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Acts of Tennessee, 1796-1850 > U


Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
UmsteadJohn179878Grantsborough established on his land
UnderhillJohn182631 Private132.1Authorized as a vendor
UnderwoodEnoch18495082.1Sevier County - commissioner to mark County line
UnderwoodEugene184950118.17Davidson County - Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company
UnderwoodJohn18131940.1Union Academy trustee - Anderson County
UnderwoodJohn182126205.1Jefferson County - Sevierville commissioner
UnderwoodJohn18222788.1Sevier County - commissioner
UnderwoodMatthew183743288.6Gibson County - Huntingdon and Trenton Turnpike Company commissioner
UnthamDavid183541 Private82.1Commissioner of the town of Bigbyville in Maury County
UpshawArthur M. M.18333848.3Giles County - Atlantic and Mississippi Railroad Co.
UpshawLewis184749213.2Elkton Bridge Company
UpshawLewis G.18313445.1Giles County - Board of Commissioners of Internal Improvements
UpshawLewis G.183541 Private14.6Giles County - Commissioner of the Pulaski Turnpike
UpshawLewis G.184548150.15Giles County - Elkton Bridge Company incorporated
UpshawLewis G.18495035.18Richlands and Elk River Turnpike Company incorporated
UptonElizabeth182732 Private251.4Compensated for recovered land claim
UptonJoseph18474988.1Bolivar Academy trustee
UptonWilliam183237 Private107.1Monroe County - county court commissioner
UptonWilliam183743174.11Monroe County - Knoxville and Athens Turnpike Company commissioner
UrseyMartin184749203.14Big Harpeth Turnpike Company
UryEnes182631 Private144.1Appointed manaager of lottery to build a road
UryEnnis1832362.1Carroll County - Union Bank of TN
UryEnnis18333834.1Carroll County - Planters Bank of TN
UryEnnis18333854.1Carroll County - Farmers and Merchants Bank of Memphis
UryJoseph182126125.1Humphreys County boundary commissioner
UryJoseph182126171.2Williamsborough commissioner
UryRobert183237 Private79.3Weakley County - Granted 200 acres for a mill
UseryWilliam183237 Private38.1White County - Granted permission to open a turnpike
UsoryMustin184347220.1Davidson County - Harpeth Bridge Company commissioner
UsrayWilliam183339 Private210.1Mentioned.
UsseryAnthony W. P.182732 Private81.1Hardin County - justice of the peace
UsuryMartin18434768.5Davidson County - turnpike road commissioner
UtingerJohn182530334.4Greene County - commissioner
UzzellElisha183541 Private125.1Trustee of the Pleasant Grove Academy


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