Paraprofessional Praise

October 2017 - Danielle Davis 

Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis’ primary job is being the District 2 financial assistant. Her finest quality is her organizational skills. Davis keeps all of District 2 in line. All roads stop at her desk. She is responsible for equipment and supplies purchasing and all hiring. Davis plays an integral part in the customer service of District 2. She effortlessly works through problems that arise and goes above and beyond to solve them. Davis is a true problem solver. Within the district’s sixteen counties, all payroll, travel, supplies purchasing, and interoffice communication with TCAT must go through her. She answers the students’ questions as they arise. She is articulate in the way she communicates across the district to get the job done.

Her position is so unique, but without Davis, the district would not be able to function. The District Coordinator of District 2, Pam Stubbs, said, “When we started this journey as a District last year, we found someone who has found her [Davis] calling in life. She is kind to everyone who walks through her door.”

Congrats to our October Paraprofessional of the Month, Danielle Davis!

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September 2017 - Tonya Perry

Tonya Perry

Tonya Perry, a cheerful and caring person, is very conscientious about her work. She enters students’ data in CMATS daily. Once, when a student came to class hungry, Perry took the student to the lunchroom. She always goes out of her way to meet the needs of all students. She remembers the birthday of each staff member. It is not uncommon for Perry to purchase a card & small gift or arrange a birthday celebration.

Perry’s soft-spoken voice puts the students at ease when they are apprehensive about doing well in class. Many students seek advice and counseling from her. They feel comfortable enough with her to express their needs and fears. Perry drops whatever task she is doing to assist her students. When there is a change in procedure, she asks questions to better understand the process. She regularly attends job and educational fairs and promotes Adult Education in her community. Perry is responsible for requesting the Leaf Chronicle’s presence at graduations.

Congrats to our inaugural Paraprofessional of the Month, Tonya Perry!