Sustainable Practices

The Office of Sustainable Practices was established to promote a culture of environmental stewardship through action-based programs to conserve Tennessee’s natural resources.  We work with a variety of stakeholders including state agencies, local governments, businesses and communities, to support sustainable community and economic development goals. Additionally, the Office of Sustainable Practices has teamed up with divisions in each of our department’s bureaus- Administration, Environment, and Parks and Conservation, to get additional stakeholder support and expertise. With our large group of public and private partners we can work together to secure a sustainable future for Tennesseans.

Our programs are designed to reduce pollution and save money through resource conservation, renewable energy incentives, recycling and repurposing programs, sustainable building design, environmental leadership initiatives, and sustainable purchasing. These programs help to ensure that present and future generations will have the natural resources, economic integrity, and public health benefits necessary to fulfill Tennessee’s social, environmental and economic requirements.

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TDEC’s Office of Sustainable Practices is organized to support initiatives through the following programs:

  • Application for Pollution Control Equipment

    Certification of Pollution Control Equipment for Property Tax or Sales Tax Eligibility (CN-0964). This form is used for the certification of water pollution control equipment, hazardous waste equipment, and air pollution control equipment (other than the following counties: Davidson, Hamilton, Knox & Shelby).

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  • Clean Tennessee Energy Grants

    The Clean Tennessee Energy Grant program provides grant funding to state and local government agencies, utility districts, and entities created out of statute in the state of Tennessee. Funds can be used to purchase, install, and construct energy projects that result in significant energy reductions and subsequent reduction of emissions and pollutants.

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  • Governor's Environmental Stewardship Awards

    The Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding achievements by individuals, businesses, organizations, educational institutions and agencies for successful environmental projects and conservation measures. 

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  • Get Food Smart TN

    Get Food Smart TN seeks to promote using food wisely and enhancing the sustainability of Tennessee’s food resources.

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  • Green Energy Production Facilities

    A Certified Green Energy Production Facility is a facility certified by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) as producing electricity for use and consumption off the premises using clean energy technology. Clean energy technology is technology used to generate electricity from renewable energy sources such as, geothermal, hydrogen, solar, and wind sources.

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  • Green Star Partnership

    The Tennessee Green Star Partnership (TGSP) is TDEC’s environmental leadership program that seeks to recognize Tennessee Industries that are committed to sustainable practices and continuous improvement throughout their entire operation. 

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  • Catalyst Newsletter

    TDEC's premier source for sustainable best-practices, funding opportunities, original articles, and current events in the sustainability space.

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  • Tennessee Radon Program

    The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) operates a statewide indoor Radon Program as part of the Office of Sustainable Practices. This program offers a myriad of radon services and assistance, including radon test kits for homeowners, technical radon information for universities, and specific radon materials for targeted audiences, such as real estate professionals, home builders, building codes officials, home inspectors, and school officials.

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  • Tire Environmental Act Program

    The legislation authorizes funds to be used to support projects that offer increased beneficial end markets for scrap tires in Tennessee.

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  • Unwanted Household Pharmaceuticals Program

    Disposal of unused or unwanted household pharmaceuticals is an emerging and complex environmental issue. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is working with various stakeholders to provide convenient and environmentally responsible ways for residents to dispose of unused and expired pharmaceuticals. 

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  • Staff Directory and Bios

    The Office of Sustainable Practices works with public and private organizations to promote sustainability through energy conservation, outreach and education, and stewardship recognition.

    Meet the team that makes it all happen! 

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