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Links on Care and Conservation

CoOL: Conservation Online
An exhaustive site with a full text library of conservation information. In particular, check out the link for Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public.

Minnesota Historical Society
Extensive list of tips for caring for your family treasures. Includes how to make a time capsule and tips for framing papers and photos for display.

Heritage Preservation
This site includes print resources that can be ordered on caring for your family valuables and what to do about water damage. There is also a press release on how to clean damaged items after a disaster like 9/11.

Library of Congress : Preserving Family Treasures
The Library of Congress website provides valuable and easy to use leaflets on Preserving Family Treasures.

Care, Handling, and Storage of Photographs
The Library of Congress provides a special website dedicated to historic photographs and care.

National Archives Preservation Page
The National Archives provides many good steps to preserve for family collections.

American Institute for Conservation
The American Institute for Conservation provides valuable tools to govern proper techniques for preservation.  It also provides valuable resources for conservation of historic collections of all types.



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