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Child Safety

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The Multiple Response Approach

To report abuse or neglect: 1.877.237.0004 or click here.

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The Department of Children's Services received more than 169,000 calls to its child abuse hotline and conducted more than 60,000 investigations into reported child abuse and neglect during fiscal year 2012. The Child Protective Services division strives to protect children whose lives or health are seriously jeopardized because of abusive acts or negligence. This division also supports the preservation of families.

The department practices risk-oriented case management in order to help protect children. These are some of the caseworker’s major areas of responsibility:

• Investigating referrals of child abuse or neglect
• Identifying the risks that contributed to the abuse or neglect
• Delivering appropriate services to reduce risks
• Evaluating the success of the intervention
• Continuing services, if necessary
• Closing the case or reuniting the child/children and family