Special Use Permits

High Impact Habitat Conservation Permits

These permits must be purchased for horseback riding, bicycling, and ORV use. Youths under age 13 and persons holding a valid annual or permanent hunting license with a valid permit to hunt on these areas are exempt. At least one occupant of an enclosed vehicle must possess the proper permit(s). No permit shall be required on certain roads/trails as designated.


Areas requiring a HIHCP

Region I
Wolf River WMA

Region 2
Laurel Hill, Yanahli, Cheatham, Williamsport, Bear Hollow

Region 3
Bridgestone Firestone – Big Bottom Unit, Catoosa, Keyes-Harrison , Luper Mountain, Mt. Roosevelt, North Chickamauga Creek – Patton Unit, Pea Ridge , Skinner Mountain

Region 4
Forks of the River,NOTE: All interior trails closed to bicyclists. Will Skelton Greenway and Whaley Trail (formerly known as Bluff Trail) to the Burnett Creek Parking Area open to bicyclists. No High Impact Habitat Conservation Permit required for use of the Will Skelton Greenway/Whaley Trail. North Cumberland, NOTE: No High Impact Habitat Conservation Permit required on Peabody Road from its junction of US Highway 25W to the Hatfield Knob Elk Viewing Tower. No High Impact Habitat Conservation Permit shall be required on US Highways and/or County maintained roads that traverse North Cumberland WMA.

Type Description Cost
035 Resident Annual Permit $74.00
036 Resident Daily Permit $15.50
037 Non-Resident Annual Permit $233.00
038 Non-Resident Daily Permit $37.50


Reelfoot Preservation Permit

Required for all users except: those under 16 years of age, residents 65 years or older, & holders of the Annual Sportsman license, Lifetime Sportsman license, or the Annual Senior Citizen Permit

Type Description Cost
089 Annual Reelfoot Preservation Permit $17.00
088 3-Day Reelfoot Preservation Permit $10.50
090 1-Day Reelfoot Preservation Permit $3.50