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Gray Foxes In Tennessee

Gray Fox Facts:

Prefers brushy edge habitat created by mixture of woods and fields. Gray Fox

Is a nocturnal animal that is more aggressive and less wary than a red fox.

Excellent tree climbers, a trait that allows them to escape coyotes or other potential predators.

Gray foxes den in ground dens abandoned by other animals, brush piles, hollow logs and trees.

Average of 3-5 young are born in April and May.

Young are called pups.

Capable of speeds of 28mph for short distances.

Physical Characteristics of Gray Foxes

  • Average adult size 32-55 inches in length.
  • Average weight 7-13 lbs.
  • Typically shorter and stockier than a red fox.

Gray Fox Eating Habits

  • Feed more heavily on plant matter than red foxes and are considered more omnivorous than other wild canids.
  • Eats small mammals, insects, fruits, acorns, birds and eggs.