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  • Board of Boiler Rules

    The Board formulates definitions, rules and regulations for the safe and proper construction, installation, repair, use and operation of boilers in Tennessee.

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  • Elevator & Amusement Device
    Safety Board

    The advisory board provides technical expertise, grants, or denies requests for variances, and promulgates rules that govern elevators, escalators, amusement devices, etc.

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  • Prevailing Wage Commission

    We regulate fair pay for employees on state highway and bridge construction projects, thus attracting reputable contractors to produce quality state highway and bridges for Tennessee.

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  • Unemployment Advisory Council

    The purpose of the Advisory Council's meetings are to discuss issues impacting Tennessee’s unemployment insurance program. 

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  • State Workforce Development Board

    The State Workforce Development Board’s vision is to deliver a workforce development system that generates opportunities, illustrates to the private sector there is value added through partnerships and promotes Tennessee as a place where people choose to live and work.

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  • TOSHA Review Commission

    The TOSHA Review Commission hears appeals by parties who disagree with citations and penalties issued by TOSHA. The Commission hears these contested cases and decides whether to uphold citations and penalties, modify them or dismiss them. Hearings are held by the Commission at which testimony and evidence are gathered in order for the Commission to make a decision.

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  • Medical Advisory Committee

    Created from the 2013 Worker' Compensation Reform Act, the Medial Advisory Committee (MAC) provides guidance to the administrator on issues related to the effective and efficient treatment of injured workers as well as the proper source of reference for determining permanent impairment ratings.

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  • Medical Payment Committee

    Comprised of seven voting members, appointed by the administrator, the committee hears disputes on medical bill payments between providers and insurers and advise the administrator on issues relating to the medical fee schedule and medical care cost containment in the workers’ compensation system. 

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