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Acts of Tennessee, 1796-1850 > V


Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
VadenWoodson184548206.2Hardeman County - commissioner to establish Hatchee Company
VaderThomas J.183135 Private192.5Denmark Male and Female Academy incorporated
Valentine(not given)18031082.6Prisoner
ValentineSolomon K.18374332.3Stewart County - Dover Male Academy trustee
Van AldenhoffH. W.184749104.1Chattanooga Seminary trustee
Van BurenMartin18394459.1Van Buren County - naming of county
Van CampA.184548104.1Davidson County - Nashville Horticultural Society
Van DersliceRichardson184950130.1Williamson County - Nolensville Female Academy incorporated
Van PeltH.184548188.1Shelby County - Botanico Medical College trustee
Van PeltH.184548199.8Commissioner to employ sculpter or artist to construct statue
VanbebberJames18061347.1Claiborne County elections held at his home
VanbebberJohn1801946.2Commissioner for Claiborne County
VanbebberJohn1806138.1Speedwell Academy Trustee (Claiborne County)
VanbeeberIsaac183743174.16Claiborne County - Powell's Valley, Jacksborough, and Knoxville Turnpike Co.
VanceAndrew182732 Private159.12Red River bridge - lottery manager
VanceAndrew183135 Private118.4Montgomery County - Clarksville and Russellville Railroad Company
VanceAndrew18333834.1Montgomery County - Planters Bank of TN
VanceAndrew183541 Private6.2Dickson County - Middle and East TN Rail Road commissioner
VanceAndrew183541 Private7.1Clarksville and Russellville Railroad Company commissioner
VanceD. G.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
VanceDavid183743101.1Gallatin, Hartsville and Carthage Turnpike Company commissioner
VanceDavid G.18172197.1Martin Academy Trustee
VanceDavid G.182530206Washington County - former Martin academy trustee
VanceJ. H.18434760.1Washington County - Bank of East TN director
VanceJames1801947.1Claims land in Grainger County
VanceJames18111729Jackson County - Montpelier Academy trustee
VanceJames181520183.8Gainesborough commissioner
VanceJames18172126.6Jackson County commissioner
VanceJames182631 Private30.3Owner of fish dam and trap
VanceJames H.184749120.2East TN and VA Railroad Company
VanceJoseph1798716.6Blount & Sevier County votes counted at his house
VanceJoseph18051264.3Home site of meeting
VanceJoseph18121857.3Places of comparing election returns
VanceJoseph18192269.5Home site of officers' meeting
VanceLewis R.182328229An act for his relief
VanceRobert182732 Private94.8Red River Bridge company
VanceS. B.184749136.1Amasagassian Society Commissioner
VanceSamuel18091635.1Palmyra commissioner
VanceSamuel18192364.2Red River Bridge Company director
VanceSamuel182126209Occupant land claim
VanceWilliam B.184347236.1Putnam County - appointed commissioner to locate County seat
VanceWilliam K.182328314.2Greeneville commissioner
VanceWilliam K.182631 Private176.10Trustee of Greenville College
VanceWilliam K.182732 Private126.1Greene County - Greenville female academy trustee
VanceWilliam K.183743239.1Greene County - Jonesborough, Greenville, and Newport Turnpike Company
VanceWilliam R.184347206.1Putnam County - appointed commissioner to establish County seat
VanceWm. K.18434760.1Greene County - Bank of East TN director
VanderpooleAbraham182933 Private268.1Home site of Claiborne County elections
VandervilleT. J.184950129.1Davidson County - Washington Institute Philomathian Society
VandeventerJohn182631 Private65.1Husband of Rebecca Vandeventer
VandeventerRebecca182631 Private65.1To act as feme sole
VandykeIsrael A.183339 Private112.2Rhea County - Divorce.
VandykeNancy183339 Private112.2Rhea County - Divorce.
VandykeT. Nixon183743174.11McMinn County - Knoxville and Athens Turnpike Company commissioner
VandykeThomas I.18051256.1Commissioner for the town of Kingston
VandykeThomas I.1806138.1Rittenhouse Academy Trustee
VandykeThomas I.18071478.1Roane County - East Tenn. College trustee
VanhookWilliam G.183743105.1Henderson County - concerning Pleasant Exchange corporate limits
VanhoozerJacob1797613.1Appointed commissioner
VanhussValentine Sr.183237 Private44.2Carter County - Commissioner of the south bank of the Watauga River
VanleerA. W.1845481.2Davidson County - Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Company
VanleerAnthony W.18495016.4Davidson County - Nashville Manufacturing Company commissioner
VanmeterJacob18495076.2Nashville and Louisville Railroad Company incorporated
VannJames183339 Private220Cherokee granted TN citizenship.
