Certificate of Public Advantage

A Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA) is the written approval by the Department which governs a Cooperative Agreement among two or more hospitals.  The goal of the COPA application process is to protect the interests of the public in the region affected and the State. The application process will allow the applicants to submit information and data about their Cooperative Agreement in sufficient detail to enable the State to determine the benefits/advantages and disadvantages of the Cooperative Agreement. Permanent Rules 1200-38-01-.01 et seq. , effective January 4, 2016, -implement TCA Sections 68-11-1301 – 68-11-1309, which govern the COPA process.

The Permanent Rules found here, detail the Department’s intent to make the COPA application, review, decision, and supervision process participatory and transparent.

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8/2/17 – The transcript and video from the COPA Public Hearing held on July 18, 2017 are now available. The transcript can be read here; the video can be accessed here.

5/22/17 - A statement on the certificate of public advantage application can be read here .

1/13/17 - A statement from Commissioner John Dreyzehner on the certificate of public advantage for Northeast Tennessee can be read here.

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