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Tennessee Postcards

The links below provide an index to the Tennessee Postcard Collection, available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA). The index is arranged alphabetically by place and includes a brief description of each card, including title, notation of any textual narrative printed on the card, and identifying numbers. These numbers have been noted to help differentiate between similar images. Unless otherwise stated, postcards are in color. Postcards not depicting a place are listed under "Miscellaneous." To obtain copies of the postcards, please see our page on ordering miscellaneous records by mail.

Adams-Center Hill Dam/Lake



Chattanooga Part 1



Chattanooga Part 2


Nashville Part 1

Cherokee Dam-Grandview


Nashville Part 2

Great Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park







Postcard Samples:

Norris Dam Postcard
Norris Dam

Andrew Jackson's Tomb
Andrew Jackson's Tomb
General Grant on Lookout Mtn.
Gen. Grant on
Lookout Mtn.


Updated December 5, 2007