VannJoseph18394450.1Hamilton County -seat of justice location
VanpeltH.18212675.2Editor of the Franklin Gazette
VanzantElijah182429157.2Hiwassee district - claimed land
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
VarnerJames183135 Private224.2Hamilton County - turnpike road commissioner
VassJohn F.183135 Private58.2Jackson County - authorized to establish town lines of Celina
VaughJames182933 Private245.1Monroe County - commissioner
VaughanH. B.184749188.10Ridge Branch Turnpike Co.- Commissioner
VaughanHenry B.184749100.11Sumner Spinning and Manufacturing Company
VaughanJames184347203.7Mentioned concerning previous act
VaughanJames18434734.1Rutherford County - alteration in Williamson County line
VaughanJames K.184749100.14Richland Manufacturing Company
VaughanTurner183743195.2Wilson County - Cumberland and Stones River Turnpike Company
VaughanTurner184749150.21Wilson County - Road Commissioner
Vaughn(not given)183135 Private57.1Wilson County - site of Precinct Elections
VaughnGeorge18232895.2Bledsoe County commissioner
VaughnH. B.183541 Private63.1Sumner County - Gallatin Female Academy incorporated
VaughnH. B.183743293.1Sumner County - Gallatin Common School trustee
VaughnHenry B.1845481.2Sumner County - Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Company
VaughnJames183541 Private65.1Monroe County - Commissioner of county school lands
VaughnJames18394417.1Monroe County - authorized to open turnpike
VaughnJames18394417.5Monroe County - turnpike charter
VaughnJames18414532.6Mentioned from previous act
VaughnJames H.18434751.1Sumner/Smith County - Gallatin and Carthage Turnpike Company
VaughnRachael183237 Private51.2Carter County - Granted divorce from her husband T. Vaughn
VaughnS. T.182933 Private11.2Madison County - Denmark commissioner
VaughnS. W.183135 Private192.5Denmark Male and Female Academy incorporated
VaughnT.183237 Private51.2Carter County - Wife Rachael Vaughn granted a divorce
VaughnTurner183237 Private87.1Commissioner of a turnpike
VaughnTurner183541 Private15.1Wilson County - Commissioner of Lebanon and Nashville Railroad
VaughnTurner184347223.1Franklin College trustee
VaughtDan183541 Private4.2Paris to Randolph railroad company authorized
VaughtDan183743229.3Tipton County - commissioner to improve navigation of Big Hatchee River
VaughtDan183743271.5Tipton County - Randolph and Somerville Turnpike Company
VaughtDan183743285.6Tipton County - Hatchie Turnpike Company commissioner
VaughtDavid184347196.1Jones County - mentioned in boundary of new county
VaughtLeann18152019Heir of Adam Broil
VaulierA. W.18474991.15Nashville High School Trustee
VaulxJames182631 Private45.1Appointed manager of a lottery
VaulxJames182732 Private218.1Land entry made
VaulxJames182732 Private98.1Land warrant issued
VaulxJames1832362.1Madison County - Union Bank of TN
VaulxJames18434766.1Madison County - West TN College trustee
VaulxJos.18333834.1Davidson County - Planters Bank of TN
VaulxJoseph184548199.6Commissioner to employ sculpter or artist to construct statue
VaulxJoseph18495016.4Davidson County - Nashville Manufacturing Company commissioner
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
VealJohn C.18222760.1Sullivan County - lawsuit
VenableHugh B.18434738.3Hickman County - commissioner to appoint surveyor for Lewis County
VenableHugh B.184548148.1Lewis County - Lewis Academy trustee
VenableSimeon183743281.1Marshall County - Harpeth Turnpike Company commissioner
VenableWilliam E.18495056.8Winchester and Alabama Railroad Company incorporated
VenableWm. C. (Maj.)18495056.7Winchester and Alabama Railroad Company incorporated
VenebleAnd.1845486.3Marshall County - Lewisburg Turnpike Company
VentersMalacha182732Res. 6Land warrant issued to heirs to be adjudicated
VernonJackson183339 Private168To hawk and peddle.
VernonMiles182530196.1Rhea County - jail commissioner
VernonMiles183339 Private80Rhea County - An Act for his relief.
VernoyPeter182933 Private124.1Carter County - to be divorced
VernoySarah182933 Private124.1Carter County - to be divorced
VesterBerry183743225.2Overton County - Benton Male and Female Academy trustee
VickeryThomas18454862.5Hickman/Perry County - appointed to hold election
VinardPhilip182227211.1Wayne County - land entry to be voided & re-entered
VincentJohn183541 Private35.1Mentioned regarding Marshall County boundary
VincentJoseph183135 Private120.1Weakley County - authorized to appropriate land
VincentPerry182530203.1Weakley County - Obion River mill authorized
VincentPerry182631 Private61.2Preference to enter and obtain title of land
VincentPerry183541 Private132.1Trustee of Dresden Female Acedemy
VincentThomas182732 Private148.1To lay off land for camp ground
VinsonJames18192388Duplicate land warrant to be issued
VinsonStokely18192379.1Brunsonville established on his Stewart County land
VinsonStokely18192379.2Stewart County - Brunsonville commissioner
VinsonWilliam183339 Private78Cocke County - An act for his benefit.
Vistel(Mrs.)183541 Private114.1Mentioned involving district lines in Green County
VititsDicy182933 Private252.5Bledsoe County - to be divorced
VititsJohn182933 Private252.5Bledsoe County - to be divorced
Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
VoorhiesDavid18434738.3Wayne County - commissioner to appoint surveyor for Lewis County
VoorhiesGarrett S.183541 Private14.4Maury County - Franklin & Columbia Turnpike route commissioner
VoorhiesJacob18474910.19Huntsville, Pulaski, and Columbia Telegraph Company
VoorhiesJacob184749100.1Richland Manufacturing Company
VoorhiesJacob184749118.14TN Central Railroad Commissioner
VoorhiesJacob18474923.2Pulaski Female Academy trustee
VossJames18434738.3Lawrence County - commissioner to appoint surveyor for Lewis County
VryEnis182530127.2Humphreys County - Rural Academy trustee


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