Mine Safety Unit

The Mine Safety Unit conducts training, obtains annual statistical reports from miners, issues licenses to operate, examines and certifies mine foreman, and provides mine rescue coverage to underground mines. With associated danger training, the unit protects miners from injuries and fatalities. The goal is to produce proactive results and reactive results. Safety and health training classes are provided by seasoned instructors throughout the state. Instructors provide new miner, refresher, and first aid classes that meet electrical, foreman, and compliance requirements.

For additional information, please contact the Mine Safety Unit at (844) 224-5818 (Regulations). 

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  • Recent Events

    7th Annual Tennessee Region Mine Rescue Contest
      Thursday, April 27, 2017
      Mine Safety Unit
      117 Mine Lane Jacksboro, TN 37757

    Tennessee Cove Lake Mine Rescue Contest
      Tuesday, June 6 - Thursday, June 8, 2017
      Cove Lake State Park
      110 Cove Lake Lane Caryville, TN 37714

  • Training and Reports

    Mine safety training is mandated by state/ federal government and requires all miners and contractors working on mine property to receive comprehensive safety training.  Miners are required to provide the department statistical information annually. 

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  • License

    Certain mines in Tennessee are required to procure a license to operate.

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  • Application, Exam, and Certifiction

    Currently in Tennessee, persons seeking the certificate of competency, must apply and successfully pass an exam to become certified as a mine foreman.

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  • Rescue Coverage

    As per Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations and Tennessee Code Annotated, all underground mines must have mine rescue coverage before it is allowed to operate.

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  • Fees

    There are fees associated with the safety classes, exams, licenses and certification.

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  • Forms

    These are the required forms to obtain a mine license and to apply for the certificate of competency.

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  • Report an Accident

    To report a mine safety accident, inform the Mine Safety Unit of the accident and record the data.

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  • Related Links

    Laws referring to Mine Safety may be found within the provided resources.

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