Cocke County - turnpike commissioner
NicholsD.184145128.1Sycamore Manufacturing Company incorporated
NicholsDavid182328192Military land warrant
NicholsFlayle18202561Seveir County - mill dam owner
NicholsIsaac181721169Concerning a land warrant
NicholsJohn Sr.184145132.2Payment for carpeting and wall paper in Legislative Halls
NicholsJohn W.182530241.2Carroll County - Huntingdon academy trustee
NicholsLewis18495071.1Mansko's Creek and Springfield Turnpike Company incorporated
NicholsWilliam181923138.4Maury County - Williamsport commissioner
NicholsonA. O. P.183135 Private192.1Columbia Female Academy incorporated
NicholsonA. O. P.184548159.4Cumberland Navigation Company commissioner
NicholsonA. O. P.18495056.1Nashville and Alabama Railroad Company incorporated
NicholsonA. O. P.18495056.2Nashville and Alabama Railroad Company incorporated
NicholsonA. O. P.18495056.3Nashville and Alabama Railroad Company incorporated
NickollsJohn181923140Land warrant issued
NicksA. F.18495067.19Fayetteville and Alabama Turnpike Company incorporated
NicksA. T.18333834.1Lincoln County - Planters Bank of TN
NicksA. T.184749218.12Franklin and Lewisburg Turnpike
NicksA. T.18495035.15Fayetteville and Mulberry Turnpike Company incorporated
NicksonRichard (Col.)182429128.2Hatchee River
NicksonRichard182933 Private12.6Harrisburg - turnpike commissioner
NiellJohn T.18374395.1Bedford County - Winchester Turnpike Company commissioner
NielsonHugh182328187Relief for his heirs
NiemanJohn H.18434747.1Maury County - deceased, land sold for benefit of common schools
NighShaderick181721165.4Wertemburgh Academy Trustee
NightingaleEliza182933 Private152.1To enter land
NightingaleEliza183135 Private228.2Previous act revived
NilesCharles183339 Private82.1Murfreesboro Female Academy trustee
NimmoAllen C.182933 Private217.1Gibson County - authorized to hawk & peddle
NimmoAllen C.183339 Private137Gibson County - An act for his benefit
NinneyCharles P.183743291.1Jefferson County - Rogersville and French Broad Turnpike Company
NixonFrancis182732 Private226.1Wayne County - transferred land
NixonHenry182530241.2Hickman County - Centerville academy trustee
NixonHenry18333834.1Hickman County - Planters Bank of TN
NixonRichard182328145.2Haywood County court held at his home
NixonRichard182933 Private265.4Brownsville Academy trustee
NixonRichard182933 Private280.4Haywood County - turnpike superintendant
NixonRichard G.182933 Private12.8Haywood County - road commissioner
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
NoahJoseph1819225.14Election held at his home
NobleCaty1799819.11Robertson County granted a divorce
NobleMark1799819.11Robertson County granted a divorce
NoeJoseph182933 Private174.2Home former site of Grainger County elections
Nolen(not given)182732 Public90.5Store site of Montgomery County precinct election
NolenJohn182933 Private217.1Williamson County - authorized to hawk & peddle
NolenJohn183743297.1Williamson County - commissioner to mark Nolensville corporate limits
NolenWilliam182025123.6Home site of Williamson County elections
NorfleetCordall182631 Private58.2Appointed commissioner of New Red River
NorfleetJ. P.184145109.1Montgomery County - Tennessee State Agricultural Society
NorfleetJames (Maj.)18091642.1Mentioned
NorfleetP. F.184145108.1Smith County - Union University trustee
NorfleetPhillip F.184749193.3Port Royal Turnpike Commissioner
NorfletJames Sen.1796430.2Robertson County - commissioner
NorfletJames1796432Robertson County - commissioner
NorfletJames1806138.1Liberty Academy Trustee (Robertson County)
NormanGabriel Y.18192346.1Hickman County - Vernon commissioner
NormanHenry183743200.2Rutherford County - Murfreesboro, Manchester and Winchester Turnpike Co.
