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Bureau Announcements

Rulemaking Hearing on Proposed Electronic Medical Billing, "E-Billing"

The Bureau will be conducting a public rulemaking hearing on August 8 at 10:00 am CDT. The hearing will be held in the Tennessee Room of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development offices located at 220 French Landing Drive in Nashville. Proposed rules would govern the processes by which carriers pay medical providers for treatment provided in workers' compensation claims.

Legislative Changes Have Been Made to Workers' Compensation

A general overview regarding the workers’ compensation legislation passed by the 2017 session of the 110th General Assembly is available for your convenience. Governor Haslam signed Public Chapter 344 into law on May 9, 2017, and it became effective upon signing. For a complete, detailed review of this information and all workers’ compensation bills introduced in this legislative session, please visit

Legislative Update TN General Assembly

The Bureau Welcomes Memphis Judge, Deana Seymour!

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation announces the appointment of Deana Seymour as a trial judge on the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. Ms. Seymour will sit in Memphis after her swearing-in on April 5, 2017. One judge currently sits in Memphis: the Honorable Jim Umsted, who will retire the first week of April.

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Medical Form Update: Attending Physician's Report is No Longer Necessary

Updated Medical Forms: Please note that the Form C-30 | Attending Physician's Report" has been removed and is no longer necessary. The revised forms C-30A | Final Medical Report, C-32 | Standard Form Medical Report for Industrial Injuries, and C-35A | Notice of Appeal Rights for a Utilization Review Denial should be used.

Congratulations Administrator Hudgens!

Abbie Hudgens was recently elected to the 2016 - 2017 IAIABC Board of Directors!

New rules for Mediations and Hearing Procedures take effect November 30, 2016

New rules regarding mediations and hearing procedures take effect November 30, 2016.

The 2013 Workers’ Compensation Reform Act has been in effect for two years. When the General Assembly passed the Act, there were questions about its potential impact. Answers to many of those questions are emerging and today, Tennessee’s workers’ compensation system is more balanced and consistent, less costly, and resolves conflicts more rapidly.

2016 Annual Report to the General Assembly

Important Announcement Regarding Training Requirements for the Drug-Free Workplace Program

Are you also interested in cutting your workers’ compensation claims and premiums? If so, you might be interested in knowing as a result of the Public Chapter No. 1056 passage, requirements for being certified as a TN Drug-Free Workplace Program (DWFP) have been simplified.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

New Rules for Case Managers Effective August 29, 2016

New rules for case managers involved in workers' compensation claims go into effect on August 29, 2016. Most provisions will be effective on January 1, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Program Allows Public Registration for Notification Service Regarding an Employer's Early Cancelation of Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage

Tennessee Bureau of Worker's Compensation is proud to offer the ability to register and receive notification of worker's compensation insurance policies that have been canceled prematurely.

Announcement User Guide

Important Announcement Regarding EDI Claims Filing

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will begin tracking the number of rejected EDI filings that are not corrected and re-filed. 

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Historical Maximum and Minimum Comp Rate Table

Download the Table

Coverage Verification App

NCCI Announces Workers Compensation Coverage Verification Service Mobile App

WC Coverage Verification NCCI’s mobile application called “Workers Compensation Coverage Verification” is now available through the Apple Store.

Workers Compensation Coverage Verification (WCCV) will be the mobile answer to verifying workers compensation coverage on the go in over 30 states. Whether you’re an employee, doctor, lawyer or a general contractor and you need to determine if workers comp insurance is in force or was in force on a particular date in time, the WCCV app will provide insight to coverage information.

Look for the app in the Apple Store now!

News Release: Labor Department Expanding Efforts to Uncover Employer Fraud

News Release: Workers' Compensation Appoints Eight Judges Under New Administrative Court System