Mine Rescue Coverage

As per Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations and Tennessee Code Annotated, all underground mines must have mine rescue coverage before it is allowed to operate.

Who provides mine rescue coverage for our underground mine?
  • At present, the department has one mine rescue station and two mine rescue teams that are trained and equipped to respond to mine emergencies such as, but not limited to, fires or explosions (Tenn. Code Ann. §59-12-101  30 CFR 49.2.)
  • For small and remote mines with less than 36 employees or mines with special mining conditions, the federal law has special arrangements (Tenn. Code Ann. §59-12-101 30 CFR 49.3, 49.4).
How do I become an active member of the mine rescue team?
  • Person must be a bonafide employee of an underground mine with a minimum of one year underground mining experience, complete a physical exam documented on the appropriate form, attend a 20 hour initial mine rescue class on the breathing apparatus that is used, followed by at least monthly drills (Tenn. Code Ann. §59-12-102 30 CFR 49.8).