Region 3 (Cumberland Plateau)

Sandhill crane on the Hiwassee Refuge

Location & General Information

464 Industrial Blvd.
Crossville, TN 38555
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For more information concerning the TWRA Region III area, please call us at (931) 484-9571 or 1-800-262-6704 if calling from within the state of Tennessee.

TWRA Region 3Welcome to Region III. The Crossville office is one of four regional offices found across the state. Located on the Cumberland Plateau it is headquarters for biologists, managers, secretaries, fisheries personnel and wildlife officers working in the 24 counties that make up Region III.

Region III is also home to over 23 of the state's nearly 100 Wildlife Management Areas. Ranging in size from 53 acres to nearly 625,000 acres, these areas provide sportsmen with unique hunting opportunities found no where else.
Region III is further broken down into Law Enforcement “Districts” in order to more efficiently enforce hunting, fishing and boating rules and regulations along with meeting the needs of the sportsmen and public in those counties.

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In addition, the Region III headquarters also includes TWRA’s sales office where hunters, anglers, and boaters can stop by during weekday business hours and purchase hunting/fishing licenses, permits, or boat registrations. Our office is open 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


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Contact Information

Region III Staff Contacts

Below you can find contact information for employees located in the Crossville office.  Office hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Time.

General Information – (931) 484-9571, or toll free (800) 262-6704,
Fax – (931) 456-1025

Poaching Hotline – 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight:  (800) 241-0767

Division Responsibility Name Phone
Administrative Regional Manager John Mayer 931-456-3059
Boating/Hunting Boating/Hunter Education/
Boat Access Areas/Ramps/
Matt Clarey 931-456-3067
Communications Dispatcher Kim Raby 931-456-3083
  Dispatcher Ronnie Riddle 931-456-3083
  Dispatcher Dwight Wright 931-456-3083
  Dispatcher - part time Kelsey Matthews 931-456-3083
Custodial Building Maintenance James Smith  
Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Manager MJR. Thomas Jaynes 931-456-3078
  Law Enforcement Coordinator Lt. Joey Wray 931-456-3080
  District 31 Supervisor Capt. Roy Cannon 931-456-3076
  District 32 Supervisor Capt. Joe Busch 931-456-3070
Fisheries Regional Fisheries Manager Mark Thurman 931-456-3074
  Reservoirs/Fish Culture/Creel Mike Jolley 931-456-3075
  Streams/Rivers/Trout David Young 931-456-3055
Environmental Services Aquatic Habitat Protection Bobby Brown 931-456-3066
  East TN TDOT Liaison Vincent Pontello 931-456-3079
Information Information/Education
(I & E)
Mime Barnes 931-456-3068
Support Staff Customer Service/Uniforms Paula Brown 931-456-3072
  Customer Service/ I&E Saundra Gilmore 931-456-3057
  Hunter/Boating Education Brenda York 931-456-3060
  Purchasing/Accounts Diana Layton 931-456-3081
  Admin. Secretary/Inventory Assistant Marcie Green 931-456-3071
  Payroll/Admin. Support Deborah Hood 931-456-3058
Wildlife Regional Wildlife Manager Kirk Miles 931-456-3064
Turkey/Wild Hog/Waterfowl/Oak Ridge WMA
Ben Layton 931-456-3061
  Small Game/Furbear/CITES/
Private Lands/Misc. WMA's
Wally Akins 931-456-3056
  WMA's Marc Lipner 931-456-3069
Mammals/Animal Damage Control/Falconry/
WL Rehab/Scientific Collection Permits/Rabies
Chris Simpson 931-456-3077