NormanJohn184347183.1Carroll County - Sheriff, concerning money owed to him
NormanJohn184749118.14TN Central Railroad Commissioner
NormanJohn18495067.1Carroll County - Huntingdon and Tennessee River Turnpike Company
NormanThomas182732 Private101.2Davidson County - authorized to hawk & peddle
Norris(not given)182025113.1Dickson County widow - home site of elections
NorrisEzekiel181520152An act for his relief
NorrisEzekiel182227180.1Lincoln County - Elk River bridge authorized
NorrisEzekiel18253097.6Fayetteville - landowner
NorrisJane18091643.1Dickson County elections held at her home
NorrisJane18131957.1Home site of Dickson County elections
NorrisWilliam183541 Private23.1Lincoln County - Fayetteville and Shelbyville turnpike Commissioner
NorsletJames1797633Released from penalties of recognizance
NorsworthyWilliam183743290.1Dickson County - Charlotte, Waverly and Reynoldsburg Turnpike Company
NorthE. M.18434723.2DeKalb County - mentioned in Smithville corporate limits
NorthHenry184950125.4TN Conference Female College incorporated
NorthJames183135 Private203.1Jefferson County - indictment for riot
NorthPeter183135 Private203.1Jefferson County - released from payment
NorthcutAdrian184347204.3Warren County - appointed commissioner to establish Grundy County
NorthernJohn18212694Jefferson County
NorthingtonFelix184548125.9Montgomery County - Port Royal Manufacturing Company
NorthingtonSamuel184749193.3Port Royal Turnpike Commissioner
NortonA. S.18474943.24Memphis Insurance Co.
NortonThomas182732 Private171.1Maury County - authorized to hawk & peddle
NortonWilliam183237 Private60.6Grainger County - Appointed a Commissioner of the town of Rutledge
NortonWilliam183541 Private36.1Mentioned regarding Coffee County boundary
NortonWilliam183743249.2Shelbyville and McMinnville Central Turnpike Company commissioner
NortonWilliam S.183541 Private36.5Coffee County - Commissioner
NorvelJoseph182126147Editor of Nashville Whig
NorvelJosiah182429Res. 9Land warrant adjudicated
NorvellC. C.183743172.1Payment for providing newspapers to the General Assembly
NorvellC. C.184145132.6Payment to Printers to the House of Representatives
NorvellC. C.184347235.3Payment for printing services for General Assembly
NorvellJames18202568Bedford County Justice of the Peace
NorvellJohn18374357.1Bedford County - Fosterville Turnpike Road Company commissioner
NorvellJoseph (Mrs.)18454852.2Davidson County - Nashville Protestant Orphan Asylum trustee
NorvellJoseph182429117.1Editor of the Whig - Nashville
NorvellJoseph182530340.8Reimbursed for printing
NorvellJosiah182429129.1West Tenn. College trustee
NorvellMoses181923117.1To draft scheme of a lottery
NorvellMoses182732 Private173.1Cumberland River improvement - lottery superintendant
NorvellMoses182732 Private52.1University of Nashville trustee
NorvellMoses182933 Private255.1Nashville & Murfreesboro' turnpike company member
NorvellMoses183135 Private76.1Davidson County - Broad Street Bridge Company incorporated
NorvelleC. C.183541 Private10.2Officer of Nashville Marine Fire Insurance and Life and Trust Co.
Norwood(not given)182126124.5Franklin County - commissioner
NotionStith18394477.1Trustee of Memphis Female Academy
NourseLauzon (Dr.)181923133.1White County - mentioned in Sparta boundaries
NourseLawson18131925.1White County commissioner
NourseLawson18131960.1Priestly Academy trustee - White County
NourseLawson181721165.1Priestly Academy Trustee
NourseLawson (Dr.)184347137.1White County - deceased, Nourse Female Academy named after him
NowelMoses181520207.8State printer
NowellJoseph182328282.4Editor of the Nashville Whig
NowellWilliam1806138.1Speedwell Academy Trustee (Claiborne County)
NowlenDavid182631 Private33.1Petition for divorce
NowlenMary Ann V.182631 Private33.1Petition for divorce
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
NueJohn183743122.4Greene County - Curington Turnpike Company commissioner
NugentJames183237 Private91Hawkins County - Released from payment of $100
NullJohn1819225.13Election held at his home
NunleyEdward182126150.1Hickman County boundary commissioner
NunleyJohn182126143.2Wayne County - Waynesboro commissioner
NunleyRiley184548180.1Grundy County - Higginbotham and Rankin's Turnpike Road
NunleyWilliam182126116.3Warren County - turnpike commissioner
NunnJoel18454825.3Crockett County - commissioner to organize county
NunnWm. R.183743103.1Williamson County - Harpeth Turnpike Company commissioner
NunnellyEdward182328105.1Centreville commissioner
NusomMcClure J.18434768.5Davidson County - turnpike road commissioner
NyeDaniel184749188.1Longhollow Turnpike Co. Commissioner
NyeNathaniel G.18333834.1Giles County - Planters Bank of TN
NyeS.183743172.2Payment to public printers
NyeS. & Co.1836425.2Paid for services to the General Assembly
NyeShadrack1801950.2Commissioner for Sumner County
NyeShadrick181721184.3Sumner County elections held at his home
NyeShadrick182025112.1Pulaski Masonic Hall lottery superintendant


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